Thursday, July 31, 2008

Earl Williams Resigns as Opposition Leader

Earl Williams has tendered his resignation as leader of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP). Williams recently came under severe criticism for allegedly misusing thousands of dollars of his client’s money. Williams who is an attorney replaced former Prime minister Edison James as party leader in December 2006.

In a five-minute press conference Wednesday, Opposition Leader Earl Williams read his statement to the media refusing to take questions afterwards.

It read: "In the past week, my leadership role in the political environment of Dominica has been the subject of national attention on account of a highly politicized attorney-client matter in my legal practice.

"This issue has raised questions about the leadership of the United Workers Party and its capacity for self correction at a time when the nation is diligently searching for solutions to the integrity crisis that engulfs our government.

"Nonetheless, this is not a United Workers Party matter, and it is only fair that in accepting full responsibility for it, I ensure that the party's mission to rescue Dominica from the social and economic degradation is not adversely impacted by events in my legal and or private life.

"In the circumstances, I have decided to resign as leader of the Opposition in Parliament and political leader of the UWP. The President of Dominica and the Secretary of the UWP have been advised accordingly.

"Let me take the opportunity to express sincere thanks to my family members, friends, colleagues in the UWP and in particular my beloved supporters in the Salisbury Constituency during this period.

"I am confident that when all of the details are eventually revealed I will be vindicated.

"I deeply regret the circumstance that have necessitated my decision to step down. And while I leave with a heavy heart, rest assured that as someone who has always placed the national interest above selfish, personal interest, I am duty bound to honor the wishes of the people of my constituency and will therefore remain their devoted servant in the nation's parliament".

Deputy Leader Ronald Green will take up his position.