Friday, August 28, 2009

Dominica’s foreign minister Vince Henderson will not contest next election Newsdesk

It is official. For months allegations had swirled around Foreign Minister Vince Henderson concerning his participation in the next general elections. Now the speculations are over.

Speaking at a public meeting in St Joseph on Thursday night, Henderson told his constituents that he will not contest the next general elections and that he would step down from active politics for “personal reasons”.

vince henderson
Vince Henderson addresses a United Nations session on the global trading environment.

Henderson joins a growing list of government ministers and elected representatives who have announced that they will not contest the next elections under the leadership of Roosevelt Skerrit. The others are MP for Soufriere Ian Pinard, MP for Bagatelle Urban Baron, Kelly Graneau, minister of Carib Affairs, and John Fabien health minister and MP for Grand Bay.

There is also widespread allegations that Lorraine Bannis, MP for the Castle Bruce constituency will not contest the next elections, but so far she has not made any public pronouncements. The defections by the former party faithful is unprecedented in Dominican political history and it is not clear how this will affect the party chances at the next general elections constitutionally due in May 2010.

Henderson was considered to be a close personal friend and confidant of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and is said to have been dismayed when he was defeated by a very wide margin by Ambrose George for deputy party leader at recent elections.

George was fired by Prime Minister Pierre Charles for alleged wrongdoing over money laundering allegations of his close friend Julian Giraud, who served time in a Miami jail, and by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit over allegations involving payback for the licensing of an off shore bank.

In his remarks to the constituents, Henderson defended Prime Minister Skerrit saying that he more than any other minister had risen in defense of his friend and that he “had absolutely no problems with the Prime Minister or with the Dominica Labour Party.”

So far, no replacements have been named for the five elected officials who have announced their retirement from active politics. The Prime Minister has also not announced a date for the elections and political observers now believe that it will now more than likely be held in May 2010.
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This article is very misleading and biased against the PM Skerrit. It is absolutely untrue to say that the ministers do not want to contest under the leadership of Roosevelt Skerrit. To give that impression is evil to the core.

Ian Pinard is not contesting for medical reasons, the brother has a severe heart condition for which he has been hospitalised on many occassions. The brother can hardly walk up the stairs of government headquarters.

Urban Baron has served for over twenty (20) years and very early during this term had indicated that this would be his last.

John Fabien had indicated from the inception that he would only serve the remaining term of Pierre Charles. He was asked to stay longer since Crispin Gregoire was not yet ready. He had indicated he would only served one full term. John Fabien is not too well. He recently had treatment in Cuba and Martinique for prostate, diabetese and high blood pressure.

Kelly Graneau has served for twenty years and very early indicated that this would be his last term.

Vince Henderson has just completed his law degree from university of London and needs to go to Trinidad to complete his Legal Education. His young wife was just treated in Martinique for breast cancer.

Loreen Bannis and her entire family has recently received their green cards and would have to reside in the USA. A smooth transition has taken place in the Castle Bruce Constituency.

It is not accurate and misleading to give the impression that the Ministers do not want to contest under the leadership of Roosevelt Skerrit.

Jude Nicholas
Poto Labourite
Jude will you stop your emotional, child-like outbursts? What is misleading about the article? Is not PM Skerrit still leader of the party? The article was clear in saying that Vince defended the PM.

If Vince was concerned about his studies why did he contest for the Deputy Leadership just 2 moths ago. What does Graneu 20 years have to do with anything? If the others are as sick as you say why don't they resign now, and look after their health?

From reading this article it simply recorded the facts. Can you dispute those?

From my reading of these recent developments, the DLP is in deep trouble and may well lose the next election.
The only flaw in the article is "...Henderson defended the Prime Minister...".Not true! Vince was very disrespectful of the PM calling him "Skerrit" repeatedly, so angry was he at "Skerrit's" betrayal of him. But the hen has come home to roost. Both Vince and Skerrit betrayed dearly departed Rosie and Pierro. They "Stabbed them in the back," according to the Senior CLOWN...ooops sorrry, Senior Counsel Tony. So Ali Baba's gang of theives are deserting him one by one by one, just as Sam Christian predicted and Jude Nicholas of Simon Bolivar (if he really is a Dominican or a real person) can do Zip, Zilch, Nothing about it! I am Judge Nicholas, a Resident.
Ah! Ah! Seven ministers gone, who left in the government nuh! Mayseiur that making me neorvos un tan!

Shaky Laborite
I fraid! What next you think will happen? They all abandoning ship! oes that mean a vote of no confidence from the Prime Minister's own ministers.

I really fraid to look at news to see what next.

My fressure coming on I cannot take all commess in the government one after the other.
Govervment ca fall down con Humpty Dumpty, every moin leaving the bateau. Si pas ti ni pour moin to run in the next election, qui sa Labor party going to do? Robe moi assou tete moi for I do not understand sa qui ca fete la. Sa soucouyans who were at the marketplace daitete marway PM la.

Erbein, Dr Sam walked seven time around and seven ministers gone. Wow maybe if he walks seven more times there will be no ministers left.

Sauye quique? What you think?
Something is going on there. I don't buy this health story. It appears to be a lack of confidence in the leadership of the PM.....London bridge is falling down....
"" Mr Henderson joins a growing list of Government Ministers and representatives who have announced they will not contest election under the leadership of Roosevelt Skerrit."" I may not be bright enough but I understand what such statement connotes. And I will maintain that it is very much misleading and evil.

Let me state that the Dominica Labour Party is a well established Institution in Dominica which have withstood the test of time more than any other political party in Dominica.

People will come in and serve and make their exit either voluntary or by death. That great Institution will always remain as many others fill in the void and make their contribution then exit.

So please have no fear for the Dominica Labour Party whose Leader today is Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit tomorrow it may be someone else. That Great Institution is much bigger than every one who pass through its rank and file. WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED.

We are not shaky in no way we stand firm with this Great Institution called the Dominica Labour Party presently under the Leadership of Roosevelt Skerrit making his contribution to his Country and Party. Some day we expect him to make his exit and replaced by another Labour Warrior.

I thank Vince for his service to the Party and Country and wish him well in his future endeavors.

Jude Nicholas
Faithful Labourite
While you Jude Nicholas (if that is really what you are, or who you are) say "We Shall Not Be Moved", you seem to be contradicting PM Skerrit who at the Lindo Park rally clearly stated "WE SHALL BE MOVED!" I cannot tell whether it was in fatal excitement or a state of depression (in which he permanently is). But Skerrit on the record said "WE SHALL BE MOVED!" And they are moving....... fast. I am Judge Nicholas, a Resident.
Mr. Jude Nicholas, Faithful Labourite: Have you ever heard that the harder they think they stand the harder they fall. The government of Prime Minister Rooservelt Skirrit, is coming apart at the seams. What part of "coming apart" "all fall down" do you not understand?

I must commend you for your loyalty for that is a good trait but taking a sack and putting it over you head does not make the problem go away. The government of Prime Minister Rooservelt Skerrit/DLP is in big trouble.

In an election year it cannot be very encouraging that SEVEN, not one but seven! of his ministers are leaving office. Mr. Jude Nicholas, Faithful Labourite: even you must see the problem in that, even you know that this does not bode well for the Labor party and our Prime Minister. I am sure you feel the earthquake that is happening in the DLP as one by one the ministers defect.

Mr. Jude Nicholas, Faithful Labourite: You were trying to make your case so hard, I sensed that you are afraid, for you doth try to make your case a bit too much, my dear Mr. Jude Nicholas, Faithful Labourite.
Hey Jude--Dude the house is falling-----let's do the math---21-7 = Skerrit + Blackmoore (the policeman) =2. If Ian Douglas has any confidence in himslef now is the time to jump ship and tell Skerrit go to hell. But the rum gets in the way of Ian thinking properly.
But make no mistake the great manipulator named Skerrit if he sees this his ship is sinking will abandone it and move to Monaco or Caracas----Like an unlucky woman, Dominica's current husband is about to divorce her and run away.

The UWP 21st celebrations in La Plaine recently sent a very strong message to Skerrit and Jude---'bring it on and come with it'..........I watching- the ship is sinking.......good news folks.
Johnston Boston, the several Anonymous and Jerome:

You are all being unfair to Jude Nicholas. Your arguments are weakened because they don't reflect the statements of Vince Henderson or any of the retiring Ministers or Parliamentarians. Your screwed and politically bias interpretations take away from your credibility.

Wise up, use truth, logic and reasoning to spin - maybe then you will win over new followers.

The truth is MD, that you are the one interested in Spin. The persons you refer to are about facts and truth. Maybe you should take your own advice. You'd then be calling for these gansters to give Dominica a break and take Skerrit and "run Venezuela" like the brown skin gal. I am Judge Nicholas, a Resident...
To Judge Nicholas, a Resident... - what those persons wrote did not reflect the facts or the truth as stated by the retiring MPs.

As for your characterization of the Government Ministers as "gansters" and your "take Skerrit and "run Venezuela" like the brown skin gal" well ... it is beneath a "judge" if you were a judge and frankly irrelevant, juvenile and tasteless.

Again - free political advise to improve your credibility: It would be wise if you use truth, logic and reasoning to spin -(which is what all of you are doing - spinning for political advantage)- maybe then you will win over new followers.

UWP fini-bat! fear mongering wont work here. Ron is still clueless as to how he is going to finance his empty vision for the country. The Labour party is as strong as every. labour power!
There is so much disunity among my people. We need to pray.
See dem Blue try to make spin out of nothing! Wishfull thinking. When Eddie and his bunch of clowns lost, Earl ran, Bell ran...By the way, who running in Colihaut for you guys? And Portsmouth?
MD. My decisions and judgements have been challenged at the Caribbean Court of Appeal, various Supreme Courts in other jurisdictions, The Privy Council on numerous occasions and they have all, without exception, withstood the counter arguments of even the brightest and most astute jurists! So, MD, when I tell you that your vaccuous spin (and that of Jude Nicholas of Simon Bolivar if he really exists) is GARBAGE, and that Skerrit and his GANGSTERS must take their money and "Runnnnnn to Benezuela", I am CORRECT before the highest Courts of the land, the region, and the world. Stop clowning around MD and see the signs of the times... Vince showed no respect for "Skerrit" (as he called him PUBLICLY). Think, young man, and write wisely. Do not go down with the losers! Just imagine, another cold blooded killing in Lagoon, Portsmouth. What does that tell you about the state of affairs here in Dominica? Think, young man, think! I am Judge Nicholas, a Resident.
We need to raise the level of political debate in this country and be more creative to take our nation building to a new level in the 21 century. This politics of disunity and shallow self interest is making the country a weaker nation amongst the countries that are consolidating and moving forward. Let us bury the past and see how we can build instead of destroy, assist instead of resist, motivate instead of criticise and do something to make a difference instead of evaluating what has been done. There is wisdom in words but there is greater wisdom in our actions. Faith without works is dead!
Tower of babal anybody?? Remember what happened in this story.. The labor party is the comtemporary Tower of babal!!

Confusion in the camp, everybody speaking a different language.. They are crumbling from within.. Only the delussional cannot see what is happening! Jude Nicholas of Simon Bolivar BLV. What language are you speaking?

Judge Nicholas, a Resident ... for a person who claim to be so astute, why is it so difficult for you to comprehend what I have wrote?

MD. Clearly you need to revisit your English text. You appear to be the one lacking Comprehension Competence. I understand you clearly. Your Grammar is atrocious. For example: it ought to be "...what I have written..." NOT "...what I have 'WROTE'." So Bro stop contradicting the Judge; THINK and write wisely. Open your eyes and see the Writing on the Wall. The Gangsters MUST RUNNNN TO BENEZUELA! I am Judge Nicholas, a Resident.
Judge Nicholas, a Resident ... you writings and "logic" convinces me that your ability to judge the nuances of the written word is juvenile in its development.

I am not going to correct your English grammar. Thank you for your pointers on the "atrocious" nature of my grammar. My English teacher at SMA - the distinguish Giftus John would probably agree with you. I will endeavor to do better.

Now, Judge Nicholas - let me give you a pointer. Your political skills, well they are atrocious. My contribution was not criticism, for political reasons. Ask Johnston Boston, he will tell you who I am; my advise on "wise up, use truth, logic and reasoning to spin - maybe then you will win over new followers" - - - well, I hope the DFP would take - b/c if they did, then maybe, just maybe they will make a dent into the DLP, reclaim their traditional role which was usurped by the UWP, and stand a chance on winning the elections.

Judge Nicholas, your obvious petty thin skinned nature, insular political thought and defensiveness make you a lousy political strategist. Not withstanding your issue with my comment - I am going to assume your intentions are ... well, ... well intended.

MD. That is precisely your problem. You seem lack clarity. If you do indeed think before you write there would be little to absolutely no room for misconception. I knew Giftus John quite well and I compliment you for acknowledging him, and my correction. When you write do your best to live up to Giftus' reknowned reputation. By the way while I have great respect for the DFP and I admire Boston, they are partially to blame for the conundrum in which we now find ourselves here in Dominica. Set your honesty and consience back a bit and you will agree with the judge. These guys should still get the hell out of Dominica and runnn to Venezuela! I am Judge Nicholas, a Resident.
Judge Nicholas, a Resident - wow wow wow. Your ego; It must be a pretty heavy burden. I got a call from a fellow lawyer - he "educated" me on your pompous nature. My mother taught me to be respectful - thus I won't write what I really think of your "tone."

However, I do agree with you that the DFP are partially to blame but the UWP should take most of the blame for their disastrous 5 years in office.

That 5 year ordeal forced two old foes to unite to defeat them; as for my "honesty and conscience" it is less burdened than yours; Judge Nicholas - check your temperament, oh, and by the way, "These guys should still get the hell out of Dominica and runnn to Venezuela" - well ... they are Dominicans.

What is this? The battle of the Titans! Judge Nicholas I am with you!!! MD look in the mirror. The educated are disappointing us! "It is the Duty of the intellectual to uncover lies and tell the truth" Noam Chomsky. All these fancy rethoric, the eloquence, the good grammar, the good spelling, the agumentation skills amount to nothing when they hide and bastadize the truth which is so evident..


Zapper - woman you need to not still Reppaz words of advise to you to look in the Mirror. You not being impressed is just b/c of your political bent!

MD. Yet another killing involving a GUN -Grand Bay this time! Yet their budget spoke little if anything at all about dealing with the rising crime problem. You keep the old UWP Boogeyman alive, missng the real devil. Then you turn around and accuse ME, MD, of having some kind of EGO problem! Even after serving at the Bar for eons I still have a simple house. I worked hard for my money. These guys have not done one stroke of work and they build mansions on the backs of poor Dominicans; not from the sweat of their brows. Don't you think that this 'ego' thing should be redirected? You're sure these guys are truly Dominicans? They do not seem to be living here any way... Think and write WISELY, MD. Another killing...TWO over ONE weekend! I am Judge Nicholas, a Resident.
Just so you know my fellow Dominican Reppaz took this from Zapper at DNO.. See how you people just say what you want with no basis of fact? Modus Oprandi!!!I rest my case! Zapper can go back and pin point to exactly where and when the phare was adopted by Reppaz, as the matter of fact Reppaz would be what someone would see in a mirror if they looked at the word in a mirror!! This is how the name Reppaz came about! ha! ha! ha! It was because I was asking people to look in the mirrow and reppaz come back and said I am looking at you in the mirror!

Zap .. Shir...ley A...llan .. per .. don't lie on the Reppaz or is it your memory?

Reppaz was created to flush you out; that is where look in the mirror came from; we all read it and noticed before you figured it out. The name Reppaz belong to the vast conspiracy to out you!

The Committee of Reppaz. ha ha hahha. :)
Mr. Fountain, I see you have work to do here. Like everything she has touched, Shirley Zapper Allan is distroying your news media! She is turning this great news media into a papyshow.
Back to Shirley Allan! hahahahahah! Shirley Allan is the thorn in you guys flesh!! You are going to deal with her.. Dr. Fontaine is so much more smarter than you ever will be, he knows what this is all about, and you can analyze who is the pappy show!! You can't handle the truth? just too bad! No fault of Shirley GROW UP!

Shirley Allan!
Hahaha Committe of Reppaz? That's interesting, you give Zapper so much inportance, you needed a whole committee? Zapper is flattered!! Indeed! I do remember when I came on this board talking about looking in the mirror, Reppaz came back and said looking back at you, and the name Reppaz was born!!! A reflection of Zapper.. It is was not too much trouble I would go back to where it all started.. But you insist I will and throw it in your face! Zapper can always prove what Zappers says.
For the person who subscribes to the notion that Shirley Allan is making a pappy show of this news magazine, I tell you what you can do to help. When Shirley Allan comes here and posts her comments on the issue, just leave her alone! Simple as that, just attack her personally and call her very name under the sun! Don't you think she has a right to make and her and express her views even if the whole world does agree with her? Just leave her alone! Pretend she didn't write anything, and for those who are so baothered or ruffled, or sickened byher comments, for Christ sake, just don;t read them. Simple as that.. Be careful now people you will make Shirley Allan give you a heart attack, get high blood pressure or lose you mind, and Shirley will not want to see that happen.

Shirley Allan
Shirley, why do you act like you don’t know why people disagree with you and your idiotic rhetoric? Well, let’s go back to Rags DAAS email forum, you took it over and literally wrecked it to closure. You joined the Dominica Diaspora portal and you with you verbal diarrhea made people less interesting in participating in any discussions. You signed into the Dominica-my-opinion site ( ) and you killed every discussion with you stupidity. Now you are taking this same “self-made-goddess” attitude of yours and you are destroying Mr. Fountain’s news portal.

Shirley, The is one of the last remaining mediums where we simple Dominicans can go to learn about and intellectually discuses our ideas on our beloved Dominica. Please I beg you, leave this last online forum the way Mr. Fountain built it and don’t use you usual toxin to destroy it!
Well I am simply POWERFUL!!! If I can do that!! LOL! This iks just too bad that people can be so intolerant of my views. Too bad, but I will continue to express them on very portal/forum available.. Funny that people do not leave Washington Post bolg, Politico Blog, New York times blog and all the other bolgs that I suscribe to. Are we dealing with a diffrent caliber of people here? Looks so to me. Honey Child, if you see me as a goddess again I am flatterd because I do not portray myself to be anything but s poor uneduacted Dominican.

But I am glad that we do have some people who are not stupid like you and the other people who think like you, call me stupid all you like, maybe I am, but it looks like there are people who are ven more stupid than I am, to allow me and my stupid rethoric to prevent them from making their valuable contributions to the discussions.

I hve abosultely no problem with people disagreeing with me. My objective is never to get people to agree with me.. Funny that with that is being said here, I am the target. The things I read here, and they are not being said by me. But keep getting your high blood pressure over my rethoric I am not getting no high blood presure over yours.. Just throw in your intellectual ideas and ignore fool Shirley.. Can you do that? I suppose not. NO one defines me, and I am not seeking validation from anyone. Just ignore me please! Please! Please! and continue with your intellectual discussions, who knows I might learn something from them. I am quite opened to learning. Educate the Sister instead of vilifying her.. I am ready to be educated.
Why does every discussion have to revolve around Shirley? Why can't posters stick to the topic in the article. And for Shirley, why do you see the need to respond to every post? Just keep your comments to the article, and cut off all this personal bullshit!

Like the previousposter I am worried that you will destroy Dr Fountain good work...
Good question!!Very good question, I am wondering about that myslef. Why does the focus of the discussions have to be on Shirley Allan. Whether she responds the the post or not, somehow someone will bring her into it.. Why Do I have to answer to every attack on me? Because I can and I choose to. If they will just leave me alone then we won't be having this conversation!! If you feel that because I respond to the attaks aganist me, I am the Bad one, that's fine to..

I know that people need people like me, to point their fingers and say that's the bad guy, so they can appear to be the good guys. I am having so much fun, and don't worry about Dr. Fontaine's paper it will survive, just like all the other bogs where people say all kinds of stuff they have to need to want to say.. No doubt there is a high level of small mindedness her. It is only very tiny minds that would be focusing on Shirley Allan when they have Intelligent? contributions to make. VERY TELLING, VERY TELLING INDEED! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE IN STUPIDITY WITH MY IDIOTIC COMMENT AND MY VERBAL diarrhea Focus on the subject at hand, don;t even read what I write of it disturbs you that much and she what the diffrence will be.. Try it!! PRESS YOUR IGNORE SHIRLEY ALLAN BUTTON. Because no bully or band of bullies will take my voice away from me. Nobody will disparage me into silence.. So let's try leaving Shirley Allan alone see where it takes us. Make you intelligent contributions and don't mind me. I am just a stupid idiot looking for attention, and boy am I getting it!! LOL Make my day

Shirley Allan
MD & Judge Nicholas seem to have been having a reasonable discussion regarding strategy and political tactics before what followed - the personal follies - erupted. Rather a pity.

Let me pose a question: But please read the following article, then my question will follow;

In CASTRIES, St Lucia, the United Workers Party (UWP) castigated - Members of the former St Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration for corruption. It was none stop accusations.

Now a Commission of Inquiry headed by Guyanese jurist Sir Fenton Ramsahoye issues a final report and is now in the hands of the government and Cabinet ministers.

The Commission set up to investigate the so called questionable activities of the St. Lucia Labor Party administration under the watch of former Prime Minister Kenny Anthony cited NO instances of criminal wrong doing or liability.

However, the UWP’s - PM King believes it establishes a strong case for mismanagement that cost tax payers millions of dollars. “The thing about this is governments are accountable to the people and if the people are suspicious of the behaviour of government and what has transpired…it is left to the people to sound the alarm bell,”.

The Prime Minister said it is the responsibility of government to investigate and determine whether the people’s concerns are justified. He added that if those concerns are justified then measures must be put in place to avoid a repetition.

Although the Commission set up to investigate found NO instances of criminal wrong doing or liability, the UWP leader confirmed that the report was currently being studied by the Cabinet of Ministers with “a view to determining an appropriate course of action to address any incidents of wrong doing identified by the Commission”.

King further stated, “I think that is going to be the fundamental issue in the outcome of the report, not necessarily the jailing of or the conviction of people but the practice, behaviour, the custom and culture of politicians when in office,”

The opposition Labor Party has accused the government of wasting taxpayers’ money on a probe, which did not come up with the indictable information that the ruling party was hoping for – to some how justify their pre-election accusations of corruption.

Question: Is the D/ca UWP trying to implement this strategy in D/ca for the next election, thus the reason for all these accusations of corruption against PM Skirrit and the DLP?

Let us Reason for Truth.
To all the intelligent Dominicans who want to violate my free speech rights, I just put a little collage of information on free speech together, from different sources.

Freedom of speech is the right to freely say what one pleases, as well as the related right to hear what others have stated. Recently, it has been commonly understood as encompassing full freedom of expression, including the freedom to create and distribute movies, pictures, songs, dances, and all other forms of expressive communication.
Freedom of speech is often regarded as an integral concept in modern liberal democracies, where it is understood to outlaw government censorship. Thus states may still punish (but not prohibit) certain damaging types of expressions, notably sedition, defamation, publishing secrets regarding matters of state security, etc.
Tocqueville pointed out that people may be hesitant to speak freely not because of fear of government retribution but because of social pressures. When an individual announces an unpopular opinion, he or she may face the disdain of their community or even be subjected to violent reactions. While this type of suppression of speech is even more difficult to prevent than government suppression, there are questions about whether it truly falls within the ambit of freedom of speech, which is typically regarded as a civil liberty, or freedom from government action.

Discovering truth
A classic argument for protecting freedom of speech as a fundamental right is that it is essential for the discovery of truth. Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote that "the best test of truth is the power of the thought to get itself accepted in the competition of the market, and that truth is the only ground upon which their wishes safely can be carried out." Abrams v. United States Justice Holmes also invoked the powerful metaphor of the "marketplace of ideas."
This marketplace of ideas rationale for freedom of speech has been criticized by scholars on the grounds that it is wrong to assume all ideas will enter the marketplace of ideas, and even if they do, some ideas may drown out others merely because they enjoy dissemination through superior resources.
The marketplace is also criticized for its assumption that truth will necessarily triumph over falsehood. We can see throughout history that people may be swayed by emotion rather than reason, and even if truth ultimately prevails, enormous harm can occur in the interim. However, even if these weaknesses of the marketplace of ideas are acknowledged, supporters argue that the alternative of government determination of truth and censorship of falsehoods is worse.

Promoting tolerance
Another explanation is that it is integral to tolerance, which should be a basic value in our society. Professor Lee Bollinger is an advocate of this view and argues that "the free speech principle involves a special act of carving out one area of social interaction for extraordinary self-restraint, the purpose of which is to develop and demonstrate a social capacity to control feelings evoked by a host of social encounters." The free speech principle is left with the concern of nothing less than helping to shape "the intellectual character of the society."
This claim is to say that tolerance is a desirable, if not essential, value, and that protecting unpopular speech is itself an act of tolerance. Such tolerance serves as a model that encourages more tolerance throughout society. Critics argue that society need not be tolerant of the intolerance of others, such as those who advocate great harm, even genocide. Preventing such harms is claimed to be much more important than being tolerant of those who argue for them.

Heckling is a gray area in the ethics of free speech. To a certain extent, interrupting a public speech with question or retorts is tolerated. On the other hand, using heckling as a tactic to stop the speaker is not an expression of free speech (on the heckler's part) as much as it is a violation of the speaker's free speech rights.

From Shirley with love!
Reason for Truth you will recall that it was the DLP that accused the UWP of corruption, paid Mr. Asthaphan thousands to investigate and came up empty handed.

Now, there are clear cases of corruption such as Bin Bobol and Fertlizergate so no reason to invent accusations. The question is whether if the UWP wins the next election they will spend precious resources to investigate DLP corruption.
Yes they should investigate and procecute the guilty! The couuption strategy was used aganist the UWP and it worked beautifully for the LP,although there was no evidence, They paid Tony Astaphans hundreds of thousands of tax payers money to go on what they all knew was a wild goose chase, all they ended with was an unsigned copy of crap.. They got what they paid for, with taxpayers' money. Now the eveidence is overwhelming, why not investgate and procecute, I would really like them to get to the bottom of the Dopwell affair myabe then and only then the treasury will get the promised refund. I vote for investigation and procecution, the punishment to the fullest extent of the law! If a hungry man can go to prision for stealing a packect of bisquits, why allow those who stole millions from the treasury to go scot free! Where is the justice and equity in the law?

Shirley Allan
Anonymous August 31, 2009 3:15 PM thanks for trying to break the ice so to get this forum back on tract with your question of whether the D/ca UWP is trying to implement this strategy in D/ca for the next election, thus the reason for all these accusations of corruption against PM Skirrit and the DLP. However, as was pointed out by another previous post, Shirley Allan was not interested in participating in such reasonable intelligent conversations. Instead she came back with this mombo-jombo contribution away from this wonderful ice-breaking question of yours.

This was the same nonsense that Shirley exhibited on the DAAS email forum, as was mentioned by that previous persons post. Shirley has an agenda that mostly includes talking and promoting herself or some special interest group and then always try to make it look like what she is saying has everything to do with Dominica.

With the aim of not satisfying Shirley’s quest for the public’s fuel to her self-gratification, I would like to focus back on the question that you asked. I think, by law, every government in power should look into any blatant breaking of the laws of the land by past officials. Having said that, I also do not think that such investigations of wrong doings be carried out like lynch mobs used to irradiate political rivals. Instead, the governments of the Caribbean, especially the government of Dominica, should have in place an independent unbiased committee that could be called up to investigate any alleged complaints of wrong doing.
hahahahah!! Very, very, very funny! You just couldn't resist huh! Well as you can see, Shirley is not intimidated by the lynch mob! That's the real problem! Promoting myself for what? You guys really amuse me.. Next? If you call accepting that I am a idiotic fool self-gratification, my, my, my! I have not spoken about being educated, being rich, being morally superior, being smart, being famous, I am just a stupid idiotic, old country girl! This looks more like self deprecation than self gratification to me, but it;s ok, it is the custom to see everything Shirley is saying in the reverse and use that as ammunition to fire back at her.. Her protective armour is in tact! It is from within, eat your hearts out.


Shirley Allan
The question becomes who will defect next. I suspect that Crispin Gregoire will do the honorable thing and not contest in Grand Bay since he has been sidelined by PM Skerrit.

The PMs inability to recruit suitable candidates will play heavily in the next election. The way I see it labor is on the ropes.
The Labor party is in big trouble, will lose the next elections..
Political Observer 10:06 PM comment - you known more than you are saying. Why don't you expand.

Reason for Truth.
Ok let;s see if this work, I am going to try to be as intelligent as you my Dominican folks want me to be. Vince is leaving because he really has to attend to personal matters. He preformed with distnction in his constituency. Dominica will miss this great states man....... Sad to see him go! He is to Dominica what Ted Kenedy was to America!

Four the past nine years labor party Government has been governing Dominica excellently!! They have produced great sustainable developement projects that will lead Dominica to be able to take care of itself! They have done wonders in all sectors of the society especially where crime is concerned.. They have created enough jobs, all the those leaving school will not have to worry about getting employment ! Oh infurstuture Dominica has seen anything like that in the Dominica!!

They have created wonderful! Wonderful realtionships of mutual respect, that Dominica will benefit from. What the corruption are they talking about? This is the Government that has been most honest, transparent and accountable in the history of Dominica!

Labor party must win this election with this impeccable record. Those who do not vote for the labor party, must be fools! Those who don't support them must be crazy!!

Is this what you people want from me? Will that put me in your group of intelligent Dominicans? Does what I say make all the sense in the world now? Ok now you got it!

Poor Vince, he dug his grave and is now being buried in it by his very own colleagues. That positively includes the Hon Prime Minister who Ian Douglas told us crooks and backstabs you if you turn to get a glass of water. Sounds strange, but it is TRUE! Vince covers up his deficiencies by talking glib arriculate NONSENSE and LIES! His Labour Party is now fed up with him and instead of being decent about it they are cussing him to death. The signs are BIG and clear; irrespective of the threats and bravado of DLP apologists, this Skerrit-led administration is GOING DOWN and OUT! Wish I could give you apologists some comfort but being a judge I am forced to call it as it is and down the legal and just middle. I am Judge Nicholas, a Resident
"Judge" Nicholas a so called Resident: If the defenders of the Labor Party are "apologists" - what term would you apply to yourself and all the others - who expound a critique of the government without acknowledging what they have done right - and the critical view seem overblown for political effect.

What term would you use?
Shirley September 1, 2009 7:16 AM comment: - this blog is not about you. This note is not personal or an attack on you. But every time you don’t address the issues we are discussing and somehow try to make this blog about you – you make it less likely that I will continue to read the

With all due respect, from a person who know you personally; stop your self destructive writings on this blog. I regret I have had to write this - yesterday was all you, the experience was not pleasurable - I apologize, but I do enjoy reading and debating with my fellow Dominicans about important issues of the day – let us build that and not destroy.

With a pray, civility and respect. Shirley thank you in advance, and, please make a valid contribution on the issues, only.
Maybe you have not been reading! I didn't make it about me. Read well from begining to end and you will see how this all started, all the time!! You seem to want to make it about you to. The contribution just made it more about me.. Just forget about me and make your contributions! If you think I am destroying myself by what I write here, could you please me how? What do you see that I don't see? You see the person who knows me personally, if you just had just come on the board, made respectful, civil, contribution to the debate, then I would not have to be responding on a personal level. Can't you people just do that? Why do you have to continue making it about me, and at the same time make it about me! So paradoxical! Now make your contribution and forget about me and what I write! makes sense? I do not expect to hear from you again about me.. Make your contribution!! The more you people make it about me, is the more it will be about me.. Thank you for the advise, but take your own advice. Make sure when you use your words the are the correct words. The world will stop moving if you don;t read this blog. Don't you think so?

Shirley Allan
Think Deeply and Wisely: Was it that same Labour Party which published to the WORLD that "Performance is NOT important"? Why shift the tables or the goal post simply because you wish to support it and hate another party. A CORRUPT one at that. In my line of work, Bro, Justice is CONSTANT! The rules and laws MUST be fairly and IMPARTIALLY applied. Hence I totally dismiss your fallacious and baseless argument, if it might be classified as such, so lacking logical thought and syllogism and bound by PARTISAN blindness as it is. Open your mind and listen to the judge. A misguided apologist YOU are. I call it by the book; and I have read them. You and the other feeble apologist play party politics even with the TRUTH and Mother JUSTICE staring you in the eye. Take that to the Privy Council. And don't you dare ever question my credentials. Get envious of them if you wish but DO NOT question them!I am Judge Nicholas, a Resident
"Judge" Nicholas a so called Resident states: "Open your mind and listen to the judge. A misguided apologist YOU are" ... "You and the other feeble apologist play party politics" ... "And don't you dare ever question my credentials"

All of that non-responsive, not on point crap was made to this contribution:

If the defenders of the Labor Party are "apologists" - what term would you apply to yourself and all the others - who expound a critique of the government without acknowledging what they have done right - and the critical view seem overblown for political effect.

What term would you use?

Nicholas @ September 1, 2009 9:54 AM - how was that contribution responsive?
Ok Foreign Mister Vince Henderson will not contest the next election! My civil, respectful contribution on this issue: Although the st. Joseph constitueny (the majority of them) were not quite satisfied with Vince, Skeritt also wanted to get rid of him. See Skeritt made Charles Savrin the deputy leader!! What more evidence do we need? Skeritt seemed to have been threatened by Vince and this little portegee of Chavez does not like threats around him, he was trained to remove all threats, crush them beofre the snowball! The fact that some people respect Vince more than Skeritt is just too much for the ego maniac to deal with.. Vince tried his best to sugar coat the whole situation, but give it some the the TRUTH will eventually emerge! You can fool some people some time, some people all the time, but never all the people all the time!!

Shirley Allan
So you do lack the ability to perceive the How and the Why; the @September writer. Does your competence and reasonng diminish and disappear after the bottom or knowledge rung of the discussion? In the face of a dipassionate and astute response your opaque partisan mind, goes BLANK. Well, well I cannot help you there "@September". There are things you must do for yourself, such as THINK and reason. The facts (which you despise) speak for themselves. In my line of work I deal with EVIDENCE, Bro, EVIDENCE. Reggie Austrie said -documented and public information, "What road, what bridge, what wall can do for you! You can eat wall? You can eat bridge?" As if to dismiss these useful projects by the Freedom Party and UWP as not important. So now, I ask, why not apply the paradigm dispationately and fairly. What then is your argument, "@ September"? This CORRUPT government WILL fall. Others that follow MUST take heed because the people of Dominica will not be merciful. And I do not really care which it is. BUT, this CORRRRRRUPT regime MUST GO.. SENTENCED to EJECTION! "@Septenber" I tried to simplify the facts for you. You may not like the Facts and the TRUTH, but that's just what it is. And Vince Henderson is a significant confounded variable in the demise of the DLP! Think and Write Wisely....I am Judge Nicholas, a Resident.
"Judge" Nicholas a so called Resident:

Your response is none-responsive. It is stricken-ed from the record. If you continue to be none responsive - you will be found in contempt of court.
Just as I said, "@ September". In the face of TRUTH and EVIDENCE you and your arguments (if I might classify them as such) disintegrate and degnerate into invective. One more thing please: Learn to spell because your are an intelligent person;"non-responsive"..."stricken". I can do no more for you. By the way, do not confuse the roles; it is in fact the Judge who finds you, "@ September", in contempt. This is your LAST chance to recover. Do not pretend that you knew better. Like all apologists for this CORRUPT government and the Government itself you have reached 'burn out' point. Time to quit/ Go! Good Bye, "@ September". I am Judge Nicholas, a Resident.
Just as I said, "@ September". In the face of TRUTH and EVIDENCE you and your arguments (if I might classify them as such) disintegrate and degnerate into invective. One more thing please: Learn to spell because you are an intelligent person;"non-responsive"..."stricken". I can do no more for you. By the way, do not confuse the roles; it is in fact the Judge who finds you, "@ September", in contempt. This is your LAST chance to recover. Do not pretend that you knew better. Like all apologists for this CORRUPT government and the Government itself you have reached 'burn out' point. Time to quit/ Go! Good Bye, "@ September". I am Judge Nicholas, a Resident.
Shirley Allan aka 'Zapper' aka 'Jumbie'aka 'Fam Deybar' has all the facts---excluding the real facts about herself--everything she touches spoils. She needs to take a leave of absense from this forum. She is just bad news.
See what I mean? They just can't help it!! Oh my fellow Dominicans! I am sure you are dying to give the real facts about Shirley the Jumbie, please do you have my permission, be my quest, don't leave it to speculation! I am waiting with anticipation for you to give me the facts about myself! Come on, let's hear it! And also name the things that I touched and spoilt while you are at it.
I can imagine what you Dominican people would do to me if I can to you dying on hunger!! Am I that hated in my homeland/WOW! what that I do to invoke such hatred towards myself? Can one of you please tell me? I am dying to hear it! Just my words? Yes those are power words that can invoke such passionate diabolical hatred. And it is funny to!
"Judge" Nicholas a so called Resident:

invective = diatribe, criticism, tirade, abuse etc etc;
Your response is "non-responsive". It is stricken-ed (stricken-ed = past tense) from the record. If you continue to be none responsive - you will be found in contempt of court.

Was that really a invective? Is that really an arguments which has disintegrated and degenerated into invective?

Oh Nicholas, check your spelling. It is not "degnerate" it is degenerate, and look at your present, past tenses - since we are doing grammar.

Old Nico - you are in contempt of court. Go learn some grammar and how to spell.

Or - do you want to argue the issues in a responsive manner?
Dear All, The Labour Party is in disarry and crumbling fast. The kleadership is poor, immature, cluesless of develoopment etc. We wnet to China and promoiased US300 million , Ricky Sing, a notbale caribbean Jornakist ten wrote questioning this deal and asked to see the MOU, to this day it has not been relesed. Now we hear that China is giving poor Dominica two loans, one of US440 miliion and another 60million,. why...why..why..? and how are qwe gonna pay for this wnhen the biggest income earner in Dominica is VAT. Dominica has poor leadership, Skerrit has no vision, and the only people benefiting are the close knitted friends of Skerrit, the Mayor, Rayburn, Senior Clown counsel, all those who now have their own Housing Evolution in nice places. Where did these guys get all this money to build these big houses, when they subject the poor to a so called hosuing revolutin, where these houses, according to the new carib chief are already rotten and not yet occupied.
The $500,000.00 was shareed, where is it...who has it....why can it niot be paid back. Bro Jude do you know. For once has a conscience and oput Dominica first.
Dominica, lease get rid of these banditd......I certainly will
All of you the various Anonymous-es, Jude, Nicholas, Judge, Zapper or Shirley Allan, Reason for Truth, the Political Observer, Fed UP, John, Concerned, MD the whole lot of you:

“Put up the evidence of corruption or shut up”
I hope Skerrit follows the lead of his cabinet members. Time for him to go.

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