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Volume No. 2 Issue No. 55 - Monday September 22, 2008
Bayou of Pigs: The True Story of an Audacious Plot to Turn a Tropical Island into a Criminal Paradise

bayou of pigs
The book tells the story of the failed invasion of Dominica.
In the new book, BAYOU OF PIGS (Wiley, 24.95, October 2008), award-winning investigative journalist Stewart Bell tells the strange, true story of how American and Canadian white supremacists teamed up with the mob and soldiers of fortune to overthrow the government of Dominica in an outrageous coup d��tat.

BAYOU OF PIGS is based on hundreds of pages of files that were recently declassified by the U.S. government, documents uncovered in three countries, and exclusive interviews.

Thirty years ago, the tiny Caribbean island of Dominica won its independence from Britain. Within months, a heavily-armed band of misfit mercenaries was already plotting to invade it for adventure and profit. Their plan: storm the capital, overthrow the government, install a new bought-off prime minister and turn the country into a criminal paradise, with casinos, cocaine labs and arms dealerships.

Their leader was Mike Perdue, a Texas soldier-of-fortune-type who had been kicked out of the U.S. Marines. His lieutenant was a notorious Canadian Nazi named Wolfgang Droege. For two years, they traveled between New Orleans, Toronto, Houston, Las Vegas and the Caribbean, recruiting, courting investors, forging links with the mob, stockpiling weapons and planning their para-military assault.

New ideas
They called it Operation Red Dog. They were going to make millions. All that stood in their way were two undercover agents from Louisiana on the biggest case of their lives. And on April 27, 1981, as the mercenaries were about to set sail for Dominica, federal agents moved in, arrested them and seized their weapons. Arrests followed in Toronto and Dominica. Bull�s-eye.

Frederick Forsyth wrote in The Dogs of War: �Knocking off a bank or an armored truck is merely crude. Knocking off an entire republic has, I feel, a certain style.�

Stewart Bell�s BAYOU OF PIGS: � Discloses never-seen-before documents and photos from the ATF�s �Bayou of Pigs� investigation � Uncovers the mercenaries� own photos, contracts, letters and assault plans � Details the role played by high-level members of the U.S. and Canadian far right � Provides the first interviews with many of those involved, and explains what happened to them Set in the American South, the Caribbean and Canada, BAYOU OF PIGS is an uncanny story about foreign military intervention, Third World politics, greed, treachery, stupidity and one of the most outlandish crimes ever attempted: the theft of a nation.

Stewart Bell is a Canadian journalist and the author of the national bestseller Cold Terror (2004), and The Martyr�s Oath (2005). He was awarded the Amnesty International prize for �Guerrilla Girls,� his magazine article about child soldiers in West Africa. His magazine article �The Terrorist Next Door� was made into a television movie.

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