Cause of fire revealed even as PM criticized for bulldozing

Cause of fire revealed even as PM criticized for bulldozing

By TDN Wire Staff

December 30, 2016 2:01 P.M

PM Skerrit flanked by Josiah Benoit at scene of the fire.
Silver Lake, Dominica (TDN)

Fire officials in Dominica have moved hastily to claim that investigations into arguably the most destructive house fire in Dominica have been concluded.

According to the Deputy Fire Chief Farley Riviere the cause of the fire was a “short circuit in one of the electrical outlets. … We did our investigation very quickly because it was reported as to where the area of origin for the fire … and since we had that we concluded the investigation very shortly after that because we were able to a reach a point which we call point of origin that showed us exactly where the fire started and the evidence of what may have happened there,” he revealed.

The surprising conclusion comes after Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit was roundly criticized for ordering a bulldozer to raze the burnt out remains of the building less than 12 hours after the fire.

The fire which started at around 10 A.M gutted two apartments housing some 18 families and leaving more than 60 people homeless.

On the morning following the fire, even as smoke still rose from the smoldering remains Skerrit ordered the bulldozer prompting many observers to accuse him of interfering with what could conceivably be a crime scene investigation.

The fire official appears to contradict Police spokesman Pelham JnoBaptist who claimed late on the afternoon following the fire that investigations were continuing. Farley also claimed that he does not remember what time the investigation was completed but “was certain that it was before the prime minister ordered the bulldozer.”

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