Monday, September 7, 2009

Applying for A Dominica Passport

Effective January 1st 2008, all passports are been issued at the Immigration Department, Police Headquarters, in Roseau, Dominica. The new passport is a Machine Readable CARICOM passport that conforms to international standards. The regular colour is Blue and it will replace those currently in circulation.

Your best option is to have the Dominica Consulate, New York Office, assist you with the processing of your new CARICOM passport. Applications for new passports are sent to Dominica on a weekly basis and the return courier fee of US $50.00 is the responsibility of the applicant. That amount can be paid in cash to the Dominica Consulate or by postal money order made out to the Dominica Mission to the UN.

An interview is required for ANY first time applicant or for ANY applicant replacing the old British passport.

Renewal of an Expired Passport

Call the Consulate General at 212-599 8478 to request the passport form or
Download at Passport Form (Courtesy

Once you have obtained the form, Complete the Passport Application Form. Please pay special attention to bullet point F and 9 on the form. (Ensure that section 8 is notarized and section 9 is recommended and dated clearly.)

These are the items that must be submitted with the completed Passport Application Form(Proceesing time approximately two weeks):

1. Old Passport
2. Two (2) Passport-sized photographs 45mm x 38mm or 1 3/4 inches by 1 1/2 inches . One must be endorsed by the recommender. (Ensure that your shoulders are covered and that your facial expression does not show your teeth.)
3. Application fee of EC$150.00/US$60.00 (children under 16 years EC$ 75 US$30) payable to: Dominica Consulate
4. Original Birth Certificate and a copy (your original will be returned with your new passport)
• Return courier fee of US $50.00 payable to: Dominica Mission to the UN
5. Letter of Authorization (This letter has to be notarized).

Replacement of Lost or Damaged Passport

1. Make a Police report to Police Headquarters, Immigration Department in Roseau by calling 1-767-448-2222. THIS MUST BE DONE.

2. Call the Consulate General at 212-599-8478 and request a Lost Passport Application Form. In addition to the passport form, a Statutory Declaration Form will be attached. This also had to be filled out and notarized.

If you are making personal arrangements to replace your lost passport, please note that: Someone must collect a Report from the Police Headquarters to take to the Treasury along with US$170 (EC$400.00) Penalty fee and Passport fee of US$40.00 (EC$100.00).

These are the items that must be submitted with the completed Passport Application Form and notorized Statutory Declaration Form:

(a) Receipts from the Treasury
(b) Completed Passport Application Form (section 8 notarized and section 9 recommended)
(c) Original Birth Certificate (copies are not acceptable)
(d) Two (2) Passport-sized photographs. One MUST be endorsed by the recommender. (Ensure that your shoulders are covered and that your facial expression does not show your teeth.)
(e) Completed Statutory Declaration (This form MUST be Notarized)
(f) Original Birth Certificate and a copy (your original will be returned with your new passport) or Notarized copies of supporting documents must be submitted. E.g. Marriage Certificate, Deed Poll
(g) Letter of Authorization (This letter MUST be notarized)


Section 8 on the passport application must be signed in the presence of a Notary Public and the Seal of the notary public must be affixed as closely as possible.

Section 9 on the passport application may be a non national, who must clearly indicate his/her profession and how long he/she knows the applicant. He/she must also attach his/her office stamp.


At September 20, 2009 11:45 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was born on Dominica, do i need a recommender on the application to apply for a Dominica passport.

At October 12, 2009 5:57 PM , Blogger said...

Yes. You will still need someone to recommend you. Usually it is someone in good standing in society such as a senior civil servant, teacher, accountant etc.

At October 12, 2009 6:56 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is sad not with the sale of Dominican passport and all dogs and cats who was refused entry in developed countries only to go to Dominica bought Dominica passport passport was found in cages in Afghanistan, Chinese all bowling all over with Dominican passport, soon the over 3000 Haitians most of them fleeing Florida and Dominican Republic where over 30000 Haitian facing deportation, all in all they will change their identities and apply for US and Canadian Visa, save all the money that they are making and live Dominica high and dry, with that said a few years ago one Haitian traveling back to Haiti hungry, refused to buy a bottle of water in the airport in Antigua only to collapse and died autopsy shows that he died of hunger, to be honest Dominica passport do not worth anything while Dominican out there encouraging people to travel to Dominica, since whenever one would say that they are from Dominica first thing you keep hearing do you speak Spanish, the Dominica Government need to promote the country and by encouraging Haitian to come to the country is not helping at all, Mr PM, need to listen to what is happening in Little Haiti in Florida and think of the consequences that this will bring in the Island
I am a true Dominican residing in Florida

At December 6, 2009 2:22 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does someone have to be a Dominican to get a Dominican passport. We heard that if you have enough money you can get one,no problem, you can buy one from the prime minister even though you have never been to Dominica or are from Dominica. Anybody can get a Dominica passport for the right price even the residents of MARS. Money, Money and connections talks.

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