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Volume No. 1 Issue No. 21 - Friday, May 17, 2002
Dominican Artist Exhibits Exquisite Works of Art by: Thomson Fontaine

Pauline Marcelle is a deeply patriotic Dominican artist who has been blazing a trail of excellence in her exquisite, challenging and exuding works of art shown in the exhibition halls of Vienna and New York. Born in Dominica, and raised in New York, Marcelle now lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

She studied at the University of the State of New York, the Los Angeles Valley College; the University for applied Arts, Vienna Austria and in 2000 received a masters in fine art for painting, graphics, and animation film from the University for applied arts, Vienna, Austria.

Marcelle's has also been featured on PBS America Visions, French television, the BBC Limits of Perception as the painter in search of the micro and macro worlds of the universal genetic code in the perspective of creation. On Science Wonder Productions Vienna, TIV Austria, she was featured as a member of the delegation for the recording of values of art objects and their specific vibrations on human beings. She also produces and directs animation films such as "Burn", "the Snake Steps", "Paradogs", "Double Six" and "Another Player" all revealing the videography of her work.

Her work is deeply revealing, searing our consciousness and portraying a chasm of vision, intellectual grit, artistic talent and emotion that emanates from the depths of her soul. Describing herself as Black Lisa, Marcelle relates in hauntingly sobering detail on her experience. She writes: "Black Lisa projects the elements reminiscent of the infinity, implies a commingling and intermingling within oneself and leaves a level of mutual morphing of human biology.

As a child she enjoys telling jokes and creating riddles. She loves being silly and lives the pure ego which implies her mysteriously ironic expression. She is thought provoking, manifesting the unconscious projection and takes that realm of this extraterrestrial revelation into adulthood.

This sphinx is alive. Like a living being, she changes before our eyes and looks a little different every time we come back to her, divinely, little vague, as though disappearing into a shadow, breathing a mysticism into the secret of which one dares not to penetrate.

She manipulates the relationship between the aesthetic and the functional as reflections within, and through this familiar fascination leads us to infer that it is an egocentrical love secret, not in the sense of the vulture fantasy of unknown pleasures.

The elevation of the mundane into the world of the aesthetic compares the impressions and interpretations to hypothetical opinions by forcing observers to look at everyday objects in surprisingly new contexts beginning with one's own tradition.

Black Lisa is posed as a political image mediating high and low, as a self-consciously created milestone and monument for human biographical and auto-biographical dimensions of puzzling contentment for hidden meanings of supernatural significance".

After having read this, you will want to see for yourself the work of the artists and the magnificent images, some reproduced through video animation that bends the imagination, blurring the lines between reality and nothingness.

Images like Double six - "the dividing line between meaningfulness and meaninglessness in human emphasis and their structured behavioral patterns. It is a boundary line, which has to do much with the nature of humans living together, since, urbanity reflects the paradox within. Double six animates the game allowing the urban, functional arrangement to restructure the polished or mannered surface". Her most recent exhibit was Space Off Supersa in Vienna, Austria.

Other exhibitions include Next Player, Kunstwien, Functione, Communale (2001 - Vienna); Thorns and Tulips, Datakom, Positions, Paradox, Kunstwien, Projection, Brooklyn, Transatlantic II (2000 Vienna and New York); Dream Way Interpretation Sigmund Freud and Transatlantic I Hawes Gallery Boston, USA (1999); Artview Salzburg Contemporary Art Fair, Austria (1998); and Language Collection Essl, Austria (1997). Read and see more at: www.pauli nemarcelle.com and www.boalab.com

Volume No. 1 Issue No. 21
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