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Volume No. 1 Issue No. 88 - Monday December 11, 2006
Of Myths Folklore and Legends – The Moose that Lays the Golden Egg (Part Two)
Thomson Fontaine

A few months after my story on the Moose that Lays the Golden Eggs appeared in the, I received an invitation from DBS radio, a local station to discuss with a live radio audience my work on the newsmagazine.

I decided to read the story and was astounded by the response from the listening public. No sooner the lines were opened for discussion, the phones began ringing. Listeners from all over the island were anxious to relate either their own experiences or to share stories they heard about those elusive little creatures.

Stories ranged from the hilarious to the disbelieving. The story of one child in particular stuck in my mind. I guessed he would have been no more than 10 years old. According to this kid from Bioche, his Grandma had related the story of the moose to him. She told him that the creatures existed and that they only visited people who liked money.

In return for all the riches in the world, the moose would demand only one thing; the persons wife. So, a good way to find out who had made a deal with the moose was to look for people who appeared to be rich but whose wife had suddenly disappeared.

A caller from Portsmouth had no doubt that the creatures existed. In fact he had seen one with his own eyes. Not only that but he knew of a certain gentleman whose name he would not reveal who had made a deal with the moose and received twelve ‘three ton’ trucks in return. Now, why trucks and why twelve, I would never know. But he sounded absolutely convinced and was not about to change his story.

At one point I was laughing so hard that a caller felt compelled to call to caution me. He told me that the mooses around the island were listening and that they did not like the idea of people making fun of them. He was really concerned about me because one of them might just decide to come after me for not taking them seriously or for making fun of them.

There were some common themes with all the stories. Most callers felt that the moose got his riches from the devil. Second, the riches never lasted. Third, the mooses were extremely hard task masters, demanding absolute allegiance.

After hearing all of stories I pressed the listeners to tell me exactly what the moose looked like. Some called to say that they had seen the creatures but could not divulge that information for fear of attracting the wrath of those creatures. One person called to say that it was not even a creature but rather a really short man with a pointed beard.

One thing was clear to me after listening to moose stories from all over the island. One is free to doubt those stories, but trust or belief, one thing is certain. Legends like the moose will continue for generations to come. Listen to the ten year old caller, “the same way my Grandma told me the story , I will tell my children’.

Really, that’s all that is required for a good tale; the willingness for people to not so much believe but to tell it through the generations like they believed it; either adding their own twist or adapting it for their age and time.

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