Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Refund to be granted in fourteen days in garbage bin scandal

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Dominica Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has denied any form of wrongdoing concerning the purchase of garbage bins from Andre Dopwell of Logistical Supplies Inc.

In a radio address to the nation on Tuesday, Mr. Skerrit told the nation that on May 28, 2009, three days after the scandal broke, and more than seven months after receiving the bins, his government wrote to Mr. Dopwell to inform him that the bins did not meet the specifications of the Roseau Town Council, and “would be grateful for urgent action.”
pm skeritt
The Skerrit government paid more than half a million dollars over for garbage bins.

On June 1, 2009 a correspondence was received from Mr. Dopwell in which he accepted that a reimbursement was required. “If your government is not happy with the purchase it is my responsibility to take action. Accordingly, we will revalue the bins at the known market value, deduct the net cost and make a reimbursement within fourteen working days.”

The Prime Minister also went on to say that no other action was required, since in his view, the matter was resolved. He also indicated that the shipment was short by over 500 bins and he was awaiting the supplier to send them to Dominica.

On the issue of Andre Dopwell being the half brother of Trade Minister Colin McIntyre, the Prime minister said that while it is true that the two are bothers, nothing in the public service regulations prevented government from doing business with Dopwell. “Further, at no time did the Minister (McIntyre) have any dealings with Logistical Supplies Inc.”

Another issue that the Prime Minister raised was the fact that the company was not registered. He said that it is not unusual for persons to act on behalf of companies that were not registered and that in itself was not a crime.

The Prime minister continued to insist that he acted in good faith and was simply responding to a need from the Roseau City Council for assistance with providing garbage bins to residents of Roseau.

This last statement however, contradicts statements from some members of the Roseau City Council who are on record as saying that at no time did the Council request garbage bins from government.

In his fifteen minutes address, the Prime Minister did not address questions about earlier transactions between Andre Dopwell and his brother who was agriculture minister at the time. Questions had been raised by the opposition about the purchase of fertilizers from Dopwell when McIntyre was agriculture minister.

Read Entire Address of the Prime minister

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Who the PM think he fooling? Oh my bad, I made a mistake in charging you six times the cost, now i will give you the real cost and give a refund. This would be laughable if it was not the money of poor malaway!!!! WE NEED A CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION!!!
Dominicans Skeritt is making another attempt to pull the wool over your eyes just like he did in he land scandal! This is not psychology he is using, it is deception! There is no excuse for the baltant misuse of the treasury funds.. How many geuine mistakes is allowed in this dubious, unscrupulous regime? Please Domincan people hold this Rubbish bin regime accountable for their malfesance in public office! Dominicans I know you are no body's fool.
He lied, I knew he lied, he knew I knew he lied. Prime Minister Skirret, you good, yea you good, but not this time!
Why is the government putting policies and procedures together as they go. If the bins were not in the budget how could they spend so much on bins?

My! the government department did not do any due diligence to ensure that the bins that were ordered were the correct size? Such a large order and no research done?

I say fire the government.
We demand that the documents that the Prime Minister read be verified by an independent commission!!!!!!!!
Dopwell according to the PM agreed that he defrauded the government, yet the PM says that's cool, business as usual...LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE!!!!
The PM just confirmed what we knew already. He did not say why the government paid so much for the for the bins.
My to think the Prime Minister think that Dominicans are that gullible to believe such a bunch of crock.
had this bobol not come to light nothing would ever have been said on it at all not ever, and the two involved Skerrit and Dopwell would not be having to backdate correpsodence and discuss refunds and incomplete orders, "an insider who is sick sick sick of it" there must be an investigation now
My, My, My!!!!!! Tony Astaphan did it again. He published the you-tube video just in time to cover giving the documents to the Prime Minister for today's address.

Think about it why would Mr Astaphan release those videos that put him in a bad light.

The videos were made by Mr Astaphan himself.
We need to investigate everything that this government has dome. To the government purchased such a large, expensive order of bins and did not know the specs of the order.

Why was due diligence not conducted on Mr Dopwell's company before placing the order with them. How many other transaction have been done in that manner?

Why did the Minister of Finance office place the order for bins? Is that the office that handle procurement?

We are in trouble.
We are left to ask what other refunds does the Dopwell's company owe the Dominican people.

We demand an investigation.
I wonder what the President thinks of this feeble attempt by Skerrit' to try to make us belive what he said, its absolutely true if this had not come to our attention nothing would have been said or done I hope the insider will come forward and be counted you are one of us after all backdating letters to attempt weiggle room speak up and shame the devil.
The Prime Minister said that the bin bobol was a mistake but he did not show how a mistake was made. If Lennox had not conducted research of the stealing of the Dominica people money, the government and Mr Dopwell would have made off with it like fat cats.
Gross mismanagement of finances from the government and the office of the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister's address only raised further question about the sound judgment of this government.

We need the President of Dominica to call for an investigation into this matter.

President where are you? Speak please? We need to hear from you please.
Why did it take up to June of this year for the bobol to be discovered.

We have questions they need to be answered by the government.
We as Dominican are concerned about what is happening. We cannot allow the government to dictate the policy as they go.

Mr Prime Minister you need to come again! We are not buying your sorry attempt at an explanation. You have misjudged the intelligence of the Dominican people and we say you have not made a valid case of this bin bobol mess; so come again..
“If your government is not happy with the purchase it is my responsibility to take action. Accordingly, we will revalue the bins at the known market value, deduct the net cost and make a reimbursement within fourteen working days.”

I worked in procurement for many years and never have a vendor been so accommodating. Reimbursement within fourteen working days. Amazing turn around time. Even before Mr Dopwell receives the bins back he is ready to refund the money.
u good skirro i am disappointed in u .u a worse than ambrose and u fired him.now fire yourself it time to go . now the load is on u .
lair lair like sponge boob would say plants for hire they catch u with your pants down skiro dimples tonight no dimples am very glad what lenox do u
oh....my God...what a scandal.. what a fiasco...what a loe..what traitor. Please Dominiocans..disassociate yourself with the PM.. he is now a converted lair...and in bonol..and uses lawyer to cover hinm up.. one day ....fire wil rage. The 90,000.00 land transfer was played up as a mistake..now tey get caught up again.. another make up with Tony. This governemnt must go. Trust me there is more to cme
My God, as we say in Kokoy in upper land.." me nah no wha gran ma go say".....after we are caught red handed with our hands int he cookie jar. How on earth can the Roosevelt Skerritt in his right mind, concocted by Tony Astaphan created such a lie and fiasco and still tel me that he has the poor people at heart. How on earth can Charles Savarin, Charles Maynard and the Attorney General sit there in all intergrity and condone this theft. They have schemed before and now the rope is coming to an end now it is another mistake. So if Lennox did not bring this out what would have happened. Dominicans if you do not know now what is happening and that your eyes are stil closed and fooled in saying we have a nice man.. well he loves to hear it becsause he will rip off poor Donmiica and Domiinicans again. Dominicans please wake up...lok outside your window, it is raining corruption and soon the weather will turn bad...it is forecast. One day Tony`s ear will be biten off...mark my words.
The real scandal is about to hit the fan, the JEWELRY SCANDAL is about the hit the airwaves.
Did all you listened to the PM. All the letter trail from Ms Jisselle Allport from Marigot, A strong UWP supporter and working in the PM Office.

I can feel the dissapointment in all the comments. What all you have to come next?

Allegations after allegations nothing can stick and all of you sick.

The PM demonstrated that the transaction was well above board and there was no wrong doing.
What a piece of poor journalism and down right biasness. Mr. Fountain were you listening. It is your sister who certified both CFW's in the Ministry of Finance. Are you saying that she assisted the Minister of Finance with BoBol.

Did you follow all the events outlined in the PM's address reading all the letters that were written to the company. The company is not a realiable one I will admit and no more business should be done with it. That is no reason to call the PM corrupt.

Where is the corruption is this matter. Which of the Ministers benifited?. Did your sister MS Fountaine benefited? because she was the one who certified the contingency fund advance warrants.
I want to see Tony`s ear bit. What is going on in Dominica. Chavez should put off his trip to Dominica and no one, I mean no one should be in any celebratory mood at this time of gross misconduct and corruption in high government places managed and arranged by the PM and defended and encouraged by the PM. Dominica needs an opportunity to develop, we need honest and trustworthy people back in government. Thanks Lennox, thanks Matt, thanks Angelo, thanks Freedom Party, thanks UWP, thanks Para, thanks Papie, thanks Q-95. Where is Krazy tee and al those who have spoken of good governemnt in the past or are the blind and selective. Please get Skerit out of Government.
Now why is the Secretary to the Cabinet Secretary oredering payments to non-existent companies. You guys are not off the hook. WE will not rest until someone burst a jail for stealing blind the people of Dominica.
First he steals from the people; next he lies to the people? What's next Mr. PM; The Dominican people will have the final say, and the courts. Dopwell is not off the hook, the FBI probe continues...
Even if the P.M. is right in his presentation that intimates no intent to defraud took place, this case presents such a woeful picture of incompetence and lack of diligence that it leaves one fearful for the safeguarding of the state's financial resources:

- the invoice of 22 April, 2008 from messrs. Logistical Supply Solutions Inc. would appear to be a "Pro-Forma", although it does not specifically state so, as the govt. effected payment of the same before the good were shipped.

- Payment terms: "due on receipt". This is in conflict with the above as the most logical interpretation would be "upon receipt of goods", which I am sure a court of law would confirm.
- there is no purchase order shown and the question must be asked if any such order was ever raised.
- no specification/description/quality requirements for the goods to be shipped are shown, which raises the question what exactly is it the govt. is buying.
- shipping method:"Freight" does not mean anything. It should be specific i.e. by sea/air/truck etc.
- delivery terms" FOB Dominica. These are not international INCOterms but are used in N. America to mean "FOB port destination", equivalent to DDU, which would make the supplier liable for freight and insurance to the port of destination.
- the account into which the money was paid (Logistical Supply Solutions Inc.) is also the account of mr. Dopwell Sr., who is a signatory and the P.M.'s statement that no payment was made to the latter is at best disingenuous.

No reputable company would have bought merchandise on these terms, even in Dominica were are more professional and astute than that! If this expertise is not available at govt. level the least the P.M.'s office could have done was to consult local, professional trading houses before embarking on this fateful venture.
The PM made no mention of the BOBOL. How can you write a check for almost a million dollars and don't know what you getting. Who you fooling? The only people who would buy that crap from the PM is the boomboom flies who benefit financially. I cry for Dominica.

Those who are asking questions of civil servants it is always a known fact that civil servants are always the scapegoats. They are given orders and out of fear and secercy and confidentiality they obey. Stop asking questions of civil servants ask questions of the PM and Tony Astaphan. By the way how much is Tony being paid by us tax payers for all this consulancy,covering the dirty work of the PM, staying up all night in preparing an undefenceable defence for the PM while the other ministers laugh out in vain. I just spoke with one and he remarked....."I clean, I not in those guys roro....shame...shame" The only thing waiting for them to do is come out in the name of intergrity and saving Dominica. Trust me there is more to come and all those in denial please open your eyes.
I read the above on the method and logistics of such transactions and from the PM`s message, drafted and crafted by the lawyer (representing who Govt..or PM?), I take it that Tony Astaphans has now committed himself to aiding and abetting on this. I mean, it is a case of tell me the truth and leave the lies to me. Tony Astaphan is now got himslef in helping to concoct a lie, treason as others (PM etc) steal from the country`s purse. This is high voloeur in place. A poor malaway would be in prison all now so.
not one question was adressed not one answered, the details of the Dopwell bank account were not revealed to us Dominicans which would have got right into the heart of the bobol for it would have shown where the money was re directed to, so REVEAL IT, if you have done no wrong you should REVEAL it and give it to the police, WHY DO I HAVE THE FEELING THAT YOU WONT BECAUSE YOU DARE NOT. shame on you stop trying to ake us for idiots this is the most feeble attempt of spin I have ever heard EVER if you had a vestige or resemblence of honour you would resign and in doing so you just might earn a tiny bit of respect but only for the resignation, why was housing talked about you turned this into a party political broadcast in an attempt to sidestep the issue saying am I not a good fellow God bless you all,BLASPHEMY
PM Skerrit has lost his moral authority to govern. He has now become the world Pappyshow....
How large is large for $102 GARBAGE BINS? Weh Skerrit..nous pas sort....
am waiting for the jewelry scandal skerrit is treing to distroy the lador party in grandbay he doesnt want chrispin to run but chrispin is coming and if the people want him there is nothing he can ed wont help u there like he help the doc in petite savane paying people to vote for the doc because he
was losing momentom giveing people tshirt all mid night to vote for docthat was not a fear play the doc win but in petit savane he lose there because only 5 people voted for him his own village in the campain alot will revael about the doc and his family because the pm put another earl in his mist
Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?...not me not me but is Skerrit. That big house he built in his village --well folks it will be traded for the big house at Stokfaram--you --Jail.

If he wins the next elections--well watch out then we will have a Baby Doc on on our hands------call your folks in Da and tell them to vote that man out because he is nothing but a 'volleir' (thief).

Also where is the church on all this------the church in Dominca is silent!!!!!!! O my god we are in trouble our churches are bought by the 'Volleir' for 6 shillings as well.

'Volleir' Skerrit must go-- Corrupt Skerrit must go !!!!!!
I live in the Diaspora and was glued to my computer to listen to a detailed report from the PM, but as I speculated Nothing, nada, ayen!!! It's a ashame when I hear people still saying it was/is a mistake, good try. 99 days to steal 1 day to catch a voler!! Ur days are number, Sir. Menm l'mainan ki mete yo ke ti way yo! Skerrit u must go!!
It sounds like he's related to our Prime Minister (Patrick Manning) in Trinidad & Tobago!
To my opinion all the letters read by the PM stated to be from Andre Dopwell were typed in Dominica. The content of the letters are very low and poorly constructed.
Shame on you PM.
Where is the church on all of this bobol has been asked, did you not read the collective view of the church leaders "those who tread the path of darkness"
I can see that it is becoming apparent from evidence being presented by all parties in this matter i.e. the prime minister’s own defence and the allegations put forth by his accusers, that there appears to have been some gross impropriety in the purchase of these bins. This appears to be an outright case of defrauding the Government and People of Dominica, on the part of the seller of these bins. The prime minister’s involvement and acceptance of the seller’s terms and conditions at the time of purchase and prior to this public disclosure could at the very least be interpreted as collusion with the seller. However, in his defence the prime minister’s initial inertia to the seller’s terms and conditions could have been an act to save face – to protect himself from the embarrassment of having to explain being duped/robbed by the seller of the bins [I am trying to be objective here – I am not condemning nor condoning – that is for a court of law]. On a more serious note though, I fear that this could be viewed in an even more serious way than it appears to be on the surface. Such gross overcharge by a seller for goods of much lesser value, and the willingness/agreement of the buyer to otherwise illogically make such a high-priced purchase could be viewed as and is usually a sign of collusion to launder money. If this is just a mistake, oh dear lord, what gross incompetence to govern a country by!
As A legal person listening dispastionatley and objectively I am worried by the construction of defence by the accused, "Skerrit", and from the evidence so presented thus far and apparently spinned by a purpoertedly learned colleague it just does not not make sence nor is it credible, there are far too many questions raised on the defence presentation, The perfect defence is one where nothing can be criticised, this is so full of holes and excuses for a defence of impropriety that any vestige of credibility surrounding any part or part therof in utterance by Skerrit on the public record thus far is an absolute travesty of very basic common sence and provides therefore for reasoned total and full disblief of the defence,therefore I personally would have no problem in conducting a prosecution based only on what Skerrit has been rather stupid to place on the public record, woithout any evidence given, gleasned or not as the case may be of this charater Dopwell who is seemingly a sole trader and not very proffessional, any right minded juror would have difficulty in agreeing with what Skerrit has uttered thus far.
due to the importance of the high office of the accused it is probable on the balance of probabilities that a learned Judge would have to be directive to the jury, for he would appreciate the diificulty due to political bias to arrive at a correct verdict and would agree with the prosecution
Mr. La Touche, you are charitable, as we all should be. However, if the Govt. was defrauded by the supplier because of the naivety of the P.M.'s office why then reward the alleged perpetrator, mr. Dopwell with a 10% commission for his "trouble and expenses" as alluded to by the P.M. in his explanatory statement - 10% of what? If the reading of events by the P.M. is correct surely it should be the other way round, if anything. Does a supplier not derive his profit from the markup applied to his buying price? I have never heard of a supplier being rewarded in this way and certainly not in circumstances like these. This case gets more curious as time progresses!
Well done Mr PM. You did a fantastic job. Please no more mistakes like that again Elections is too close. You got away this time. It wont be so easy the next time. Good luck on the upcoming elections. So far you have done alot for the island.
I'm afraid the P.M. did not get away this time and the clue lies in the 10% granted to mr. Dopwell, which only makes sense if he acted simply as the P.M.s conduit in this transaction and the difference between the cost of supplying these garbage bins and the money remitted was not retained by him but "sluiced" i.e passed on to another beneficiary, leaving mr. Dopwell out of pocket. Unless there is another explanation for this payment, the P.M. may well have knotted his own noose by his revelation of the same.
There are still more ramifications on this scandal, albeit, Should Mr Dopwell earnings be reported to the IRS?
You people sound scared of the DLP. Election is right around the corner so just vote them out and the pot will all be yours. Leading Dominicans from one so called dark room to another is not he answer. Labour for 2010 :)!
No cynicism, this is real, it is time we take Domininca`s development seriously and not joke about. On principle if a leader and the party he represents is not following due deligence we have to, as a duty, move them out of office. There is or should be no hand in the pot by anyone. Dominica again is on the brink of stagnation and abuse and this PM and his government has failed up big time. This is 2009, not 1979, let us wake up. Good Bye Pm and the Labour Party
My Friends and to those who disdain the stance we have taken:

You have to understand that Zimbabwe, Haiti and what goes on in some miserably failed states where thievery in office and private dealings is so commonly accepted that certain countries names are associated with scams, is not what we desire for Dominica. To the naysayers, we did not cause PM Skerrit to behave in the manner he has. He must take full responsibility for his actions. All we tried to do was to assist the government and people and our offer to partner was denied by a non-response to the Diaspora Policy paper. So let us be clear as to who had the door of development partnership slammed in their faces.

The older I become the more I respect and appreciate the importance of rule of law. How did a relatively small island state in Europe come to dominate the globe? Yes Britain had a good army and superb navy, but It was not accomplished all by force of arms. Indeed, it had much to do with superior organization, robust institutions not dedicated to the whims and fancies of any one leader or party, a perceived sense of fairness, astute diplomacy, nimble mediation of conflict through law courts, and instillation of a sense of trust that right would be done even by the colonized (witness the numerous commissions of inquiries the British conducted which was critical of the misdeeds of their own officials – and the diligence which they pursued the abolition of the slave trade). The first among major nations to pursue abolition with such rigor – with the exception of the early French revolutionaries who abolished it only see its reestablishment under Napoleon Bonaparte.

Even after the end of direct colonial rule the Commonwealth is the most cohesive and prominent of post colonial states in association with each other. Even countries like Mozambique and Rwanda which were not British colonies are now applying for Commonwealth membership. The British system of contracts, the English language as the primary means of communication for aviation and international commerce is further evidence of a supremacy not based simply on force of arms. Today, British policing is held in high regard worldwide and that country’s crime rate is low compared to many others its size in number. These are the facts, sober as they may be to some.

Just last month the Speaker of the House of Parliament resigned over an expense account. He had not been charged or convicted of a crime, but he did the right thing to ensure the continued respect for the office he held. Respect therefore, for those in public office, is key to maintaining effective administration of any country. Where distrust and malfeasance in office becomes common then failure is assured and nothing works; decay and decline – like an insidious cancer – sets in. No, England is not perfect by any means but they have excelled in rule of law and institution building; we must do likewise and utilize that heritage as a template going forward. They must have done something right. And when we have that heritage which favors rule of law, and adherence to governance in the public interest – and disregard the basics of it in matter such as public contracting - we expose our country to tyranny, lawlessness and the extinction of all that is good in our nationality.

To all who post here and to those who visit I say thanks for the support of a better Dominica, in principle and deed. And I ask you to be dutiful to the needs of your country's best needs at all times, not to a party or leader where they have gone lawless.

You are right about no hand being in the pot but I remember a certain member of the UWP being confronted about corruption and his response was that they know how to cover their tracks. They are also known for making comments like, "it's our turn now." What does that mean? Is that the integrity we are looking for? How many of you on the RLP have the guts to confront the UWP on the Earl Williams situation? Are they just going to sweep it under the rug until they win the next election and then forgive him for his corrupt behavior? How would the RLP handle Mr. Williams returning to the UWP without any charges? Isn’t that corruption too? Come on.. let’s be real. As I've said before corruption is corruption and we need to tackle it on both sides of the fence. There are enough indicators which suggest that a UWP government will be just more of the same or worst. As far as I’m concerned the next election is basically between the DLP and the UWP and any vote for the RLP or Freedom party is a vote for the UWP. I cannot see myself putting the UWP back in office based on their past record, and please don’t talk about there being no evidence of corruption because it is a fact! If you claim that there wasn’t any corruption then Mr. Timothy is as clean as a whistle …..yeah right. You all have to come better than that. Anyway, I wish you all the best at the next election and for God’s sake let us keep it clean. According to you, Mr. Skeritt is almost out of office so be patient.

GJC, you are correct, let me add that distinctions in society will always exist under every just government. Equality of talents, of education or of wealth cannot be produced by
human institutions, in the full employment of the gifts of heaven and the fruits of superior industry, economy, and virtue, every man is equally entitled to protection by
law, but when the law undertakes to add to these natural and just advantages artificial distinctions, to grant titles, gratuities, and exclusive privileges to make the rich richer
and the potent more powerful, the humble members of society – the farmers, mechanics and laborers – who have neither the time nor means of securing like favors to themselves, have a right to complain of the injustice of their government.


I see you talked about Timothy. Remember that he is on the other side now, the same side you support wow!!! Coruption squared!!!
Not a supporter of Tim-Tim. Still think he needs to go. What about Mr. Williams? Any comments?
Hey Earl Williams is out and he is forgotten-He ‘volar’ the man’s money and he got caught and he ran away ‘volar’ style.

The current discussions/crisis is about the rule of law and the law of rule, civil socieity and disruptions of systems and social order–the embryonic stages of a failed state. Skerrit's actions and cover up attempts with lies and deceit to a nation leaves our country in uncharted waters—this is serious. So whether you support Red, Green or Blue- just understand that we are in uncharted waters. What’ next? Police State, human right violations, and disappearances ---we are in uncharted waters-----

In other to put Humpty Dumpty together again, the Prime Minister must go… This is what it is all about my fellow Dominicans.

I heard that when Skerrit realized that he is in trouble with this garbage bin deal he tried to call a snap election but the electoral office wasn’t ready so he backed off. His next best option was to go on radio and lie to the nation to cover up his bobol-but he damage has been done- Like Earl Skerrit is also a ‘volar’ and he is using the office of the PM to provide cover. Earl wasn’t so lucky so he ran away as fast as he could.

Dominicans deserve more dignity and respect from the leaders of the country—both PM and the leader of the opposition and if they are unable then they should either run away like Earl or resign(Skerrit). Yes whether he/she is from the Red, Green or Blue party folks.
It is the duty of any person in high office who governs and rules those who made it possible for the person so elected to attain the "chair of office" to leave it as pure and unsullied as they found it, should however there be be a stain on the cushion prior to the elected person embracing the duies of the "chair" it is his bounden duty to remove the stain and to demonstrate that a new begining, a new order, a change for the better for the the benefit of all is about to commence. what you do not do is make the stain on the cushion so large by bobol and spin, and downright falsehoods that bring disrepute and shame on that high office, and badly let down the very fabric of the promises made to those who so placed you there, We understood that you were just such a man to bring vibrancy and change and remove the stained cushion. what you Mr Skerrit have acheived is just the opposite we dont need a new cushion right now we need a complete new chair, go, resign, before you do any more damage. enough is enough
My Labour friend who attempts to respond to GJC, the UWP was in, we moved them for better and trustworthy govrnment. Now the Lbaour party under sSkerritt are in open corruption.You and other labour supporters should have stepped in an STOP Skerritt, he is the head rotten apple On principle, like in UK and the Speaker who has resigned, he should have been told on principle to go because he is not bigger than the party or the country. It is a shame we have intelligent people, for theie own greed and purpse defending and closing their eyes to corruption, where a deliberate attempt was made to rob the treasury and everyone is happy to see the PM continue because he is a good looking guy. Let me tell you beauty deceives, and is not a compentency to prime ministership, i am sorry, country`s interests comes first.. Skerritt has broke this trust now he must go. Thanks to the Christian brothers, thanks to Lennox, Judith, Sabie, Bosso, Carbon, Ron, etc who conintue to wave the decent flag in Donminicans interest.
THE ONE RACIST called tony tutuney is not fit to be a lawyer . He try to cover up the BIN bobol SCANDAL
Prime Minister should do the right thing; fire Dr Colin McIntyre.
Check this out, this is taken from one of the contributors above, read well, ".......As I've said before corruption is corruption and we need to tackle it on both sides of the fence. There are enough indicators which suggest that a UWP government will be just more of the same or worst.......". What rubish!!!!!!!
This is certainly the tone of a person who is nervous and panicking on the realisation that Skerritt and the Laour party is corrupt and has and continue to do wrong and that they are about to lose the next general election. The reason I say so is because Tony Astaphan ran a parade of corruption against the UWP, earned a hell alot of money from the treasurer given to him by the Labour party, took the tax payers mooney, his account is handsome and he came off with nothing to say on the UWP. This man is now irrelevant and now want to attack everyone else and protect Skerrrit, where the real corruptiopn lies.
I hereby now declare Lennox Linton as SENIOR COUNSEL-SUPREME, as on merit, he has earned it, he has saved Dominica money, fighting for credibility and good governance and does it almost single handedly. And Whereas, aforemention that Lennox Linton brings us results, and blows the whistle on all corrupt practices, on the other hand Tony Astaphan brings us expense, shame, charade and apologies and furthemore although he knows he says frequently and quietly to his trusted friends that he, Tony is "...tired of bailing and defending these guys (Skerritt, his government, Ambrose etc)..." , he continue to make himself important by making up stories about everyone that he knows is NOT true, Lennox Linton and the right thinking people of Dominica will triumph.
Be it further resolved that we await more discoveries, for exampple the A)fertilzer purchase and Andre Dopell B)Totorla (mr. Hsu)court case C)land transfer deals - the lawyers to hurriedly knew ans said "We made a mistake wil lbe called to the witness stand D)Ambassadors cases E)Red Clinic illegal act - diversion of money F) Housing Revolution money diversion of momey G) The housing evolution in Vielle Case,and the Guyanese connection H)The Wall house purchase at $1.00 per sq. feet and sold at $9.00 per sq. feet I)Housing tax evasion. .....and the lit goes on.
My dear Dominicans...God is Good All the Time and All the Time God is Good .....and when he is ready he will lay his wrath for cheating his people. Further be it resolved that all those who are in there and know of Good governance and have not disassociated themsleves with this worse corrupt PM Skerritt and government, will also one day answer as they lead the wrath on others in 1979.
Dominicans your time to rise again will come.
"his government wrote to Mr. Dopwell to inform him that the bins did not meet the specifications of the Roseau Town Council, and “would be grateful for urgent action.”


The answer to the above is simple (they) "Skerrit and his mobsters" were hoping that it would never have been brought to light, simple answer to a very good question
What are the fellow members of Skerrit's government going to do? in my view he has brought you nothing but disrepute. He has by his very own admittance on the public record shot himself in the foot, for as the legal person wrote the perfect defence is one where no holes can be seen and it is above scruitiny. At the very least a vote of no confidence should be proposed, if not then it does indicate that you are all complicit in one way or another and demonstrates that you all have something scandalous on each other that prevents you from doing what is honourable, Just, and upriright, which ever is the case I do believe that there will be some of the ministers who are above suspicion, one therefore is concerned how do they feel now that their "beloved" party is so tainted? what ever their view this is not going to go away, no ammount of political spin or party politic rhetoric will change, alter, or make invisible the facts and the perils that have been foisted upon you by Skerrit's blatant disregard for the high office he holds you have to do something about it and very soon. in reality the labour party stalwarts are hopelessly confused an angry, first it was Ambrose, and that was never explained either this does not wash, no amount of cover up will destroy the facts you are in a very messy situation and you must act now and restore some semblence of credibility we labourites demand it.
I agree with the above, the qualities of a person who aspires to be a politician are many and varied, they have to have a command of the english language, they have to have a sence of duty, thay have to have to be seen to be fair and just in all things, they have to have respect for opposing views, they have to have been eductaed in the nuances of polite society, they have to have a first class memeory, they have to educated in the ways of speaking the truth as the party see it wether or not it is actually a truth.above all when they issue blatant falsehoods they must do it in such a way as never to be found wanting. or caught out, Skererit understands none of this, he lies in a childlike manner, he is disrepectful, (ie Judith pestina )he rides roughshod in a threatening manner over the press simply because he can not face the truth, he demonstrates an inability command to his team IE Ambrose, he deals with convicted criminials IE Julien Giraud hence the saying if you lie down with dogs you wake up with fleas.he ignores the protocol surrounding tenders denying fairness to us Dominicans, as has been shown already when giraud wrote from his prison cell in response to the PM's letter to him saying that all of your enterprises will be sucsessful when you are released from Fort Dix, he feels he is due to his office that he can buy the police and be above the law, yes let us have it all out, it is unheard of an PM being taken to court IE David Hsu the layou River project bobol, yes that is what it is brothers and sisters, and there is more to come Diamonds, contracts given as favours for maintaining silence in nefarious matters does airport contracts ring a bell Mr Skerrit Girauds ex wife because she divorced him whilst in prison being given the project without it going to tender as athanks to Giraud for maintaing his silence over the Ambrose involvement in that crime he was the bag man!!!! IE 2001 Puerto Rico affair, the willy nilly granting of licences for banks for a nice bag full of dollars, and the Friday visits by Giraud to quarries to collect and distribute to selected government heads bags of dollars, do you think we dont know cause walls have ears and the guys you select to carry out collections have big mouths and speak when they should not fools, oh yes there's lots to come the selling of the diplomatic passports against all of the rules soon and very soon diplomatic passports will be uaseless as they will be null and void worldwide, a lesson for skerrit never take anything for granted ever that is a BIG mistake to make and this is just general talk in most of the bars when we have had a drop to much and you stand and put Gods blessing on us not much more to be said is there except to say therre is more to come.
i think mr guopuell, mr skerritt, mr mc intye and the architect of corruption mr. julius timothy stand stiff in a barrell of beef.
Pray, why should Dr. Mcintyre resign his ministerial post or be dismissed because Mr. Andre Dopwell happens to be his brother? One chooses one's friends . not ones' family! One may as well point an accusing finger at Mrs. Francine Baron-Royer, our A.G., who is a cousin of both "Andy" (as he is known in family circles)and Dr. Colin Mcintyre, as are mr. Ian Douglas, also a cabinet minister, and our newly appointed magistrate, the son of our late P.M. Roosevelt Douglas, who was born Robert Bernard Douglas in honor of his grandfather but embraced islam and changed his name to the African moniker Teyani ("Tjaybay Fort") Behanzin. What does this prove? Nothing at all! The tracks of wrongdoing in this affair all lead directly to our P.M, mr. Roosevelt Skerrit and it is sad that his malpractices have the insidious effect of staining, by association, the reputation of people he considers his friends and one wonders if he ever contemplated this before starting on his path to self destruction!?

You have a point there, however, McIntyre was minister of Agriculture when the fertilisers were ordered from same Dopwell, is this a co-incidence or what? McIntyre has a duty to confirm or deny as this is a smell of conflict of interest, questions of due process, due diligence, transparency, segrgation of duty, and also getting away from a series of Skerritt`s misfortune and deliberate attempt to bring the good name of the office of Prime Minister into shame and disrepute, with the delieberte help of Tony Astaphan. The Speaker of the House in UK has resigned, other ministers have resigned for taking too much of what was not theirs. An Autralian MP just resigned for taking gifts which compromises his office and a minister meaning he could or has been bribed. What of the gifts PM Skerritt received? Look at the deliberate attempt to defraud the state land transfer payment, Tony says it was a mistake. You see, it is like a roller coaster, once you start that dubious habit it builds up and you feel you are immunue to it and other peole see it happen and want a piece too and all logic and duty goes down the drain. That is why we advise McIntyre, Savarin, Maynard, Ian Douglas,Walters, Lorrine Bannis Roberts (poor woman) how Yvor and Skerritt treated her badly, to all speak up and get out before it gets too late.
Their names are all tainted in this corrupt fiasco.
the one thing Skerrit has done is to unite all but his closest followers against him
Its shameful , the attempt made by PM Skerit to explain this away. He would have been better off remaining silent on the issue.
everyone knows about Julien Giraud and his dodgy ways he fires good secretaries cause they dont fit in with his corrupt ways evreyone knows about the friday visits to collect the dollars from the quaries and his first port of call to drop the dollars was his beloved mate Ambrose are you to frightened to say what you know already as truth and fact or do you fall before the Dominican mafia hiding in fear of ending up in the sulpher springs where not even the best tracker dogs can find you, this is the unbounded ally who sells the diplomatic passports for Skerrit as has already been said Torner and Foro the latest editions who refused after promising payment of over $100,000 for the passports are a power over skerrit to continue the illegal business they enjoy and prosper with and alongside Julien giraud IBC's nuff said rot in hell the lot of you we Dominicans are about to show who is the boss and it aint Skerrit, to the guilty I can prove what I have said can you disprove what I said? not a remote possibillty skerrit must go now and Giraud must revisit Fort Dix where he belongs
My God, what is going on here, do we have mafia style politics in Dominica. This thing appears bigger and more dangerous than I imagined. God help us before anyone gets hurt. Desperate people do desperate things. I think all those who know what is happening please go to the police,open up, declare all, everything.
How does Skeritt feels knowing that his caribbean counterpart are listening in and taking a keen interest in what is happening in Dominica ( again they say...not Dominica). Poor us in Domininca, why us again. Why must we have corrupt leaders, do we have bad luck? Somebody please cal on Savarin, Maynard, and those who process the bible and mens wprship group to open up in good faith.
Please forgive me Shana but you will find support from areas you never new existed I as well of many many many Dominicans know how very badly you were treated by the infamous criminal giraud tell us all and have no fear we know he used and abused you we know he used your name to front illegal IBC companies and then dropped you like hot cakes we know you have the backing of us all and we are many so fesr not we are behind you tell the police everything you have nothing to fear from a has been low down good for nothing joke who thinks he is mafia in truth the real mafia would have dispenced with long ago, speak up my dear we Dominicanms are wtih you
Thank God for common sence, at long last we have a proposal for a vote of no confidence Dominica needs it so bad thanks to Ron Green get the urgent session get the vote get Skerrit out NOW, go see this Shana mentioned above give her the support to reveal to the police get giraud into stock farm he stinks and needs a lot of cold showers.
I'm not impressed by Mr. Green at all. Other than him echoing the cry of corruption he has done nothing productive for his party. Eddie still appears to be the leader of that party even though he has been rejected by his colleagues. The UWP needs someone with some real backbone if they want to win the next general election. I think we need to elect Lennox Linton as the next leader of the UWP since he is the one who seems to know what's going on in this country and has a true understanding of all the issues affecting our country. He is a strong and honest man of very high integrity, like Christian brothers. Dominicans, let’s all come together and call for true leadership for the UWP. We stand no chance at the polls with Mr. Green since he is losing support in his constituency. UWP Power!
can't wait to hear Mr Linton talk about fertilizer, sacndal after sacndal, Skerrit is done for it is over for him he has made his money on the backs of us, hope it is enough for him to live on for the rest of his life, for one thing is sure he is unenployable and his political life is in taters, and after what I heard Astephan is distancing himself as he can't take any more if he is not careful he will be finished as well, get on with the vote of no confidence do not loose the momentum come into the streets everyone and support all the oppsition parties in this righteous undertaking to rid this band of no goods from stealing anything else from us the new government must clan up this mess over the likes Torner and Foro, and all the other so called diplomats who line their pockets with criminals using our countrys name to enjoy their ill got games, the list of wrongdoing is semmingly endless and it must stop now. get gone from out of the government Skerrit you are like a glass window we can see right through you, you have a black heart be off with you now, even today would be good then we can start to rebuild and get some pride back to us Dominicans, go live in Venezuela with you friend you will do well there he will look after you!!!! you could even teach him a few tricks.
My dear friend desperate to get rid of Ron, let me advise that leadership is not about one person and their peronality,sexiness, bold face etc. It is about the bigger picture, quality, profesionalism, integrity etc. Look what happened to Skerritt,all the things you say Ron should have, it is the samething Skerrit was put in ledership over Mr Osborne Riviere. They said he, Osborne was quiet etc and that Skerrit is young with vitalism and whatever else. Look NOW what happen to us? I guess we have to take what we get, now we paying for it. Beauty, loud mouth and deceitful are not he qualities and competencies needed for leadershp. It is honesty, experience, development plan and not handouts and stealing from the country`s purse. Ron Green is a noble man and the issue is not Ron, but us voters , as Domiicans, what is it we want in a leader and for Dominica? I assure if Ron or Judith wins, they will follow the disciplined pattern for development that is crucial and vital for the development of all Dominicans. Skerritt tried, he failed big time, let us give the quiet, educated, focused Ron or the qualified experienced lady, Judith, the opportunity now. They will be backed and supported by good ministers and supporters. That is how we should decide how to vote. So, if you are a loyal and true UWP and one who has Dominica at heart, use this opportunity now to clean up this contry of obvious abuse and corruption and go help your leader out there, as you are part of the leadership team and not now creating distractions. I trust you would, for the love of country.
I agree with the above unity is called for right across the spectrum, it is well established that the present admistration is crppled beyond repair there has to be radical surgery performed, in order to root out the cancer of corruption from the top to the bottom, inclusive of the very sharp practice of the IPO, Lennox was correct all and any rulings made whilst illegible people deliberated have to be null and voided and the complainants re invited to submit the complaints. In the light of garbage gate one does however wonder what the verdicts may be now in the light of the revelations of corruption we will be alert to the response.moreover reasoned logic tells me that it is a very good thing to have an organised NON VIOLENT protest march with as many who abhore corrupion present as possible, how very regretable this "bobol" is, Dominica is yet again under the watchfull eyes of the world to study how we as a people are going to overcome this stain on our country who's present government have besmirched our flag, one could list everything but it would take hours, Ambrose George and his pal Girtaud the favoured priviledges, airport contracts as a reward for silence, pasport sales , by these actions Dominica is weakened in diplomatic circles and it is true also that those diplomatic passports could be declared invalid, which government allows such questionable practices, second citizenship is a good thing diplomatic ones are a different matter entirely, in the light of the sales of these diplomaatic ones the accounts should be laid open to proper authority to scitinise by that I mean the police, I wonder what they think right now they are trained professionals educated in matters of criminal activity, go to the web site of Scotland Yard or the FBI or Interpol, and look at the list of what they consider are important areas worthy of investigation and in every case corruption, money laundering, to gaining pecuniary advantage are listed and the police are well aware of this, one therefore has to be concerned as to what is being said are the hands of the police tied in someway crime is crime black and white they are paid servants of the people, I have yet to hear one word on any of this from our president, and that is very worrying indeed, so let us unite and force this vote of no confidence, what ever party you support we are all in agreement on the central issue and that is Skerrit must go and very very soon.
Yes, Mr Green is Loyal, honesty and all what you say but in addition to that we need someone who can win the elections. I think it's time that we face the full truth and stop playing these poltical games. If we want to win the next election I don't think Mr. Green is our man but I respect your opinion. If Mr. Green was the main man he would have been selected over Mr. Wlliams but enough said. I was just stating my opinion based on what I'm hearing from the poeple. None the less, i will vote for him. I still think we need Mr. Linton up front.
Ok.My friend, I honoestly do respect your views and observations..agin we must raise the bar, and high, hat is why I say, you and I , take two with us and persuad, show the benefits of good governance. Ron served as Minister of Education, he did a good job.We must raise the profile of the office you and I are leaders in our right to do so, Ron, Judith are our servants, tomorrow they doh perform, we kick them out. That is how I stand. So, it is too late to change leadership, we must convince our peole, especially theyouth and elderly. Thanks again for your comments. Regards
What's all this nonsense talk about Lennox. Green/Pestina/Christian all the way! None of them can do it by themselves.
I agree, they need us with them,,,,,let us take back Dominica
Ah Magway sa Skerrit!! You plumb in front. This scandal is absolutely abominable... You must be made to resign and let someone else lead the government. Your trial will come after.

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