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Images of the 2006 Dominica Carnival Queen Contestants
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Janel Fabien

I was born in Portsmouth on October 19th, 1986.

I entered the Portsmouth Secondary School in 1998 having placed 1st in the Common Entrance exams that year. My academic journey at the Portsmouth Secondary School was not without difficulties and setbacks, but I enjoyed my school days non-the-less. I was actively involved in school activities and always endeavored to maintain a balance between the academics and the extra –curricular activities. In 2003 I graduated from that institution at the top of my class having earned the Valedictorian and School Spirit awards as well as several other prizes for academic excellence.

My journey took me to the Dominica State College where I graduated in July 2005 with an Associates Degree in Psychology.

I am presently employed as a Lab Technician at the Ross University School of Medicine in Portsmouth. My interests are numerous; outstanding among them are writing songs, poetry and short stories, reading, drama and performing.

My interest in performing lead me to take part in the Teen Talent show, organized by the Cultural Division, and The Cable and Wireless Star Quest, where I was a finalist. I continue to be involved in performing at community functions and have recently been recruited as a vocalist for the Seramix band of Portsmouth.

My primary ambition in life is to become a Child Psychologist. However I also have dreams of one day becoming a published author.

My platform for the Carnival Queen pageant is Women’s Rights. For today’s woman the boundaries that once existed have now been replaced and society is willing to accept women in all aspects of development. However a lot of women still conform to their age-old stereotype, neglecting to realize their dreams, utilize their skills and liberate themselves financially and emotionally. I believe that it is up to every woman to set goals for herself and to take measures to empower herself to accomplish these goals.

I hope that by the time I am 60 years old, I will look back at a life well spent knowing that I achieved my ambitions and realized my dreams.