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Reaching thousands of users and with a spiralling number of daily hits since launching just two months ago, thedominican.net is one of the most visited sites for news about Dominica. We are the premier source of breaking news, local content and information for Dominica.

Advertising on the Internet, and thedominican.net in particular, offers a unique value proposition at a low cost . Since the majority of our thousands of users log onto thedominican.net from the office during the workday, we reach a highly attractive, yet previously untapped demographic - the "at-work audience." No other media, be it television, radio, or print, can reach this highly desirable audience as well as thedominican.net.

Why are "At-Work Internet Users" so desirable?

  • They spend more time online than they spend watching television on a 24-hour basis, Monday through Friday. Daytime on the Internet is primetime for this audience.
  • They have a significantly higher household income than non-work users.
  • They are much more likely to authorize company spending than non-work users.
  • They are generally favorable toward Internet advertising.
  • They view the Internet as the leading medium for learning about new products, receiving information about companies, and for decision-focused, information-rich communications.
  • They cite online ads as the number one form of advertising that helps them decide what to buy.










Sources: Traffic: Source: Webalizer and Partner-supplied counts: June, 2002; "At Work Internet Users" - Online Publishers Association, "The Internet at Work," March 2002

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