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TDN Literature is dedicated to the many Dominican writers and is aimed at promoting Dominican literature. It also focuses on books written about Dominica. If you know of an author not listed on this page, please send an email with the information to [email protected]
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Britain's Immigration Dilemna: Patriotism, Prejustice, and Paranoia

By Bernard Don Christopher

He looks at recent incidents of violence in Jamaica, Guyana, Grenada and Dominica as legitimate responses to the cramping effects of colonial domination in the British West-Indies.
Britain's Immigration Dilemna(ISBN 13 978-0973734799) is available at

Home Again: Stories of Migration and Return

By Celia Sorhaindo and Polly Patullo

is a collection of contemporary real-life stories by 22 Dominicans, from all walks of life, aged between 40 and 73, and from all parts of the island, who are now back home after living, working or studying in the UK, the US, Canada, and in the Caribbean region.
Home Again(ISBN 13- 978-0953222452) is available from

MAMO: The Life and Times of Dame Mary Eugenia Charles

By Gabriel Christian

The book tells the story, often in her own words, of the woman who ruled Dominica from 1980 to 1995. Indeed, Dame Mary Eugenia Charles is arguably one of the most well known leaders of the twentieth century.
Mamo(ISBN 13- 978-1450709736) is available from

Mannafast Miracle: How to Lose up to 1000 Pounds

By Dr Sam Christian MD and June Christian PhD

Dr. Christian was trained to cut the stomach down to size for massive weight loss. However, in preparing his morbidly obese patients for surgery, many experienced such impressive weight loss; they began realizing that they no longer needed surgery.
Mannafast Miracle can be purchased at

A Butterfly Born

By Velly Abraham

A Butterfly Born is a wisdom-packed collection drawn from the authorís private journaling and detailed account of her struggles and other important themes and lessons that surfaced through a difficult period in her life.
A Butterfly Born For more information on this book, log on to Or

Monopoly Breaker

By Ron Abraham

The book gives an account of the early history of Television in Dominica and the factors that made it possible for the introduction of internet and mobile technology and the legal obstacles that nearly kept Dominica in the dark side of the digital divide.
Monopoly Breaker (ISBN 978-1-4490-9193-4) is available at

For King and Country:The Service & Sacrifice of the Dominican Soldier

By Irving Andre and Gabriel Christian

A fascinating history of British West Indian soldiers. Revealed is the little known 1802 revolt by British West Indian soldiers against slave conditions at Fort Shirley, Dominica; World War I action by West Indian soldiers against Turkish forces in the Middle East.
For King and Country (ISBN 13: 978-0973734775 ) is available at

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