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Volume No. 1 Issue No. 24 - Friday, July 12, 2002
Letters to the Editor
Here is a sample of the many letters we have received over the past two weeks. We treasure your varied views and comments! Thanks for the e-mails and the numerous calls of support:-

Since my story came out in the NY Times, Williams has reduced their earnings estimates by half already, and their stock is down by almost 2/3rds, from 14.25 to around 5.40. They have admitted exporting power out of California during blackouts, and doing "wash" trades like Enron did, buying and reselling power multiple times to jack up profits. JONES MURPHY

I would have to say that I strongly disagree that tourism is the way forward for Dominica. I think a far better industry to attack are software, computer services and consulting and other such extremely high margin, low capital investment type industries. Thanks to internet, satellite comunications etc, Dominica's English speaking and relatively well educated population can export very competitively against the US and Europe. India has many software houses producing software, network administration services and so on for the enormous Western markets, and Dominica can do the same. JONES MURPHY

The article on Jean Rhys is very informative. I am sending it to another writer in Dominica that we do not hear too much about, at least not on the world wide web. It is really good to know that some good people do originate from Dominica. I wish more of us could appreciate ourselves.

Have you had the time to look at the threads that are generated on News-Dominica.Com? Though I am always stretched for time when I log in, I am forced to stop to make a comment or two. Take a look one of those days. I don't find them funny.

Your article on the "little girl in blue" was an interesting piece also, but let me assure you that this situation has nothing to do with the economic state of Dominica. It has been happening for a long time. It is about parents not setting their priorities straight about parents encouraging their children to take from others what they assume others have-you must look prosperous when you walk the streets of Roseau.

What it is all about is materialism. Such behavior is usually blamed on too much television watching. Television viewing is not done objectively in our part of the world. Whatever is seen there is usually viewed as worth emulating.

Some of the comments made therein (your article) need to get to more Dominicans so that it can make an impact on some of those persons who write negatives about our country.Elpha Augustine - Canada

I just wanted to say congrats to you on what I think is an excellent job that you are doing and to wish you God's blessing.Thedominican is so refreshing and objective to me being in Dominica, like you It's so sad to know and to live through these hard times the radio and t.v talk shows are just too political and is really hurting the country and our people just won't see that. Donald Rolle - Dominica

Thank you for the development of this site, and keep up the good work. Sites like these keep Dominicans like me away from home very informed and the quality is unsurpassed. Allow me to get to the point.

I recently became aware of the stomach turning economic situation that Dominicans back home are facing. I am not surprised since it has been a strain for a while now. However what has disgusted and angered me the most are all those taxes, fees etc. that honest, hardworking citizens are faced with.

They are absurd and uncalled for. Like I said I am well aware of the struggles of the island, especially after the demise of bananas and other agro produce. However to have to pay $500 if you honestly misplace your passport is unheard of.

Not to be rude, but here in the U.S.A you can DELIBERATELY loose your passport and you pay US$50 for a new one. And yes I know that comparison may be farfetched but it is reality.

I could go on to debating the other new fines and fees, but I won't. I can only ask the government how they expect to take away from someone, something they DO NOT have. We know by now NO ONE in Dominica is rich, and the "well off" Dominicans are none existent when compared to the other citizens.

How can you implement these outlandish taxes on people who cannot send their kids to school with a dollar for their recess, people who have to bay the bank when there is no bananas selling? It is wrong, and the government KNOWS they are wrong.

Not everyone can afford to be dressed up in suits and ties and sit in an air conditioned office, most have to go through red ants bites, dasheen scratches and fig stains just to make sure that DOMLEC and Marpin can be paid!!!

The economy was bad, now it is worse. Dominica as a country and a people is on the demise. Frustration brings anger, and anger permits violence. Instead of using the gramaxone for the garden, trust me it will go down throats instead.

We don't need that, we cannot have that, but it is on the verge of becoming a reality. It can be stopped, but the government has to stop thinking of themselves as individuals and start thinking of Dominica as a people.

The passports they are charging $500 for will go to Barbados and seek a visa and then that individual leaves thus leaving more for the next taxpayer who is left behind. It is wrong and unfair. The whole Peter paying for Paul is unjust and it has to stop.

On a personal level it hurts to see my people suffer, and more so my immediate family. I know the country needs money, but taking it out on already underpaid, over worked civil servants is NOT the way to go about it.

Please think of another way. Another way may not seem possible right now but trust me it is. Instead of seeing my country's PM here in New York, looking at my friends and I dance at the DA spot, he should be home thinking of other ways to pull the economy from the whole it is sinking in deeper and deeper every day.

With all these new fees more Dominicans will seek ways to leave instead of trying to stick it out, and I do not blame them. Please DLP if you are a true government, one for the people as you claim, you will see that the people are suffering...get up and do something.

To all my fellow Dominicans back home I say hang in there, the Lord never allow bad things to happen to good people. Thank you for your time, and I hope this letter gets posted.Khandra Bristol -USA

While I agree with the substance of Dr.Emanuel Finn's "Health of Tourism", I am doubtful that our tourism industry can even come close to achieving the lofty goals envisioned.

For starters, tourists don't seek out destinations at which they might be treated with disrespect/discourtesy. On a recent trip to Dominica I came to the conclusion that 'Please' and 'Thank you' are no longer part of the vocabulary. In our dealings with others, let civility be the watchword.Gabriel Leblanc - USA

Thanks for keeping us informed. I am here sitting at my desk at work and thank God I can check in from time to time to see what developments are going on there on the island.

I am one of those, although not currently living on the island, I feel the pain that the people are experiencing.

I am hoping the demonstration called for will be peaceful. Is it true that our island is having a lawsuit filed against it in connection with the Paradise Group and the Amarco Indudtries?

We need an Anti-Corruption Campaign on the entering of the next Government. And only God help us if we do not pull our act together.C JOSEPH - USA

EDITOR'S NOTE:It is true that the Paradise Group has filed a lawsuit in the US courts against the government of Dominica over the failure of the group to establish an aluminum plant in Dominica. More details forthcoming.

Hi to all: I put this comment/feedback as a Dominican, simple as that. I will not do what have been done already, that is, remember 6/24. The question I ask is this, when I as an individual, and only that, speak of too big a GOVERNMENT and they should CUT in its SIZE, I did not anticipate, nor expect that the powers that be would instead RESHUFFLE and take persons here and send abroad and want to pass that by me a simple DOMINICAN as a CUT or REDUCTION, nothing more on that.

The next question is, WHO on GOD's earth and by what LAW, that a FEW should sit on their you know what and decide what is my MEANS? it seems of late all one hear is that simple DOMINICANS living above their MEANS and that if I stop then I will not feel the HOSTILITY MEASURES or should I say TAXES. What was used in the survey that decided that I was living above my MEANS?NIGEL MOREAU- DOMINICA

Volume No. 1 Issue No. 24
A Response to Dominica's 2002 Budget
A Partisan Police Department
Standards and Its Development
Letters to the Editor
CSM Ralph Alcendor: On the Frontlines in Afghanistan

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