Monday, April 14, 2008

Successful Wesley Reunion

By all accounts the Wesley Reunion was a success. The goal to unite and relate was achieved. Wesley is a better place today than before the reunion because we connected with the things that mattered.

New relationships were formed among the elderly, children, youth and across every spectrum, religious, cultural, educational and health. Every aspect of the Wesley community was touched and for this I am happy to report that the Wesley Reunion was relevant.

It was not about making money. It was about strengthening our community. It was about re-connecting with our people. And it is believed that the foundation is set so we can build on to ensure a more vibrant Wesley Community.

The Opening was successful. The Band Splash was great. Cabana Day was massive. The excursion was delightful. The health day was oh so relevant with a large turn out. The children treasure hunt was a blast even if it rained that day. The seniors brunch was hugely successful, our elders sang that their hearts were blessed. Wesley has an additional 25 new streets lights. The Reunion Village was a site to behold. We honoured those he made and continue to make significant contributions in the area of Education, Health, Community Development, Agriculture, Fishing, Policing, Sports, Entrepreneurship and Diaspora Relations at the Reunion Gala.

It is our responsibility to continue the work that was started to ensure that Wesley moves forward positively.

A special thank you to every single one of you who attended or contributed in one way or the other to the Wesley Reunion. Your help and support made the Reunion something which will be on the lips of all for generations to come.

To all our sponsors, thank for supporting Wesley. Your support help us achieve our goal in creating the awareness of what was happening in Village.

To all our Diaspora Groups, thank you, thank you, thank you, because without you there would be no Wesley Reunion.

To all the hard working people on the ground, your dedication is admirable and you will never be forgotten.

To all the performers local and otherwise your talent shone throughout the reunion. Thank you.

The work is not finish. There is still allot to do so let us never loose focus but continue working diligently for Wesley and her people.

For pictures of the events, please check


Athenia Benjamin
Diaspora Coordinator, Wesley Reunion


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