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Christy Griffith - Age 21

Cristy Griffith currently resides in the community of Goodwill. This 21 year old is presently a 1st year pre- med student at the All Saints University School of Medicine in Dominica. Her ambition is to focus her efforts and attention in the area of preventative medicine.

She is a graduate of the Dominica State College where she pursued an Associate Degree Programme in Biology and has acquired a Pre-Nursing Certificate. Seeing herself as an individual of many dimensions, her long term goals encompass the scope of being a doctor/medical professional, a humanitarian and an entrepreneur.

Her personal, yet diverse interests and hobbies include developing and exercising her mental creativity, reading, poetry, dance, fueling her passion for music, foreign languages, and exposure to current affairs of the international community. Humble yet personable, she raves the excitement of meeting and interacting with new persons and would one day value the privilege of being able to see the world.

Cristy sees herself as a firm, courageous and jovial young woman, adamant to live her life based on sound principles which encompass her philosophies towards being open minded, a respecter of and/or having a profound appreciation for life.

Her quest is to see herself, country and humanity strive to become an inspiration and to emulate, (as she puts it) a different kind of FREEDOM; the plateau of God Ordained Holistic Excellence.

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