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Dominica and the next General Elections

By Ken Joseph

The upcoming General elections in Dominica will probably not be the same as the last one. There is an outside chance that the elections may have a different outcome. It is not certain that the ruling Labour party will emerge as victors in spite of PM Skerrit’s big money and big billboards. I am sure Mr. Skerrit and his handlers will also appeal to our women again with using the dimple smile advertisement.
pm skerrit
Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit is said to be considering early elections.

This year’s (or this month’s or next month’s or next year’s) elections may be different? PM Skerrit gives the impression that he has no idea when the election will be scheduled. His answer was very interesting a few weeks ago when he was asked about the election’s date in Castle Bruce.

His answer was something to the effect that God hasn’t told him. Was his answer an act of blasphemy? Will the ‘almighty’ be contacting him via voice mail or text messaging? Where are the religious and biblical scholars, pastors and priests to ‘call’ on the PM because of that response?

Is PM Skerrit scared or is he planning a surprise to catch Mr. Ron Green and Ms. Pestina off guard? Is he playing the child hood game ‘Hoop Sayway’ (hide and seek) to ‘Big Stone’ first? PM James tried a similar tactic and Rosie Douglas ‘Big Stoned’ before him and became the Prime Minister.

While the UWP and DFP are gaining momentum and gathering speed and confidence, another very important and highly influential constituency is planning their political attack strategy. This group does not exist in Roseau, Grand Bay or Portsmouth but all over Dominica in mind, spirit and soul.

They are organizing and part of their plan is to alter the election’s landscape and hopefully its outcome. They contend that their plan is an ambitious and peaceful one.

They are not prepared to provide any further details at this time. They are beginning to mobilize and win the hearts and minds of the Dominican people from Capucin to Scotts Head, New Town to New York and from Calisbishe to Connecticut and Canada and beyond.

That group (movement) definitely has the potential and capability to decide the election. It is the North American diaspora based group led and supported by patriotic Dominicans such as the U.S based Christian brothers, Gabriel, a Maryland based attorney, and Dr. Samuel an Ohio based medical surgeon.

Others in the movement include Dr. Emanuel Finn, a Washington DC based Dentist and Health Policy and Program analyst. Other patriotic Dominicans like Shirley Allan, Hendrix Pierre and others worked tirelessly to put the symposium on.

The Diaspora group is upping its game and energizing themselves in the quest to work with all Dominicans for a better Dominica. The first step was the New York City based conference/forum to discuss a short and long term development plan for their island home.

They are saddened and ashamed by the state of affairs and the poor reputation and ridicule of Dominica among the League of Nations due to Skerrit’s policies.

They fear the worst is yet to come with Skerrit at the helm and the longer he remains in power the closer their beloved country inches towards a failed state.

Their message to the people is that they are not interested in power or who occupies the office of PM but one of their responsibilities is always to look out for Dominica’s welfare. They are interested in good governance, competent government and prosperity for all Dominicans and their beloved land.

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Mr. Ken Joseph

If Mr. Skerrit has caused shame among the league of nations as your article suggest, why is it he is able to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in grant funds and loans from international organizations such as the EU, the CDB, The Kuwaiti Fund, The IMF, The World Bank, the Government of Venezuela, the Government of China, the Canadian Government etc etc. The European Union is Spending over $300 million in Dominica on various projects in Dominica. Without Much difficulty, The Pm was able to raise over $25 milloin dollars in just one week for sea defence and road works in Pointe Michel.

The French Government has chiped in with serious funding for capital projects. Do you really believe that someone who has brought so much shame on a country can raise so much funds in such a short space of time.

Come on I believe that there is a great deal of hatred in your article. Dominicans are no fools as some of you believe. we love our PM.

Major Capital projects are ungoing throughout the island with assistance from foreign donors yet you say this young man has brought shame on the country? Come on be real

Victor C
And Mr. Ken Joseph. the pm just sucessfully negotiated US$7.5 million from the japanese government for the fishing complex in Portsmouth. Work is expecting to start in the second half of this year.

And guess what The Pm was able to tell japan we not voting with you to kill whales. Do you consider this shame on the country. We know what we have and we will stick with Hon. Roosevelt Skerrit.

Victor C
We thank all the friendly nations who have given aid to Dominica in the past and who will do so again. There has never been a time when Dominica has not received aid. Even the worst-run country in the world gets a lot of aid, so that's not saying much. The next government of Dominica however, will be more efficient and is likely to receive not only more aid, but more robust self-development as well. The point is: the stewardship of that aid; whether it is disbursed in a responsible manner or used for Red Clinic political patronage.

Obviously, we are not saying the government has done nothing. We are saying the government can do better. Furthermore, we are exposing the gross ethical and possible legal violations - the public has only seen the tip of the iceberg. The facts will speak for themselves and the Dominican people will soon judge. Isn't it sad that the only one to speak up for the party in power is ANONYMOUS. True patriots have the courage to identify themselves. The funny thing is we know exactly who this person is - just waiting to jump on the gravy train again when government changes. Hate to disappoint you, but you better take all you can get now because a new day is coming and I assure you, you will be held accountable!

Respectfully submitted,

Dr. Sam
There is aid to be got, there is no focus on a coordinated National development plan towards some level of sutainable developmemt. We already have two big fisheries complexes and when the Marigot one was completed then the question was asked, "....what are we gonna do with it?" We have fish being imported to Dominica ( can you believe this) and those who bring it at a cost refuse to pay a decent price for the local fish, form our own local fishermen. What are these big fisheries complexes suppose to do? When are we going to convert our mentality into one of disciline and development and not deeper establish a welfare, hand out, popularism state.
We have high unemployment, there are no income generated programmes, agriculture is down, small buisinesses are not being created, we just recieve money but NOT directed towards meaningful economic and sustainable development.....please wake up and smell the coffee. Our country is being run like a soap opera, with fun, frolic, laughter etc. Lack of transparency, accountability, the state is slowly failing. We have a lot of work to do and it is time we separate the boys form the men. God Help Us.
Dr. Sampie

Thank you for your response. Your comments were the typical bashing of the messenger. I will be held accountable if I have done anything wrong.

It seems to me its only people like you who are independent minded and patriotic. While I recognise you progress academically other Dominicans have likewise done the same and return to Dominica and serve.

When people like you talk about patriotic I take this with a grain of salt. As a surgeon, how many hours have you spent in the Princess Magaret Hospital giving your Services to the country under trying conditions?

Dr. Paul. Dr. Grell Dr. Ferara are excellent medical doctors in their field they could be overseas just like you and making huge salaries like yourself. They have settled to take the quaya like many of us.

Let me let you Know I went to Grammer School Together with you. Went To the US and Recieved an excellent professional training, could have remained on wall street making a mint. My absolute patrotism forced me to return home and give my services and take the gyaya.

If people like you as an excellent surgeon were home giving your services just like deceased Dr. Sohraindo There would be no need for government to request medical specilaist from China and Cuba to work in our hospitals.

So Sampie we can utilise your excellent services down here at going local salaries SHOW YOUR PATRIOTISM

I look forward to see you working in Dominica by year end

Victor Charles
Morne Daniel
Dr Sam

You talk about PATRIOTISM Why dont you do like Dr. Fadipe a Nigerian who established his own private madical facillity in Dominica and providing excellent services to the people at very reasonable prices.

You as an excellent medical professional choose to remain in the US thats your choice and I respect it. PATRIOTISM is not just talk its action.

Demonstrate your patrotism by teaming with DR. Fadipe so as to further improve the already excellent service. We need people like you to give of your service unselfishly.
Victor thanks for being at home and making your contribution. Somehow I am missing your point attacking Sam. Sam will return to Da some day as all of us hope to. You made you money and your retuned home….The e Nigerian doctor you mentioned is in Da not in Lagos—what’s you point? Migrations’ past of our reality. Do you only have to be to be in the middle of Roseau to make a meaningful contribution to our country? Don’t be that myopic Victor-------Sam’s role and that of us all is be watch dogs of our government’s behavior.

Your ‘Dear Leader’ has lost the credability of a very vocal and influential group and we won’t take it anymore –these are the facts----I will leave it there for now.

I did not return to Dominica to retire at an old age. I returned at age 37 after giving up a high paying job on wall street 15 years ago. Took my wife and two children with me.

Today I employ 38 persons in my business do not depend on Government for any favors. But people like Dr Sam cannot claim to be PATRIOTIC when he refuses to work at our hospital at going local salaries (Thats his choice). He cannot put himself in the fold of True PATRIOTS like Dr. Sorainhdo who died giving his services to dominica and Dominicans.

I am saying to him that Dominica needs his services he should pack up his bags and report for duty. Dr. Ferera had to be recalled from retirement from the public service to hold the post of Medical Director. Demonstrate you true patriotism Dr. Sam Let the country have your excellent services we deserve it.

Victor Charles
Morne Daniel

It is the duty of every patriot to protect his country from its government.
Thomas Paine
US patriot & political philosopher (1737 - 1809)

Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. These guys are just a bunch of impressionists with their american degrees and think they know it all. Put them in power, it will be a complete mess. These guys are still suffering from the black-power syndromes of the seventies and that's all that is on their mind and nothing else. The present government is working, projects after projects. Look at so much that Skerrit has accomplished for Dominica in such a short space of time. No other government would have achieved such success in a short time. Dominicans ought to give the labor party government another chance at governing. That government is working.
It is indeed noble that many are concerned about the direction and deevelopment of their country. There efforts are to be lauded. Unfortunately, many humans, and in particular people of color often tend to think that they have to agree on everything to make progress.

That sentiment is borne out of the 'christianization' of the mind - churches often split over the interpretation of dictrine. Such behaviour is limiting, and has accounted for much of our lack of development. As success can be achieved by both (the lessons of) failure and success itself, we must be willing to look at issues from diverse perspectives in order to seek out the most beneficial path without the need for individual attacks. Mature individuals brainstorm and dialogue, others argue and are confrontational.

However, the most important element in the discussion of development is often if not always left out. It is that THE DEVELOPMENT OF A COUNTRY IS REFLECTIVE OF THE MASS CONSCIOUSNESS OF ITS INHABITANTS. We can build and expand physical structures as much as we can, they will not be sustained and improve life unless the mass consciousness of the people shift accordingly.

Individuals spend most of their lives looking out at other for tips or ideas and thus are often tempted by jealously a key indridient in any demolition plan. We need to reverse the negative course of history by reversing our negative cousre of development.

The 'human' is a country's greatest resource. Yet, little is done to challenge and change the way humans are developed in other to achieve the utopia that we all aspire to. This brings me to my main point.

Humans must first begin to find out who, why and what they are, the individual purposes of their lives, by looking inward constantly to unearth their genius in order to express it externally to the benefit of all or look outward to compare and constrast and fight to the detriment of all.

We define ourselves by what we have achieved externally thus when that is taken away from us thru natural disaster or misfortune we tend to think we are nothing. A country must dig, and drill and search for its hidden natural resources. Humans must daily go deep within to discover their vast potential which is sacred.

Instead we give ourselves over to fables, dogams, beliefs including relegions that mishape our sense of self in an attempt to make us all alike to better control us. Spirituality, is absolute personal freedom the explore and discover self with personal harm to others.

That is lacking among humans, and has been replaced by a philosophies, dogma and religion - all of which have contributed to the plight of humanity. When we have found ourselves, we will discover that that which we express outwardly in word or deed will be identical to that which we feel within at our deepest parts even in our qiet momemts. Few can say that.

Inshort, we need to develop the human resource. Physical development of our countries will follow. I am reminded of a prominent Dominican doctor that I recently met. Many years ago, I warned him of the pitfalls of religion, a caucausoid invention -(I am a histoy researcher)- that he was becoming a victim of a vast mind control experiment that will severly limit his personal development.

To say the least he took umbrage at that statement. I warned him of my experience with it, being born into it. However, He recently spent some time with me, I saw me in many difficult and challenging situations.

He was so stunned by my responses and personal development that he asked me to help him find himself and admitted to me that the development of his mind was severly hampered by his religious beliefs (wrong and right and sin), and regreted the many years of his life that he devoted to religion.

I have seen entire fanmilies of brillant religious people destroyed by dogma some of whom have admitted to me that they do not know what they were for all the years of their lives.
Let us each individually learn to find ourselves so that we can uniquely contribute to the lives of others.

I write from my own personal experience, and have been able to positively impact the lives of many individuals not based on the Ivy League school education, but on the inner gifts that I have discovered and developed overtime. We are all more than we think.

We often push away that feeling of inner greatness becuse no one has taught us how to access and develop it. We thus choose to run away from ourselves. People of color must find their true identity. They are the only group who changed from negro(from necra - dead - code word for unconscious or dead to self), to black (inner light is off - unconsciousness), to african or caribbean ameriacn.

This speaks of an incredible IDENTITY CRISIS. THe oldest commandment known to man is 'MAN KNOW THYSELF'- It is being ignored for simplier externalities. It is a lifelong job - SELF DISCOVERY.

This is how we resolve inner conflicts and develop inner peace- rather than supress the ugly within and pretend externally, as was my religious experience. Note - all sickness comes from negative emotions. Viruses do not cause disease -dogma.
They take advantage of negative emotional openings- that is why only those vulnerable get sick and not all. This is comming from an individual who was scheduled for three operations, one for a disese in its last stage that many have succomed to, who survived and thrived without an operation or medical intervention - but went within - purged himself from negative emotions and conclusions - forgave self and others unconditionally - and in so doing found the doctor within.

The Dominican doctor I spoke of saw me help others do the same - including the revesal of a medically incurable disease - to say the least, he almost lost his mind and said that he could no longer practice medicine the way he was taught.

We must stop fighting over the things that matter least. We must learn to think and stop being gullable. The difference between any two of us ins in what goes on in our heads. With advance in consciounes with can elevate the internal dialogue and eventually our response to external stimuli. I leave these sentiments with you.
I have lived and worked HARD in Dominica all my life except for the occasions for study over seas.I qualify to say that this IS a CORRUPT government. The worse in the annals of our history. And I do NOT care how many people Victor Charles(?????)employs, we still have a very high UNEMPLOYMENT (not disclosed by Skerrit) rate after 30 years of Independence, almost 10 years of Skerrit MISADMINISTRATION, and billions of FREE money from "friendly" governments. Still the BEGGING and Dependency. So Victor Charles we are alll entitled to our views...The Chinese put it well: "None is so Blind as he who WILLLLLL not see"
Victor while we congratulate you for returning to Dominica, this notion that you have to be physically in Dominica to amke a contribution is NONSENSE. HAve you ever wondered why the DA economy did not sink after the bananas died? That was because of people living outside of Dominica. Today they send more money than the total exports of Dominica.

Have you heard of the internet, telephone, conferencing etc. A top surgeon like Dr Sam living in the US can advise, initiate procedures etc. to help patients in DA all while in the comfort of the US.

Victor you were more fortunate than most Dominicans in that you worked on wall street, making enough money to return and invest. Not all dominicans are so lucky. You help 38 people, those overseas help the others not so fortunate to work for you.

It is time we understand the notion of a borderless Dominica and embrace our brothers overseas who are just as commited to Dominica as those who labor in DA.
Please stop bashing each other.

Help DA grow to attain prosperity for all its people
Victor do you agree that most of the residents of DA survive because of the 'Barrel' Economy? Well not all everyone can depart abroad and move to Morne Daniel Victor.

If you have beef with Sam send him a personal e-mail. Your posting does not make you look very progressive at all. By the look of things it would seem that you are a lot brighter than your posting.

Good luck with your business venture at home. I know it must be very challenging every day.

It is evident that you have refused to acknowledge the level of development presently ongoing in Dominica under the Leadership of Hon. Skerrit.

Such development has never been seen before. For example TJ, Ma LaLa of Giraudel had to wait 100 years to see pipe borne water in Giraudel.

Can you imagine this, Giraudel less than fifteen minutes drive from Roseau never had pipeborne water untill the DLP provided what the majority of Dominicans had for years?

They always told us "Glo Paka Moute Morne" Well Skerrit made water climb mountain and we have water in Giraudel.

We in Giraudel will ever be grateful to him and give him our fullest support.

Andrew Giraudel
Commonwealth of Dominica
Don't even mention Dr Fadipe. His clinical competence should be questioned. How many deaths he's had over the past 2-3 years? Is there a record and are we questioning why so many deaths? Is there a healthcare commission to assess what is going on in his private practice?
There is absolutely no regulation of what is happening in this private practice. Doctor Fadipe is doing his own thing. No one questions what's happening in his practice.
God will speak to the PM of Dominica, well if god speaks to him he will not say exactly what god said to him, like where is all the millions that they getting from from the EU and others The World Bank, the Government of Venezuela, the Government of China, the Canadian Government etc etc.and the European Union, what project are they carrying out in Dominica? for the amount of money they say they getting Dominica should be the most prosperous and developed country in the world, all the millions they getting, we don't see it, (its either a lie or someone has a very fat bank account some where) the prime minister is playing on the people of Dominica mind, using Psychology to fool them. and as usual the uneducated will be led like sheep, all you have to do to fool Dominicans is to come with a bible or mention god, and that's what the PM knows so he is using that to blind them.
please writer do not be a jack a-- majority of these country do this because Dominica need to do something for them in return Venizela is using us to keep Bird island that where hogo get a big part of the oil as they say you donot e e but in honey think of the amout of money america spend in iraq you think they do that for nothing in return please skrit i like a slave to them do you want a prim minister that always bow and donot stand trinidad has a prim minister st vincent has a prim miniter you all have a joker alway beging when will you guys get a person that build your country and stop begng

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