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Volume No. 1 Issue No. 60 - Friday July 14, 2004
Medical Doctor Dies in Motorcycle Accident
By Mai Hoang
Orlando Sentinel Staff Writer

Dr. Leroy Raphael was always busy in his job as an obstetrician and gynecologist, but that didn't stop him from learning to fly his own plane, playing the saxophone, riding motorcycles, preaching at his church or being a father and husband.

Dr RaphaelHe always put his best effort into each of his interests, said his brother, Erwin Raphael of Detroit. "He didn't believe in doing anything unless he could put his whole heart into it," he said.

Dr. Raphael, 45, of Orlando was killed Saturday, July 3rd when his motorcycle collided into a sport utility vehicle on State Road 417 in Seminole County, Florida. He was wearing a helmet.

Dr. Raphael was born Feb. 26, 1959, in Belle Vue Chopin, a small village on the Caribbean island of Dominica. He spent most of his early years in St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. He moved to Florida in 1976 to study at the University of Tampa. He attended medical school at the University of South Florida, where he graduated in 1984.

When he was growing up, he wanted to be a surgeon, but he changed his mind after doing an obstetrician rotation in medical school, said his wife, Mona Raphael. "He thought delivering a baby was the most happy time in a person's life," she said.

His partners at Physician Associates of Florida said Dr. Raphael would do anything to help his patients. He never treated them like work obligations, but people he cared about. He often came in early or stayed late to help a patient or a colleague, said his partner, Dr. Sam McLeod.

Mona Raphael said family was her husband's greatest priority. He always had time to eat lunch with his daughter Monique, play basketball with son Leroy or kiss her after a day at the office. "He was always here for everyone," she said.

Dr. Raphael also is survived by four other children, Marcus, Mekya, Malcolm and Stephon; his parents, Thomas and Martha Raphael of St. Croix; and brothers Isaac of Winter Springs, Sam and Derek of Dominica, Desmond of San Antonio, Texas, and Micah of Atlanta.

You will be missed!

Please visit the Guest Book for Dr. Leroy Raphael.

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