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Volume No. 1 Issue No. 95 - Monday March 27, 2007
British school donates computers to Dominica
By Jem Winston

The Sustainable Living Initiative (SLIC) and 3 Rivers Eco Lodge, Dominica, with the help of the British High Commission, is pleased to host a team from NS Optimum, a UK partner of 3 Rivers Eco Lodge, who are facilitating a donation of computers from the Bromsgrove School to the Ministry of Education of the Government of the Commonwealth of Dominica.

The Bromsgrove School in the UK donated 190 computers; NS Optimum donated 3 servers, 1 wireless network system, 2 projectors and screen. Having been refurbished by NS Optimum, these computers were shipped at a reduced rate by Geest Line Cargo.

Bromsgrove School replaces its computers every year through NS Optimum and were delighted to hear from the Sustainable Living Initiative of an opportunity for them to be put to good use in Dominica.

NS Optimum sponsored the updating of the computers in England and provided technicians to oversee the installations training young Dominicans in the process to be able to maintain the systems. Funding towards the costs of the Technicians here in Dominica was provided by The British High Commission. Intel donated some software to the project.

These computers are being installed at various schools around the island namely: Castle Bruce Secondary, North East Comprehensive, Goodwill Secondary, Dominica Grammar School, Portsmouth Secondary, and Paix Bouche Primary. Volunteers from schools and the State College will be on hand to receive training.

On Friday 30th there will be a Press Conference at 10:00am at the St. Mary�s Academy where students from Dominica will have the opportunity to link, through a live feed, to the Headmaster of Bromsgrove School UK.

The Sustainable Living Initiative (SLIC) is a registered non-governmental organization organizing workshops on sustainable living with over 100 Dominicans participating to learn about solar, hydro and wind power as well as organic food production and sustainable living, and opportunities for loans from the revolving loan fund for domestic alternative energy installations.

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