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Volume No. 1 Issue No. 72 - Monday October 17, 2005
Dominican Author Giftus John Releases Collection of Short Stories
The Newsdesk

Dominican author, Giftus John, has released his first collection of short stories. The book, entitled Mesy� Kwik! Kwak! contains thirteen stories which are based on daily life situations in Dominica. Giftus, who is from the village of St. Joseph and presently resides in New Jersey, writes about the everyday life situations that he grew up with in St. Joseph and which are common to other villages in Dominica.

Some of the topics covered in the book deal with Dominica�s folklore, its politics, religious beliefs and inter-island trade as portrayed by the different characters throughout the book.

The 196 page book was edited by Professor Vaughn E. James aka �King Shakey� and the art work was created by Ronald �Baba� Deschamps.

Mesy� Kwik! Kwak is published by and is available online at, or from Giftus at [email protected]

Giftus is the author of three other books�all poetry. The Dawn (1978) Words in the Quiet Moments (1981) and The Island Man Sings His Song (2001)
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