Monday, February 23, 2009

DR Sam Christian on corruption and appeal to people of faith


At February 23, 2009 2:19 PM , Anonymous Sandra Gibbs said...

Very powerful stuff. Well said. Dr. Sam you have articulated very well the present danger that we face in DA.

At February 24, 2009 11:33 AM , Anonymous Train said...

Dr Sam, please don't use the Lords name to justify your nonsense. You have just spewed your hatred and anger at Dominica.

Why do these people think they can stay in America in their beautiful white suburbs and dictate to us.

Dr Sam, we need professional like you to do stuff , to improve and better the economy, create jobs, help the youths.

What is it in America that is so difficult to leave that you can't come back home.

Dr Sam you are in America developing another man's land and because another man is in your country tyring to create jobs, generate growth , assisting Dominica you are all upsets.

Dr Sam , Please leave AMerica and go back home.

At February 24, 2009 7:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

And the vow you took rightly says if a patient cannot afford payment he should receive free treatment.
We don't mix church and state here. He says pray for your leaders and forgive those who may do you wrong. Come back home and face it..then you can talk...Bro Sambo.

At February 24, 2009 7:53 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

But Samuel if you have a vision come and share it. If you think we deserve better and you are capable come do something. Charity begins at home.
You talk about people buying land etc..Where there is a void someone will always fill it. Is the present government responsible for our population size today?
So started cool but then you showed some your brother. Your sound angry more than a politician than a pastor. The ball is in your court...come home and work towards developing the country if you so love DA country.
Its all good to be telling people what to do but you have to lead by example. Don't just tell us, get involved then we can think of following you. "Put you money where your mouth is..."
Have you ever been to the Ghetto? Do you ever wonder what life is like in the Ghetto?
Nice words, good words, great words but we need action.

At February 25, 2009 4:33 PM , Blogger Dr. Sam said...

You know, you are absolutely right about developing another man's land and coming home and face it. So, I'm working on that and we will talk.

But positive or negative, I appreciate all your responses. Let my people think! As for what you call hatred, others see as love. People who hate their country don't bother. I want the same thing you want for Dominica - I hope - and that's to see the country respected and move forward. And by God's grace it will!

At February 26, 2009 8:38 AM , Anonymous Train said...

Dr Sam, I called your contact number on your youtube video and the person who answered is white. So why the hypocrisy with you, with having Chinese being in DA.

There are no blacks that could do the job?

At February 28, 2009 6:49 PM , Anonymous Dr. Sam said...

How much can you spare? $100 thousand?

I'm not the problem my friend. I'm part of the solution coming at you full force like a hurricane. This is disgusting beyond words. Read for yourself. Check out the website below:

Coldwell Diplomatic Consultants

Dominica is a ruggedly beautiful English speaking country located in the Eastern Caribbean with spectacular hills and valleys, waterfalls and rain forests. The Government is democratic with UK type parliamentary elections. It is a member of the British Commonwealth. Visa free travel to over 75 countries, including the UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Hong Kong, etc.!

The Citizenship Program of the Commonwealth of Dominica was established by an Act of Parliament of the Commonwealth of Dominica. Details are contained in the Citizenship Act, Chapter 1:10, Section 8 (2) (e). Under the Act the Minister is allowed to waive the residency requirement for persons investing in Dominica.

Positions available:

· Attaché USD 105.000

· Counselor USD 80.000

· Honorary Consul USD 85.000

· Charge d`Affairs USD 95.000

· Trade Commissioner USD 70.000

· Honorary Ambassador USD 90.000

· Ambassador at Large USD 95.000

· Honorary Consul General USD 105.000

· Ambassador and or Permanent Delegate USD 135.000

· Adviser to the permanent representative USD 90.000

· First Secretary, Second Secretary and Third Secretary USD 80.000.


Who the hell you think we are?! Fools? We don't know how to use a computer? Thought we would never find out? Thought we would stay quiet like a church mouse and just say, "Thank you thank you" if you throw some scraps our way? People who work hard cannot be bribed so don't even think about it.

Those responsible should be arrested like yesterday. The President of Dominica, under advice of a broad and determined Committee of National Salvation can order the Chief of Police to act immediately. Otherwise they themselves will have to answer for failing to protect the citizens interests. Civil servants with knowledge of these crimes must speak or likewise be held responsible for complicity in the cover-up. The bad guys should stay at Stock Farm until they confess where all that money went. It is all coming out, my friend. The UN (and the US, UK, Canada, Venezuela, Cuba and other friendly coutries) will now be on the lookout for all these Russian and Chinese crooks running all over the globe saying they represent Dominica!

Please forward this to everybody on your contact list. Let's raise our voices as one to put a stop to this nonsense RIGHT NOW!

At March 1, 2009 3:53 PM , Anonymous Train said...

Samm you are no gullible are you to believe that crap you read on the internet.

Samm, do you want an Obama Federal Stimulus..well you can go to my website and for a mere $1000, I will provide you with your free stimulus package.


At June 2, 2009 10:29 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hahaha, Dr.Sam, you are a real joke. Where were you guys when PIERRE was paving the way for a better Dominica? Now the work is fully in progress and the Hon:Roosevelt Skerrit and his team are on the right path of development, you all want to pull up a chair and be in charge. It's so clear you don't care about Dominica, it's the case of sour grapes. Where will you be after the next general election? Certainly not here, you won't remain here to help build. Never in the history of this beautiful country has any prime minister been so commited to it's people education and development. My 3yr old can point out to the Hon: Skerrit on the television. He is in touch and down to earth with it's people, and that's the kind of man we can relate too,no matter what age he is here right here with us. Get over it SAM, God has given us this Prime minister and only he can remove him and may God continue to bless, guide and protect him and his team. Long live ROOSEVELT SKERRIT, long live the DOMINICA LABOUR PARTY. "WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED, WE SUPPORT OUR LEADER" LABOUR!!!!!!!!! POWER!!!!!


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