Thursday, April 9, 2009

Dominica International Conference NY April 25, 2008

Host: Hendrix Pierre / Unity & Progress Coalition of Dominica

Location: United Church of Jesus Christ
3936 Bronxwood Avenue,
Bronx, NY 10466, New York

When: Saturday, April 25, 8:00AM

Matt Peltier of Q95FM has offered to come to the Bronx to cover the Dominica International Conference live! Matt hosts THE HOT SEAT, the highest-rated morning talk show. He interviewed Dr. Sam for his stirring "A Better Dominica" Youtube videos. Matt's subsequent interview of his brother, attorney Gabriel Christian, met with overwhelmingly enthusiastic response. Change is on the way in Dominica and Dominicans overseas are leading the charge! Here is your chance to help shape the future of our country.

Join us at this one day conference led by experienced Dominican panelists. Various international Dominica Associations will present live reports. Hear for yourself the buzz created by the Christian brothers. There will be opportunity for networking, light refreshments and socializing. Full "Unity & Progress" agenda to follow. Start by giving your opinion in the preliminary poll to your right.

Kindly forward your email list of Dominicans (and friends of Dominica) who you feel would like their own personal invitation. Dominicans everywhere are united in expressing renewed hope like never before. Show your support for this landmark event. Something special, something powerful is happening in our country. Thank you for being a part of it!

Contact, or

Joan Bellot

Your personal invitation


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