Shareholder of PBCR Ltd warns Dominica authorities

Shareholder of PBCR Ltd warns Dominica authorities

Letter to the Editor
August 01, 2016 10:30 A.M

Portsmouth, Dominica (TDN)

Dear Editor
Could you please publish this letter I would like to warn the public to be aware of illegal activities taken by so called respected companies and seek justice for unjustly fired loyal employees of over 20 years.

The invest Dominica authority, I warn. Do not put my company PBCH Ltd in debt again. Contrary to the concessions granted by the government of Dominica, since 2004 when Portsmouth Beach Hotel sold its reception building, entrance and parking lot, PBH Ltd has been using the reception, parking lot and driveway of Picard Beach Cottage resort to conduct its business.

PBH Ltd has refused to pay rent, service charge, industry standard 20% commission and 15% VAT on the services that are being conducted through the PBCR Ltd premises. I have been repeatedly requesting that this illegal practices be stopped.

The financial auditors for the company have been informed repeatedly and are aware of this yet they refuse to document the actual conditions in the annual financial statements.

When the managing director followed my directive to collect the service charge, VAT and commission on all financial transactions done through the PBCR Ltd reception, Mr. Sabin was fired as manager of PBCR Ltd and I, who was in the process of changing the company financial auditors (as the auditors had a direct conflict of interest and refused to comply with the legal requirements), one individual was illegally removed as a director and as company Secretary by the auditors from the registrar of companies and I was also illegally removed as managing director of PBCR Ltd.

Previously, while I was doing my internship in Trinidad and Tobago the auditor fraudulently used my name without my consent nor my knowledge to change directors of PBCR Ltd, stating that I was given notice of and was present at meetings conducted in Dominica while my passport states clearly that I did not travel out of Trinidad and Tobago then.

Since 2004 the strategy has been to oppress me, one of the two shareholders of PBCR Ltd. PBH Ltd has different shareholders and is licensed as a separate and independent company from PBCR Ltd.

As managing director of PBCR Ltd from June 2005 to January 2009 with God's guidance and an empowered team we were able to pay off a grossly overinflated load.

By God's grace, we did this and showed a profit every year despite ravages of hurricanes Dean and Omar, the 2007-2009 global financial crisis, taking over in June 2005(off season) with no money in the account, having to do renovations on termite infested cottages and burdened with being forced to conduct the administration of PBH Ltd.

In an effort to rapidly get out of debt I had to make the sacrifice of delaying the drawing most of my salary because the company was burdened by debt taken without my consent in which a highly inflated loan was taken from a bank and a vehicle which was obtained using duty free concessions granted to the company was given to a relative rather than being used for the company business. I am yet to be paid my salary despite monthly requests.

Several loyal employees (some having served dutifully for over 20 years) have been unjustly dismissed because they rightly insisted that VAT, commission and service charge be collected from all transactions conducted through the premises of PBCR Ltd.

Should the PBCR Ltd. Be allowed to: 1. collect rent, service charges and commissions due to it from PBH Ltd since 2004 there will be no need for a loan. 2. All goods and services transacted on the premises of PBCR Ltd should be charged VAT. 3. PBH Ltd should stop using the reception building, entrance and parking lot of PBCR Ltd as this prevents the clients of PBCR Ltd from providing quality service to its clients as the reception and staff of PBCR Ltd are for only cottages which are overburdened by being forced to conduct the business of 89 apartments filled with medical students.

Thank you kindly
Dr Fitzroy Armour is a 32% shareholder of PBCR Ltd and not a shareholder of Portsmouth Beach Hotel Ltd.

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