A grateful Dominica welcomes overseas assistance following Maria

A grateful Dominica welcomes overseas assistance following Maria

By TDN Wire Staff

October 01, 2017 11:46 A.M

medical team
Part of medical mission enroute to Dominica.
Roseau, Dominica (TDN) - Relief and medical supplies continue to pour into Dominica from all over the Globe more than two weeks after the country was pulverized by 185 mile an hour winds from hurricane Maria. Relief agencies, regional governments, businesses and individuals across the world as well as the Diaspora have been ferrying large quantities of food and medical supplies into the country.

At the same time, medical personnel from around the world are making their way to help treat the large number of persons injured during the storm and others needing medical treatment. These include a team of 43 Dominica born surgeons, emergency room physicians, registered nurses, medical technicians and physician assistants.

In the space of one week, Tasha Roberts herself a registered nurse put out an appeal through tdnradio.net and received over 200 medical personnel interested in taking part in the medical mission.

In the end based on logistical limitations in Dominica, 43 were selected to do the first mission to start during this week, and there is an expectation that another mission will be dispatched towards the end of October.

Complimenting this fine effort are several friends of Dominica including Gary Smith who made his aircrafts available to fly into Dominica from Florida free of charge with consignments of medical supplies, water and food.

IsraAID medics prepare to leave for Dominica.
Palestinian and Israeli medical personnel have also found their way to Dominica. For instance IsraAID from Israel sent an Emergency Response team to the country. The team will distribute emergency relief items; provide emergency medical, psychological support and water, sanitation and hygiene solutions to ensure access to clean water and prevent the spread of waterborne diseases. The team is aiming to support isolated communities, in hard-to-reach, remote areas, who are yet to receive aid.

The United States military hospital ship the Wasp also made it to Dominica providing much needed medical services along with helicopter services from Martinique, Guadeloupe, Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago. The Dutch Navy has dutifully made available a vessel for hauling cargo from Antigua to Dominica. At the same time Trinidad and Tobago and the Bahamas have opened up their schools to Dominican students.

The WASP arrived in Caribbean waters near Dominica on September 21, and in close coordination with those federal agencies, two embarked SH-60S Sea Hawk helicopters aboard Wasp evacuated U.S. citizens, and other storm victims, and supported U.S. foreign disaster assistance to Dominica.

Hurricane Maria a rampaging category 5 storm left a trail of total devastation on the self-styled Nature Isle of the Caribbean. At least 72 persons have been killed and others are feared missing.

The storm succeeded in completely decimating the country’s economy wiping out its agriculture production, tourism and services sectors and the private sector businesses with damage estimated in the billions of dollars.

gary smith
Pilot Gary Smith unloads medicals at the airport in Dominica.

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