Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dominica among sixteen in Google maps update

By Thomson Fontaine

Dominica is one of sixteen countries from around the world that now have much more accurate maps in Google Maps.

Under Google’s Great Maps by Map Makers project, people residing in the sixteen countries took pictures and updated maps of different places, which were then transferred into Google maps.

Google Map Maker allows anyone to contribute, share and edit map information for certain regions around the world. Individuals are able to locate, draw, label, describe and moderate local map features, including points of interest, roads and borders.

When the project was unveiled last month, viewers got some stunning views as previously bare areas now sport cities, roads, and named buildings. When viewing areas around Roseau, or the boiling lake or other scenic sites on the island, users can see stunning pictures of the various locations thus contributing to a better appreciation of the area.

The launch has been lauded as a testament to the spirit of map makers who have taken it upon themselves to map entire neighborhoods thus making Google maps much more accurate.

In addition to Dominica, more exploring can be done in Bhutan, Bolivia, Cambodia, Dominican Republic, Guam, Iceland, Mauritius, Paraguay, the Philippines, Senegal, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe - the 16 countries that benefited from the Map Maker-to-Maps shift.

The project has now been extended to 43 other countries all over the world. E-mail to a friend
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