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Whither August Monday?
As the summer of 2022 advances another August Monday - Emancipation Day - beckons. Regrettably, very little effort is made nowadays to appreciate the roots of the holiday

Remembering Dominica's Merry Go Round
In Dominica, we once had creative public spaces within which a mostly peaceful and courteous community thrived. What were examples of such creative public spaces? The Merry go Round for instance

Man denied bail in sexual assault of 6 year old girl
A 49 year old man accused of committing sexual acts against a 6 year old girl has been denied bail by a local magistrate and ordered held until his trial

First Known Case of Monkey Pox Recorded in the Caribbean
The first known case of monkeypox has been recorded in the Caribbean island of Jamaica. Health and Wellness Minister Dr Christopher Tufton made the announcement at an emergency press conference in Kingston

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