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Volume No. 2 Issue No. 11 - Monday August 27, 2007
Dominica's Diet Doctor Publishes New Book

dr sam christian
Dr Christian shows hundreds of patients how to lose weight
"Caribbean people do not do well on traditional diets such as Atkins and South Beach. It is evident that these were designed for the typical suburban American housewife, not for people like you and me." So said Dr. Sam Christian, regarding his breakthrough new book, Mannafast Miracle.

This Dominican surgeon gained national prominence when he was featured on the Discovery Channel for managing the weight loss of 1000 pounds in one patient - without surgery.

Doctors from around the country send him the most difficult patients to lose hundreds of pounds and regain their lives.

Even before he left to further his education, Sam was committed to service in his role as president of the United Student Council, the Secretary-General of the National Youth Council, co-host of the DBS youth program Motion and president of the Dominica Mental Health Association.

His 12 year stint as Battalion surgeon in the US Army Reserve helped bolster his belief that fitness covers a multitude of sicknesses.

Dr. Christian was trained to cut the stomach down to size for massive weight loss. However, in preparing his morbidly obese patients for surgery, many experienced such impressive weight loss; they began realizing that they no longer needed surgery.

The secret of a smaller stomach thus became the Rosetta Stone, the Holy Grail of lasting weight loss. Together with his Guyanese-born wife, nutritionist June Christian Ph.D., they devised a diet that naturally reduces stomach size and controls eating disorders.

Their book is published to bring this concept out of the operating room and weight loss clinics into the hands of those who just might be ready to transform their lives.

Generously sprinkled with Dominican imagery, Dr. Christian explains in the chapter on Planes of Progress, how to develop the kind of desire required for change to take place. Thereafter, one automatically begins to attract the resources necessary to succeed.

From the comfort of their own homes, the reader can now take advantage of essentially the same quality of professional counseling (facilitated by communication technology) and covenant support.

On his website,, Dr. Christian describes a very simple acupressure technique that can be used by anyone, anywhere to control compulsive eating.

Mannafast Miracle is the latest in a surge of literary works by local writers listed on the DAAS It targets obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and stroke which disproportionately affect the minority population.

Dr. Christian feels strongly that our people must be strong and healthy if we are to fulfill our true mission in. This book draws on our rich faith heritage to overcome that universal tendency to overeat and just hang out while others are striving upward through the night.

It is filled with success stories, informative charts, inspirational quotes, juicy illustrations, and biting Caribbean humor, all colorfully woven together for practical reading. Mannafast Miracle can make a life-changing gift for that special someone who may be burdened with weight or reaching forward to peak performance.

To order copies of Mannafest Miracle,

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