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Volume No. 2 Issue No. 7 - Monday July 16, 2007
Rivets And Windmills: Adding Policy Focus To Political Vision So That Dominica, the Caribbean Cinderella Can Finally Get Her Invitation to the Ball - Part VIII
By Philbert "Atley" Aaron PhD

Finally, let me translate my theory into concrete recommendations. From where I sit (remember, nobody made me king), it may benefit the current Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerritt, to identify a Marlowe in his party or in the Civil Service to serve as overall advisor or strategist, a wise uncle, a more generalist Yvor Nassief.

In foreign affairs, specifically, the Prime Minister may also want to get off from the tiger of China and Venezuela while he still can. For when the tide that is Venezuela or China turns, Dominica as far flung from these countries and cultures as it is, will be the last to know.

We might be asleep because we still do that at night. The decisions will have been made in Washington, DC or Beijing. We can only hope that the fall out will not be in Roseau. Because, make no mistake, Hugo Chavez� days as regional bad boy are limited. It does not take a genius to see that. Just read the Washington press!

Also, it might have benefited Dr. Riviere to have studied business, the ultimate Marlowe discipline after his defeat in 1980. That way, Riviere would have taught us fresh things about remaking oneself, a very difficult task indeed.

Instead, Riviere opted for that profession that while it is amenable to good fortune and high social standing in Dominica does not transfer sufficiently well to management of the State. Further, his barrister self is a little too close to his old activist self. His visions are still too grand.

And onto the rest of the opposition. By accident or by design, Edison James and Earl Williams are in an ideal relationship. Edison, the most Marlowe of Dominican Marlowes can play Marlowe to Williams, a quintessential Don Quixote.

Michael Astaphan seems to be a policy wonk, an ultimate Marlowe. That attention to details will help him to lay the foundations of the institutions of the DFP. However, the party will need a charismat to build its membership. In short, this Marlowe will need a Don Quixote.

Now that I have done what one is advised never to do in Dominica, not take sides and so make all politicians think you are against them, thereby prompting them to gang up on you from all sides and sasinne you, let me state what this is not about. This is not an attack on personalities.

This is not politics. Ah foot, I have now switched places with Diaspora. Seriously. Here is what this is about, a plea. For the sake of Dominica, I do not care who succeeds at grafting Marlowe onto Don Quixote. I just want to see Cinderella, the prettiest chick in the Caribbean, mash it up on the floor before I die.
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