Friday, March 13, 2009

Nazarene Drama Group Coming to Dominica With Highly Acclaimed Play

nazarene drama group
Members of the Nazarene Drama Group.

The Nazarene Drama Team from Antigua is expected in Dominica this month end to stage their highly rated play, Nine to Five.

Nine to Five debuted last December and examines the trials of employment. In Nine to Five Managing Director, Mr. Brandenson (played by Mario Connor) shows favoritism to his female counterparts, personal assistant, ‘Freekisha’ (played by Kanaeza Watkins) and new employee Toosdey (played by Shemore Martin). However, the dramatic piece also examines the struggle of Mrs. Daisy McKenzie (played by Yvette Henry) and the cruelty she suffers from the hands of Mr. Brandenson.

The ten member cast also includes, Yinka Elabanjo, Jameel Lee, Francoise Bowen, Tevon Francis and Shamauly Francis.

Director of the Nazarene Drama Team, Collin Jno-Finn, who is Dominican born, said the team was established just over one year ago and stage their first production, On The Block, last March.

He said although the show was only scheduled to be held twice, a third performance was set to satisfy the demands from the public. He said the team is very talented and practice very diligently in order to deliver a high quality of performance to its audience.

In their latest play, Nine to Five, Jno-Finn said the group filled a thousand-seat auditorium and received high commendation from Governor General Dame Louise Lake Tack, Minister of Labour Hon. Jackie Quinn-Leandro and Minister of Culture, Hon. Eleston Adams.

The last encore performance was done in collaboration with the Cultural Development Division of Antigua and Barbuda, in an effort to raise funds for the Friends of Haiti Society.

Acting Director of Culture, Gilbert Laudat said, “After witnessing the play I was impressed by the overall performance of the group and although three shows were held, several persons did not get to view the play”. The acting director of culture further stated that his office received numerous calls requesting that the production be re-staged

The venue and the date of the show will be released shortly.

Collin B. Jno-Finn
(268) 771-4006
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A great play to watch. u will be blessed. O please have a doctor close by because u might need a doctor for laughning too much. LOL. come and be blessed.

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