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Editor Thomson Fontaine Thomson Fontaine PhD

I want to personally thank you for reading and supporting The My aim is to promote the people, culture and events on one of the most cherished places on earth, the beautiful island of Dominica.

Needless to say, I have an unabashed love for writing and constantly seek for the beauty revealed in the written word, and The has provided a wonderful outlet for this yearning. It also keeps my thoughts never far from the island. An article I wrote on Jean Rhys is now required reading for students at an English Academy in France.

Below are Some of My Publications
Economic Growth and Total Factor Productivity in Niger
The Practice of Economic Management (Book Review)
End of Quotas Hits African Textiles
Currency Crises in Developed and Emerging Market Economies
Swaziland:Responding to Challenges in the Global Trading Regime
Tracing the Diaspora's Involvement in the Development of Dominica
Economics the Caribbean Way (Book Review)
Multilateral Institutions Supporting Diaspora Development
Stabilization and Globilization
Quality in BOP Data
Let me introduce you to another aspect of my work. In the real world, I live and work in Washington DC, USA. This is thousands of miles away from the little village of Grand Fond (population 700), where I was born just a few short years ago.

I have a real passion for teaching and for several years, I was blessed to do just that. I taught at my high school, the St Mary�s Academy (Math, History, Accounting, Commerce) and at the Clifton Dupigny Community College, now part of the Dominica State College (Statistics and Economics), both in Dominica.

I also lectured at the University of the West Indies distant teaching program (Math, Statistics, Economics) and in the United States I lectured at Clemson University ( Money and Finance, and Micro Economics), and Limestone College (Economics).

I am an economist by training but before delving into the wonderful world of economics, I spent 6 great years working in the Central Statistics Office of the Ministry of Finance in Dominica.

My research interests include currency crises, exchange rate regimes and international financial markets.

My most recent effort in that regard is a research paper published by the IMF entitled �Currency Crises in Developed and Emerging Market Economies: A Comparative Empirical Treatment�.

The empirical findings of the paper provide support for the view that, in general, a deterioration in economic fundamentals and the pursuit of lax monetary policy can contribute to currency crises. The experiences of several emerging market economies suggests that the sustainability of exchange rate policy depends both on adequate policy responses to the shocks to the economy and on the fragility of the economic, financial, and political system.

Other material of note is a joint effort with a few colleagues to clearly define and set out the parameters for defining quality in balance of payments data. Also, I examine Caribbean country experiences with IMF stabilization programs within the context of globilization.

Follow my Adventure to Kabul, Afghanistan


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