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Volume No. 1 Issue No. 31 - Friday, November 15, 2002
book: In Search of Eden - Gabriel Christian and Irving AndreDominica's History Revealed by Caribbean authors
by Thomson Fontaine

Dominican authors Irving Andre and Gabriel Christian have released In Search of Eden 2 - Essays on Dominican History. The book is the most definitive work on Dominica's more current history.

In Search of Eden 2 follows up on the hugely successful "In Search of Eden - The Travails of a Caribbean Mini State", which was published in 1992. In the current issue, the authors carefully detail the unfolding events in Dominica during arguably its most tumultuous years.

The collection of essays focus on political upheaval, social unrest, constitutional change, attempted coups, and on key historical figures in Dominica. The relating of Dominica's history is breath-taking in its level of intrigue and interest.

That a small country like Dominica could have gone through such a devastating period and emerged relatively unscathed is testament to the resilience of its people.

Irving W. Andre was recently named a Judge in Ontario, Canada and Gabriel Christian is a successful trial lawyer in Maryland in the suburbs of Washington DC. This is their second Collaborative effort and between them they have written eight books relating to Dominica.

Anyone interested in the issues, events and people that have shaped Dominica should make every effort to get a copy of the 666 pages book. Copies can be obtained for $35 US plus $4 US shipping and handling by writing to, and making checks payable to:
Thomson Fontaine
Editor - The Dominican
P O Box 27254
Washington DC, 20038.

or by ordering online for faster delivery.

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