Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Don Christopher publishes book

By Judge Irving Andre

Bernard Don Christopher, journalist, sociologist and lawyer has published a 225 page book entitled: Britain’s Immigration Dilemma: patriotism, Prejudice and Paranoia. Published by Pond Casse Press, Christopher shows how successive conservative policy makers have advocated discriminatory measures against West-Indian immigrants in Britain and how these polices reflect racial and cultural xenophobia.
don christopher

Don Christopher has added a significant contribution to the West Indian diaspora literature.

He traces a history of West-Indian revolt in England as a response to these discriminatory practices exhibited by municipal, national and law enforcement agencies.

Christopher challenges the shibboleth expounded by persons who hold racially discriminatory views that West-Indians are prone by their very nature, to commit criminal offences.

He looks at recent incidents of violence in Jamaica, Guyana, Grenada and Dominica as legitimate responses to the cramping effects of colonial domination in the British West-Indies. He also contrasts the treatment of West-Indian immigrants in Britain to that accorded to East Europeans in Britain.

This is a provocative book and a significant addition to the literature about West-Indians in the Diaspora. While much of the terrain Christopher covers is familiar, the book is replete with relatively recent examples of discrimination.

In so doing, Christopher illustrates that the problem of racial prejudice is very much a reality for West-Indians in the Diaspora, particularly in England.

For the Dominican reader, Christopher’s book must be read in conjunction with two others; Elma Napier’s Black and White Sands and Sorhaindo and Pattulo’s 2009 Home Again.

The former shows how an aristocratic Scottish gentlewoman could settle in Dominica with impunity while the latter shows the absurdity of returned Dominicans, after facing excruciating discrimination in Britain, are regarded as Englishmen in their own country.

This book is a welcome addition to the burgeoning literature written by Dominicans. Well done, Don !!!
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Where Can I get a copy of this book. Tried Amazon and Google with
no success
Excellent scholarship...a must read for every one concerned with racial discrimination and the like

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