Monday, June 7, 2010

Taking a Bold Step Towards Freeing Oneself

Author’s newly released book promotes positive change

A transmutation is about to unravel as author Velly Abraham invites readers to embrace positive change. With the release of her newly published book, A Butterfly Born, she encourages everyone to take this enlightening and inspiring journey of metamorphosis.
velly Abraham
Author Velly Abraham.

A Butterfly Born is a wisdom-packed collection drawn from the author’s private journaling and detailed account of her struggles and other important themes and lessons that surfaced through a difficult period in her life. Very symbolic, it represents perspective shifts, reinvention, and awareness of the deeper meaning of experiences.

It identifies with a lot of the common issues that prevents people from living an authentic life. With this book, readers will find themselves questioning their intentions, examining their motives, and realigning their thinking to make way for new constructions and a release in their spirit.

Important reminders like having a gratitude spirit and being passionate with oneself are powerful and will allow readers to ponder and appreciate being in a space that allows change, shifts, and evolution to be possible.

Inspirational, practical, and mind-provoking, this book may be useful to all who desire to morph out of their caterpillar state into their butterfly form, free to roam. It speaks of the freedom that comes with awareness and urges readers to identify with their awareness rather than just the thoughts, feelings, and vibrations that pass through it.

“A spirit-filled intelligence pervades this book from its very cover-design to the fecund flow in each sentence, phrase and word. It is spirit-filled because it speaks of restoration and redemption. It calls us to take courage, to run the race of life assured that the race is not for the swift, but for those who endure.

It is too, a journey that begins with surrender: the caterpillar relinquishes its amazing beauty and wholesome tension to its butterfly.

What a message and contribution to this Twenty-First Century’s embrace of a new Biology and psychology!” – Excerpt from the book’s Foreword by Steinberg Henry, Stone Mountain, Georgia

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About the Author
Velly Abraham believes that to truly experience the blessing that comes from being alive, she has to focus on “now.” True to her philosophy, one of her favorite quotes, “the moment you begin to think about tomorrow you’ve already lost sight of what today is” from Andre Agassi, helps keep her anchored in what is important. Her writing describes her journey through sickness and other difficult times to her discovery of her calmness centre, and the peace that she enjoys from being still. She is intensely passionate about research and teaching and has been actively engaged in research work relating to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. She holds an MSc. in Psychology and continues to engage in learning endeavors.

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