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Volume No. 1 Issue No. 23 - Friday, June 28, 2002
In Your Own Words
Your response to the Live Issue of the Dominican has Been Overwhelming! Thanks for the e-mails and the numerous calls of support. Here are some of your comments:-

I would like to thank you for providing this informative news site. I work in the education system of an oil company and I am not a recruiter however, I would like to try to reach other Dominicans in order to inform them of the several job opportunities that are available here in Saudi Arabia for qualified professionals.

Each time I go home for vacation I try to spread the word but no one has responded. A lot of people are sceptical about the lifestyle here, but really there is nothing to worry about.

Although I was not in Dominica for carnival I was able to watch the live webcast. Your article about you trip to Afghanistan made very interesting reading and I hope it made your readers more ready to accept this part of the world as a gateway to a successful career path. JENNIFER SAUDI ARABIA

EDITOR'S NOTE: Persons interested in following-up with exploring possibilities in Saudi Arabia can send e-mail to [email protected] or [email protected]

The Dominican is the most informative news magazine to come out of Dominica. Your varied coverage is always very interesting. I am trying to read all of the articles and I hope you will be able to print all the prior issues on this site. IVINA-ITALY

EDITOR"S NOTE: The Dominican is forever grateful for your support and kind words of encouragement. Every effort is being made to have all the issues published on this site.

I happened upon your newsletter acidentally. As a Dominican now residing in British Columbia, any worthwhile news from home is always welcome reading. Your newsletter further bridges the gap, hence I would like to subscribe to theDominican.net- HAYDN- BRITISH COLUMBIA

Keep up the good work. You continue to make us proud. If it was not for the Dominican I probably would never have known about the Dominican artist in Austria, nor would I have known about the Dominican who has distinguished himself on Wall Street. I am so proud of our people and what we are able to accomplish when we set our minds to it. Continue to keep us informed. It is all good. - ANGELO - SOUTH AFRICA

Volume No. 1 Issue No. 23
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In Your Own Words
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