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Prior Issues:The Dominican.net Archives

May 2009
Government lauds EU assistance

March - April 2009
Foreign minister visits Cuba and Jamaica
The next general election in Dominica
PM reacts favorably to New York conference
Health officials prepare for flu virus
Volcano poses tsunami threat to Guadeloupe
ACS in discussions to make acquisition
Dominica pioneers in Google maps
Government signs new geothermal contract
Dominica holds national consultation
Dominican patriots we need better government
Dominicans united in making a difference
Foreign minister visits Cuba
George Matthews famed Trombonist
Integrity commission rejects complaints
Nazarene drama group coming to Dominica
US tax haven legislation could spell disaster
Venezuela cited for drugs Dominica

January - February 2009
Beware of incompetent government
Call to remove death penalty in Dominica
Corruption in high and low places
Dr Sam Christian on coruption in Dominica
Lest history repeats itself
Senior counsel responds to allegations
Skerrit promises to celebrate 50 year Chavez rule
Dominicans in the Gizzae band
Cruise accident victims revovering
Beneficiaries of incompetent corrupt governance
Counsel responds to call for unity government
Sir Allen Stanford charged for fraud by SEC
MV Vision of the Seas Visits Dominica
Pat Aaron interview
Announcement of deaths for February 15 - 21
Dominica: The Push for Annexation with the United States
December 2008
Police Chief bids farewell
A student's journey to China
President Barack Obama and Expectations
National export strategy underway
Sacrifice to obeah
Registe to be extradited to the US
Death in the ER-Gunshot wounds
Dominica and EU signs Strategy Paper
Scotland to be British Ambassador to US
Bird island OECS and Venezuela
Saving the young in the ER
WHO Assistant Director on Dominica Health Care
FBI Top Ten most wanted to face court
Trickledown downsizingJune 2008
Personal Journey: Enjoying the gift of wind
Charles and the larger struggles of life and death
The rule of law vs the law of the jungle
The indigenous people of Dominica
We honour those who gallantly served
Geothermal energy in DominicaJanuary - February 2008
Dominica - New travel guide
Marah Walter is Miss Dominica 2008
The Pierre Colaire story
Nanton is new Windwards cricket boss
Reflections on education in Dominica
Nanton is new Windwards cricket boss
EIA on fuel storage facility
Dominica and the ALBA
For the good of the game?
Media coverage of the DFA affairSeptember 2007
Letting Loose -sunny escape
IMF statement on Dominica discussions
Character assasination Dean and elections
Integrity in Public Office legislation
Dominica Paradise, Eden, Shangri-lasafe haven
Volume No. 1 Issue No. 96 - March 24, 2007
  Erison Hurtault: 400M Ivy League Star
  Qualitative Bites: What Have we Learned About our Captors?
  Practical Lessons: A Book Review (Harvard International Review)
  Global Warming - More Concerns
  Professor Rex Nettleford on Slavery
Volume No. 1 Issue No. 95 - March 15, 2007
  Dominica Oil refinery and Development
  She Taught Her Students to Read and Write
  Haiti and the End of the Slave Trade
  British School Donates Computers to Dominica
  Caregivers Receive Training from Ross University and Government
Volume No. 1 Issue No. 94 - March 02, 2007
  Ophelia Dazzles in Trinidad
  Commissioner Philip: In His Country's Service
  Dial a Barrel: Direct to the caribbean
  Dazzling Dominica
  Caribbean Conference Call for Papers
Volume No. 1 Issue Nos. 90 - 95 Jan 02, 2007 - Mar 31, 2007

Volume No. 1 Issue Nos. 84 - 89 July 06, 2006 - Dec. 21, 2006

Volume No. 1 Issue Nos. 73 - 83 Mar 02, 2006 - Jun 21, 2006

Volume No. 1 Issue Nos. 72 - 77 Aug 13, 2005 - Feb 22, 2006

Volume No. 1 Issue Nos. 66 - 71 Feb 11, 2005 - Aug 06, 2005

Volume No. 1 Issue Nos. 60 - 65 Jul 24, 2004 - Feb 07, 2005

Volume No. 1 Issue Nos. 54 - 59 Jan 26, 2004 - Jun 21, 2004

Volume No. 1 Issue Nos. 44 - 49 Jun 11, 2003 - Oct 03, 2003

Volume No. 1 Issue Nos. 38 - 43 Mar 02, 2003 - May 28, 2003

Volume No. 1 Issue Nos. 32 - 37 Dec 13, 2002 - Feb 15, 2003

Volume No. 1 Issue Nos. 27 - 31 Aug 30, 2002 - Nov 13, 2002

Volume No. 1 Issue Nos. 22 - 26 May 31, 2002 - Aug 16, 2002

Volume No. 1 Issue Nos. 18 - 21 March 31, 2002 - May 17, 2002

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