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Volume No. 1 Issue No. 88 - Monday December 11, 2006
Ras Mo Receives Visionary Artist Award
ThE Newsdesk

After four years of working in Connecticut, Delmance Ras Mo Moses has been selected by the Arts Council of Greater New Haven for a 2006 �Revolutionary Visionary� award.

In New Haven and environs, Ras Mo performed and taught theater and music at dozens of schools and organizations. For three years, he coordinated Community Programs for the International Festival of Arts & Ideas.

He conceived and coordinated the first New Haven Carnival Street Parade and Carnival City and launched his own Pink & Blue Arts for Violence Prevention Project.

Ras Mo led training workshops on the use of arts and participatory methods for AIDS prevention education for the Connecticut AIDS Education & Training Center. He was a facilitator trainer for the UN Commission on the Status of women Beijing+10 conference.

He hosted a monthly open mic for poetry, drumming and music at Soul de Cuba. At Youth Rights Media, Ras Mo introduced arts and popular education methods for youth development, media programs, and leadership and peer educator training.

Ras Mo designed and coordinated the Staying Connected program, which used arts to address issues of families in crisis. Staying Connected produced shows by foster and adopted parents and children, youth development agencies, mental health programs, fatherhood groups, and organizations serving children who have experienced trauma. Through Staying Connected, clients and staff of domestic violence agencies produced their own video PSAs.

Ras Mo entered the International Festival of Arts & Ideas as musical director for the show �Wandering Home�. He later initiated Drum City, a parade and gathering of close to a thousand drummers of diverse cultures, ages, and abilities on the New Haven Green. He taught drumming for empowerment to young women and girls and brought his drums to marginalized groups including an AIDS hospice and the disabled community.

Now based in California, Ras Mo leads the Pink & Blue Arts for Violence Prevention Project. The Pink & Blue curriculum, performances, and training modules are built around a repertoire of original music and performance poetry. They address gender, relationship, gun, and gang-related violence, drugs, HIV/AIDS, and STDs.

Pink & Blue continues to co-sponsor activities in New Haven. Three �Chant Down Domestic & Dating Violence� events during October � Domestic Violence Awareness Month � have brought together poets, musicians, activists, victims, survivors, parents, and youth in performance, testimonies, and discussions of violence and strategies to address violence.

Through Pink & Blue, Ras Mo collaborates with neighborhood groups in the fight against violence. The Universal Arts Movement�s 2006 summer program in the Hill District resulted in a drama, dance, and music production, �Through our Eyes�, by neighborhood youth aged 9 to 18.

The Awards Luncheon will take place December 1, 2006 at the New Haven Lawn Club, 193 Whitney Avenue, New Haven CT. Other 2006 Revolutionary Visionaries are Arte Inc., Nick Lloyd, Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History, and Youth Rights Media.

For information about Pink & Blue, call 203 605 0925 or 510 4821024.

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