Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dominica death announcements for July 2009

Glenda Mary Vidal (Myona) , age 53 of Portsmouth. She is survived by her husband, mother, children and other relatives.

Kelly Laurence Baron (Babi), age 67 of Pichelin. He is survived by his children, grand children and other relatives.

Matilda Pascal (Ma Tophy) , age 74 of Gutter Village. She is survived by her siblings, children, grandchildren and other relatives.

Rawle Daniel Hector (Sir Rawle) , age 72 of Fond Cole. He is survived by numerous relatives and friends.

Elvis Walton Bertrand, age 47 of Mahaut. He is survived by his daughter, grand child and other relatives.

Simon Williams (Uncle Si), age 79 of la Plaine. He is survived by his brothers and numerous other relatives.

Gabrielle Augustine, age [ ] of Vielle Case. She is survived by her children and numerous other relatives.


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