Monday, May 25, 2009

DFP statement on garbage bins fiasco DBS board and good governance

By Judith Pestaina

The Dominica Freedom Party continues to be alarmed by the continuing absence of good governance in the Roosevelt Skerrit administration and even more so when in what seems to be a contradiction, the Honourable Loreen Bannis-Roberts stated that in keeping with good governance where statutory bodies are concerned, a new DBS board was soon to be appointed.

It is passing strange that the issue of good governance is being linked to the administration and management of statutory bodies when it is obvious that good governance is so blatantly absent in the affairs of this government.

The garbage bins fiasco is clearly another case in point. It is a matter on which the honourable prime minister and minister of finance, Mr. Roosevelt Skerrit managed to allow this fiasco to take place under his watch. The Dominican people need to know the following:

1. how can the government of Dominica engage in business with a non-registered company in such large amounts?

2. why was the request for such a large sum not tendered in keeping with the guidelines for transparency and probity in office?

3. why were the bins paid for almost one year in advance of their receipt and why were they paid from what seems to be a slush fund- was it the red clinic or the Wednesday casualty department?

4. why have the bins been transferred to the Roseau City Council to be sold at a price way below cost?

5. how was the relationship with Ande Dopwell established and who is his local contact?

6. why were the funds paid in advance and kept for more than a year before the bins arrived in Dominica?

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What really is going n in DA. Seems like a cesspool of coruption. WE are beginning to give all these failed African countries competition. Good luck Dominicans and your labour government.
Since the term of the board expired at the end of March the minister was duty bound to appoint a new one anyway. To make it appear a though this is in direct response to the the alleged maleficence that took place at DBS is really an insult to our intelligence. It is a classic "spin". You use a piece of bad news to your advantage by making it look as if you discovered the wrongdoing and therefore took decisive action. Believe me, no such statement would have been forthcoming from the minister had this information not been made public by investigative journalism. Hon. Bannis Roberts is a decent person but her statement was crafted by someone else.
Oh, crafted is correct. These people are corrupt to the bone, from captain PM to all his closest allies in DBS (Mayor), Chair and others who rip off the money of poor people to have good time and are so incompetenmt. While others are looking for the next meal some are off to Sweden on vacation (Mayor-Roseau) as a public figure one must ask on whose account. My God what is going on in my island. Somebody at the top (you know who you are .....stand up and cry out) please...please...please... be a whistle blower. Excpose this corruption, you know who you are and you know who is doing it. YOu see how DBS come out.. who else and where else.?
An investigation into these two fiascos is definitely warranted. These political stooges who use their positions to mask their wrongdoings need to be reminded that Dominica is not their sacred ground willed to them by some superior power. It is so sad that the famous DBS chairman who has not held ajob since his newspaper went bomb, has been living of the fat of the two boards he is chairman of. All the time playing up to the young PM who does not realise he is being used by these gamgsters.
Hey, Ms. Pestaina, how about using capital letters at the beginning of your sentences!

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