Fire set to the St Joseph Police station

Fire set to the St Joseph Police station in Dominica

By TDN Newsdesk

September 12, 2022 12:58 P.M

police vehicle
One of the two vehicles damaged in the fire
Roseau, Dominica (TDN)

Two police vehicles were set ablaze last night outside of the St Joseph Police station. An unknown person or persons also attempted to set on fire the brick building which houses the living and working quarters of several police officers.

The fire was however quickly put out but not before one vehicle was almost completely destroyed, and the other extensively damaged.  A wooden door on the building sustained some fire damage.

The incident took place early on the morning of 12 September 2022, but so far no suspects have been named even as the Police have launched an investigation.

This is the first time in Dominica’s history that there has been such an attack on Police facilities. The attempted destruction of the Police station comes at a time when there has been widespread unease among the general public linked to the Police actions.

Several persons have been arrested on trumped up charges and just last week, Eldica John was arrested during a peaceful walk around the city. The following day, a vocal critic of the government Maggie Peters was forcefully detained and taken to Police headquarters for questioning. 

There was also a large public outcry several weeks ago when Police shot and killed Kian Alexander who allegedly kidnapped 11 year old Kernisha Etienne. Kernisha is yet to be found.

There have been increasing calls on the Police to build friendly relationships with the public rather than continuing to antagonize the population.

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