Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Corruption in High and Low Places Must Die for Dominica to Survive (Gabriel Christian)

First, let me say that I sign my name to my letters and writings. And I do not let friendship and party allegiances blind me to truth. I have been attacked and maligned for standing for truth and asking questions which are legitimate in a democracy.

I am sure they are from people who considered themselves my friends or "comrades" at some point. To the attackers I say: attack me all you will, you still cannot seem to address the threshold question: Why is Dominica being sued? Are we being sued because Lennox Linton is a bitter man? A UWP supporter?

Is Dominica being sued because Gabriel Christian did not get a contract or some such? These wild thrashings seek to slay the messengers - but cannot undermine the message. What was the thrust of my article? It condemned corruption in public office; and it did so based on a lawsuit involving sale of our passports - the essence of our citizenship.

When a message states: Disassociate yourselves from corruption how can one argue with that? Why should that message send anyone into a frenzied attack against those who alerted our public to matters of the national interest conducted by Chinese posing as Dominicans in Las Vegas and the resultant lawsuit.

An unprecedented lawsuit in which the ambassador assails the country's leader and is still an ambassador until Lennox disclosed same. The panicked flailing of those who attack us is symptomatic of those caught in the morass of their misdeeds and who now realize that people are waking up. So, apologists , stop this sort of low down mepuis. Stop trying to dupe the workers and peasants – the masses? Do not cuddle ignorance. Do not bribe the poor and so mock their poverty. Do not take Dominicans for fools?

Be assured, we will stand firm to root out the lawlessness that the unscrupulous have foisted on our land. And none shall escape the judgment of history.

On another point, some have accused me of condemning corruption in Government simply because I was denied some "contract." We have consistently called for a National Renewable Energy company working for our country's best interest, such as what the National Commercial and Development Bank in 1978 did for us in the finance sector. See my 2006 article at:

Why we have never sought to enrich ourselves at the expense of the public till. So why use character assassination and silly tribal politics to thwart the quest for truth and good governance? What a sad day when one posts internet excuses for corrupt and inept behavior by asking: What country is not corrupt? That person is literally justifying misdeeds by those in political office.

Now we know how some countries have come to sink into the bottomless pit of inequity because of the existence of those apologists who do amazing somersaults to excuse the inexcusable. For those who know me I have always condemned the sale of our citizenship. Where I stand for right, I do not call for violence. Those who do violence to our country are those who savage our ethics, good name and civic culture by taking bribes, employing unsavory characters and using fraud artists as King to conduct foreign policy.

Now, I ask the cowards who attack me under the name "anonymous" - show your names. Do not be afraid to show yourselves; I will not victimize you, like I have been in the past for holding high the noble values of the real Labour Party. Was I a hateful and bitter person then? This is not some political game and the time for partisanship is over where we deal with an issue of our survival.

All noble Dominicans must now unite to face this grave threat. This irresponsibility which has usurped the national political authority is a rebuke to our fallen heroes and cannot be countenanced any more. Dominicans, wake up! We are being re-colonized by this sale of our birthright. Now, my erstwhile friends, answer the following:

1., Why is Dominica being sued?

2. Why are Dominican tax dollars used to defend an action in which we - the people - had no say or involvement?

3. Why are the e-mail communications for matters which are clearly of a legal and binding nature, not from the Attorney General and/or Minister of Legal Affairs?

4. Is the Attorney General an accomplice or is he/she left out of the loop?

5. Is the Minister of Legal Affairs an accomplice or outside the loop?

6. Where have the monies for the passports gone?

7. If the monies were deposited into the national treasury, when was that done? Where is the money?

8. How many passports have been issued since the ascension of PM Skerrit and at what price? And to whom?

9. Has the Government Auditor performed an audit to determine the number of passports sold and the monies earned:

a. Who are the passport agents selling passsports?

b. To whom do they report?

c. And when and how are monies accounted for?

10. When and how did Cabinet make the decisions re the ownership of Shangri La?

11. Does the government own 51% or did the PM waive the 51% ownership share as alluded to by the unsigned letter referred to by Hsiu.

12. Why were the e-mail communications sent by the PM himself and not the office of Legal Counsel - i.e. AG or Minister of Legal Affairs?

13. Will these Chinese and other dollar-citizens vote in our upcoming elections? If so, what are the risks to our democracy and future independence?

14. When Hsiu recommends that he asks the Chinese national government to intervene in the internal affairs of our country to bolster the current government, is that acceptable? Would reasoned judgement not consider such intervention in the affairs of a sovereign nation treason?

15. Why was it up to Lennox Linton to expose to the public and the world that our country was in a BVI lawsuit in which its standing ambassador to China is calling our Prime Minister a liar? And that Chinese remained ambassador until Lennox Linton raised the issue?

16. What is the CMC plan for Portsmouth?

So, my friends our image has been damaged. Our national interest is under grave threat. And 30 years after independence from Britain we are being slowly recolonized with the complcity of those who have betrayed the Labour Party and the country. Let those with a sense of historical memory and a semblance of patriotic commitment do right.

Dominica is a society based on rule of law and these questions must be answered by the Prime Minister with clarity and precision. ABSENT AN ANSWER, THEN WE ARE TO CONCLUDE THAT ANSWERS WHERE GIVEN WOULD HAVE BEEN UNSATISFACTORY. SILENCE IS NOT AN OPTION.



At February 19, 2009 12:13 AM , Anonymous Jones said...

Gabu..very well said! Thanks for putting country before party. History will bear you right on this.

No right thinking Dominican can support this nonsense. DOMINICA IS NOT FOR SALE. We will never allow that. Thanks for speaking out my brother. God bless you!

At February 19, 2009 7:46 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gabu there is some oil in a swamp in Goodwil. Do you want to drill?

At February 19, 2009 8:32 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am begining to see you true nature. A propagandist. That's all you are. Once again just pissed because you didn't get that contract. I bet Dr.Thompson is on it to. How much are you paying him to post it on here.

At February 19, 2009 10:50 AM , Anonymous The Editor said...

Mr/Miss Anonymous... I have yet to see you attack the issues.. your petiness is what is blinding you and preventing you from having an intelligent discussion. You are confusing you intellecttual deficiency for an opinion.

You need to stop attacking people on them petty levels and deal with the real issues.. Or are you intellectually challenged! .. I am tracking down your IP address I will soon reveal who you are..

At February 19, 2009 1:28 PM , Anonymous SGT said...

All you have to do is ask my name.
You now have a taste of how the PM is feeling when people begin to make accusations.

Try reading #8 and some more if you have the time.

At February 19, 2009 7:56 PM , Anonymous Train said...

Integrity Commission rejects complaint
The Citizens Forum for Good Governance today confirmed that it has received a response to its complaint sent to the Integrity Commission on October 13, 2008.

The Commission has advised that it is constrained to hold:

1. that the provisions of the Integrity in Public Office Act, 2003 cannot apply retrospectively to the alleged conduct on the part of any person in public life, if the alleged conduct complained of occurred before the Act entered into operation;

2. that, consequently, the complaint by the Citizens Forum made in their letters to the Commission dated the 13th and 16th days of October 2008 does not pertain to matter the Commission is empowered to deal with under the Act and is, therefore rejected by the Commission as provided by section 32(1) (b) of the Integrity in Public Office Act, 2003;

3. that having rejected the complaint, the person against whom the complaint was lodged has the right to institute legal proceedings against the complainant in accordance with the provisions of section 32(2) of the Act; and

4. that in keeping with the decision of the Commission taken on the 23rd October 2008, this decision of the Commission will be communicated to the person in public life against whom the complaint has been made.

In the public interest of justice, we categorically disagree with this decision. We are particularly concerned about the implications of this ruling for breaches of the Act that took place between June 5th, 2003 and September 1st, 2008 – a period in which we are told the Act was asleep even though all persons in public life had knowledge of its existence.

We find it completely unacceptable that the very members of Parliament who voted for this legislation and subsequently offended its provisions while it was asleep and can now be allowed to benefit from the technicality that they cannot be held accountable for any breaches of the Act prior to September 1st, 2008.

The Commission's decision, communicated to the Citizen's Forum for Good Governance today, February 19th, 2009 will be discussed in detail at a press conference on Friday 20th February, 2009 at the Garraway Hotel from 10.00 a.m

At February 20, 2009 11:51 AM , Anonymous SGT said...

So Mr. Editor or should I said Dr. Fontaine, have you find out who I am yet? Have you read what Train has sent? You know who I am and I have met you recently and I am not surprised. Please put country first before personal agendas. Thanks again for your posting and hope to hear from you soon. Call me since you have been checking on my IP address. Gone are those days.

At February 20, 2009 5:47 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gabu....While we may welcome the information our concerns is the intent. Your hidden or now visible agenda. You objective is not to build a DA for our young bright minds to return to and find gainful employment. If it were you would have used another avenue. You would have started by constructing....building....rallying support around a common project... You and a few of the Highly Intelligent few that DA have produced are bent on destroying so you can rule.
Please....DA owe neither you nor me nor your friends nothing...Dominicans are not indebted to you in anyway... We challenge you objectives...If you want power face the Ballot...struggle like the rest...set up your party...
Why do I say set up your party... because you will never agree with any of the other leaders...(power hungry like yourself), except Pappy. You and Para can never form one..As for the LazyMan...oh no. Edison is back on the rise...The LazyMan is soon gone...
So Mr Christian... as I rightly said...Which government have not been ACCUSED ...again ACCUSED of corruption. This is a very common topic especially with disgruntled like you...
What is corruption...??? In America they call it Campaign Contribution... why should it be called CORRUPTION in our little counties?
Gabu get real...if the message was different we would have embraced it along with the messenger but as it stands now... you are just bitter....!!!
You said give names you will not victimize..Please... what are you alluding would you victimize. If you want to victimize...sent up a legal firm in Dominica...and like a Good Communist...give help to the poor...the Peasants...
Gone are the days guys...

At February 23, 2009 8:51 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on DR Thompson
I do not agree with your statement :"threathening to reveal the identity " of one of the comentators. WHy invite people tp post a comment then reveal their name?Is it becauise the comments do not support your position and Gabu?
i do not see the corruption spoken by Lennox , Gabu and your website.!!!

At February 23, 2009 9:52 AM , Anonymous thomson fontaine said...


This comment was not posted by me. Persons should be free to remain anonymous if they so chose. Further, there is no way that our website would know who is posting. So you need not worry. What you could do thoudh is to use a name (any name) so that it is easier for persons to respond directly to your comment.

The person who signed as editor may have been trying to implicate me. Finally, I always use my name when posting, and so far I HAVE NOT yet weighed in on the issue under discussion.

thomson fontaine

At February 23, 2009 5:32 PM , Blogger Liz S-Ford said...

Why are grown men an women have these childish discussion as to who wants power and who should be drilling for oil in Goodwill, these are serious questions that are been ask by concern Dominicans. What are we waiting for another BLOODY TUESDAY? Come on my people wake up and demand answers from your LEADERS NOW!!!

At February 24, 2009 6:35 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You alone will go and make your BLOODY TUESDAY!!! We not stupid no more. Ain't nobody gonna take us for ride no more. Ain't nobody gonna take us in the streets to bring down an elected government. Gone are the DAYS. What did they do after Bloody Tuesday? They did worse than PJ. Just that they knew how to spin it and they Shut UP the press so we had to take it, bread and water or water and bread.
They open the flood gates to send their kids and family away. They made it easier to get American Visas so they could drain the population. So they ruled over dormant few. Divide to rule...
So Liz, come better than that. We will not be like a bunch of Lions led by a Sheep....
Gone are the Days...Victoria Popular...Ain't no revolution without the Peasants....

At February 24, 2009 11:26 AM , Anonymous Train said...

These so called intellectual in the Diaspora want to run Dominica from there cushie, cushie push lifestyle and dictate to the PM.

Tell all of them leave their plush jobs and lifestyle and be the little man, come on the ground, feel the heat and pain and lets build it together.

To many times I have heard wolf and cry of corruption. Everybody uses that word to their advantage when they have their axe to grind and thngs didn't go their way.

So Liz, if you want your bloody Tuesday, we have news for you and your revolutionar friends and pastor. We are not fighting for none of you.


At February 24, 2009 1:53 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell them for me There is No Revolution without the Peasants...
They not no Revolutionary....Revolution is to make "Poor Maleway" life better. Not to fill their coffers....
Tell them I say We were born in this land...No body go run Us from where We come From.
The harder they Come the harder they Fall...
Victoria Popular........

At February 28, 2009 6:58 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How much can you spare? $100 thousand?

I'm not the problem my friend. I'm part of the solution coming at you full force like a hurricane. This is disgusting beyond words. Read for yourself. Check out the website below:

Coldwell Diplomatic Consultants

Dominica is a ruggedly beautiful English speaking country located in the Eastern Caribbean with spectacular hills and valleys, waterfalls and rain forests. The Government is democratic with UK type parliamentary elections. It is a member of the British Commonwealth. Visa free travel to over 75 countries, including the UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Hong Kong, etc.!

The Citizenship Program of the Commonwealth of Dominica was established by an Act of Parliament of the Commonwealth of Dominica. Details are contained in the Citizenship Act, Chapter 1:10, Section 8 (2) (e). Under the Act the Minister is allowed to waive the residency requirement for persons investing in Dominica.

Positions available:

· Attaché USD 105.000

· Counselor USD 80.000

· Honorary Consul USD 85.000

· Charge d`Affairs USD 95.000

· Trade Commissioner USD 70.000

· Honorary Ambassador USD 90.000

· Ambassador at Large USD 95.000

· Honorary Consul General USD 105.000

· Ambassador and or Permanent Delegate USD 135.000

· Adviser to the permanent representative USD 90.000

· First Secretary, Second Secretary and Third Secretary USD 80.000.


Who the hell you think we are?! Fools? We don't know how to use a computer? Thought we would never find out? Thought we would stay quiet like a church mouse and just say, "Thank you thank you" if you throw some scraps our way? People who work hard cannot be bribed so don't even think about it.

Those responsible should be arrested like yesterday. The President of Dominica, under advice of a broad and determined Committee of National Salvation can order the Chief of Police to act immediately. Otherwise they themselves will have to answer for failing to protect the citizens interests. Civil servants with knowledge of these crimes must speak or likewise be held responsible for complicity in the cover-up. The bad guys should stay at Stock Farm until they confess where all that money went. It is all coming out, my friend. The UN (and the US, UK, Canada, Venezuela, Cuba and other friendly coutries) will now be on the lookout for all these Russian and Chinese crooks running all over the globe saying they represent Dominica!

Please forward this to everybody on your contact list. Let's raise our voices as one to put a stop to this nonsense RIGHT NOW!

At June 2, 2009 10:34 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You and your brother think Dominicans sot. If you had gotten your request you would not be here crying. You and your brother will have plenty time to cry. As someone say, goodwill have a swamp with oil go drill.


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