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Volume No. 2 Issue No. 13 - Monday September 17, 2007
Nature Isle Tropical Gourmet

tropical isle gourmet
One of the many gourmet products
Founder, partner and CEO of Nature Isle Tropical Gourmet, Dorian Etienne, exudes a remarkable kinship to the hardworking farmers of the Nature Isle.

He has lived the struggles and shared the joys that agricultural folks endure all over the island. He and his brother and partner, Michael Etienne, by the age of five, were already involved with livestock and crop farming under the tutelage of their father, Thomas Etienne.

It is no surprise that this kinship has developed into the need to create a market for Dominica�s agricultural products not at the primary level only, but at the completely processed level.

Says Etienne, �It is imperative that we seek out ways to develop markets for this Garden of Eden with fruits and vegetables of such high quality and exquisite taste. This coupled with our remarkable cuisine makes us an ultimate niche provider in the marketplace.

We have to capitalize on this. Make no mistake, in small developing countries, agriculture has to be a cornerstone of our economies and we are the ones to take it to the next level.�

Nature Isle Tropical Gourmet went into production in June 2001 after many years of planning. The Company produces a range of fruit-based condiments which include salad dressings, mustards, BBQ sauces, chutneys, hot sauces, among others.

In bringing these condiments to the market, Etienne says that they wanted to introduce a brand that exceeded customers' expectations but retained a Caribbean feel, and projected the naturalness of the Nature Isle of the Caribbean.

�That product�, he says, �had to be one which Dominicans and Dominica would be proud to identify with - one that did its small part to put our lovely country on the map, for the right reasons�.

Nature Isle Tropical Gourmet also wanted to assure customers that they had left no stone unturned in bringing them a premium gourmet product which rated as high as or higher than any product on the North American market in quality, taste and visual appeal. And, importantly, they had to ensure that their products were tasty, yes, but also healthy.

The Nature Isle Team says with no apology that it has succeeded in bringing that product to the market. Testimony to this is that since bringing their condiments to the market, their achievements have been many.

To single out a few, they have been awarded the Seal of Recommendation by the Cooking Club of America which is proudly displayed on their website, and they have gained membership in the National Association of Specialty Food and Trade (NASFT).

Also worthy of mention are the numerous accolades received from their growing customer list.

What does Etienne find most challenging about running Nature Isle, LLC? �High end customers are very discerning, and they have tasted and experienced many high end products.

Producing a product which they appreciate and continually want is no easy task, and doing this with food products is even more challenging.

The gourmet food producer must be keenly aware of the nuances of the marketplace and customer palates while taking care to provide the consumer with an authentic product�.

In its continued effort to bring these specialty condiments to the widest audience possible, Nature Isle Tropical Gourmet has embarked on a marketing campaign that will enhance brand awareness.

This includes the creation of a Nature Isle Gourmet Club which offers special discounts, savings and other exciting promotions to its membership including an initial 15% discount on signup.

Other customers are also included in this campaign and can participate in contests, receive newsletters and enjoy special prices from time to time.

Says Etienne, � We were fortunate in that other founding partners, Balthazar Barrie, Glaister Welsh, and John Magloire, all shared the Nature Isle vision - the aim to consistently deliver all-natural, healthy, tropical gourmet specialty condiments which appeal to the senses and satisfy our customers' sophisticated dining needs�.

Since inception Nature Isle has assembled a dynamic team of result oriented individuals that augers well for the future growth and sustainability of the company.

Visit them at to learn more about the Company and experience specialty, gourmet condiments.

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