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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Cruise accident victims in Dominica recovering

Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.
Victims of the accident that took place in Dominica almost one week ago continue to recover from their injuries.

Of the sixteen tourists, fourteen were airlifted a day after the accident by two chartered aircraft to Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital. Two left the same day of the accident with the cruise ship. The driver of the truck, Gerard James remained in Dominica and has since been released from hospital.

Spokesperson for the Miami hospital Lorraine Nelson says that five of the 14 passengers that were brought to the facility have now been discharged. Two remain in critical condition. Of the others, one is in serious condition, four are good, and two are fair.

The cruise line has suspended sales of tours with the operator pending an ongoing investigation into the cause of the accident by Dominica officials. However, there is no timeline for a final decision at this point.

On Friday, Celebrity Cruises issued its final official statement on the incident, in which Celebrity President and CEO Dan Hanrahan was quoted as saying, "We remain focused on the well-being of our guests and assisting their families, as all of them recover from this accident. We deeply appreciate the outstanding treatment our guests are receiving from the exceptional staff at Jackson Memorial Hospital. We also thank the government of Dominica and the staff of Princess Margaret Hospital for the extraordinary support, assistance and treatment they provided our guests.”

The accident occurred on Monday February 23, after the visitors took part in a Caribbean Cooking Adventure shore excursion, where they joined local cooking experts to learn how to prepare traditional local Creole dishes.

Following their cooking classes, they embarked on a scenic tour of the island, and were approaching the end of the tour when Gerard James reportedly lost control of the truck after the brakes failed and it careened into a wall dislodging most of the passengers in the process. They sustained injuries including broken bones, bumps, bruises and lacerations.

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Cruise Visitors Injured in Truck Accident

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