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Editor Thomson Fontaine Welcome Message

In June 2001 while thinking of different ways to communicate to Dominicans concerning the first ever Dominica Diaspora Symposium, the idea of a newsletter delivered via the Internet was conceived.

Just two days later, the first issue of the Dominican was mailed via e-mail to over seven hundred Dominicans all over the world.

Today, the Dominican is read by several thousands of Dominicans and non-Dominicans at home and abroad. The bi-monthly magazine is dedicated to providing in-depth discussion and analysis on issues that concern Dominica.

The main focus of the magazine is to encourage Dominicans living in the Diaspora to play their part in Nation Building. By providing relevant and timely information on matters of National interest, it is hoped that there will be stirrings of patriotic fervor that will redound to Dominica's benefit.

The response to the Dominican has been overwhelmingly positive. Letters have been received from Dominicans in such diverse places as South Africa, Bahrain, Austria, London, St. Maarten, and from countries throughout the world.

In its first six months of publication, the Dominican had established itself as the premier Dominica news magazine and a sought after resource by students, academics and the wider population. Many non-Dominicans have also found it as a useful resource in keeping abreast of developments on the Island.

Among its more impressive articles was one written on the: "The Indifferent, the Nay sayers, and the Believers", and mixing God, Politics and Religion.

The Dominican was the first print publication to report on the 2000 Census results, to break the news on the death of Fitzroy St. Rose in the World Trade Center on September 11, and highlight the achievements of Dominicans playing basketball in the United States. Another very popular aspect of the magazine is the promotion of Dominicans involved in diverse areas in the professional world.
For instance, we have featured among others, Dr. Sherman Severin who is credited for playing a key role in the development of the Intel micro-processor, famed Dominican novelist Jean Rhys, Carlton Dangleben who is responsible for the up-keep of oilrigs in the South China Sea, Baroness Patricia Scotland, the first black female Minister of Government in Britain, and Morrison Thomas, a Dominican businessman actively promoting Dominica on Broadway.

Overall, our human-interest stories, sports coverage, and unbiased reporting has become a must read for thousands of people across the globe. It is our hope that the launching of the will continue to spread the good news of Dominica, and that it will keep you coming back time and time again.


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