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Volume No. 2 Issue No. 15 - Monday October 01, 2007
Letter to the Editor - In support of Dominica

As a national of Dominica, Citizen of Canada for 33 years, I give kudos to the writer of the article, �Political Profligacy in the Commonwealth of Dominica�

As an Educator/ Consultant in Community Development, specializing in human rights issues; I have traveled the world as a public speaker on empowerment and given motivational talks, on community building. In all my travels no where have I found it more welcoming and friendly than 'My Country of Birth; Dominica.'

We have much to be thankful for and yes we are blessed.

Politics aside; our Prime Minister is first of all a human being. I grew up learning from my grandparents; "treat others as you would like to be treated, "defamation of character is liable."

In my opinion, we now have a Prime Minister who is a visionary, intelligent and can represent Dominica on the World Stage.

I would strongly advise those who are trying their utmost to discredit Prime Minister Skerrit, to use this same energy to work with him to move Dominica forward. It's been a while since any thing positive have come out of this beautiful 'Nature Island of the Caribbean.'

I am calling on all Dominicans, at home and abroad to be ambassadors to Dominica- wherever and whenever the opportunity arises. I have and continue to do so - from the day I immigrated to Canada.

I always encourage friends and business associates to visit Dominica; when they do they are never disappointed.

After 30 years I now have the opportunity to build my home based business, this also gives me the time to listen to DBS Radio as soon as I sit at my computer; right through the evening to keep up with everything current happening in Dominica. There was a time I was unable to do that; thank God for the Internet.

May peace and love reign in Dominica forever!!!

Fellow Dominicans enjoy what you have given by the Creator. There is nothing better than a peaceful country.

God bless Dominica. I feel very proud to say I am from the Commonwealth of Dominica when people ask me about my Heritage and Culture.

Marlene Thomas
Hamilton Ontario Canada

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