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Caribbean countries remove obsolete pesticides
In a commitment to agricultural safety, food security, environmental and human health, eleven Caribbean countries are now free from significant quantities of hazardous pesticide waste

In Zimbabwe, Mugabe’s party gathers to begin his impeachment
A day after Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe defied the nation’s calls to resign, lawmakers here frantically searched on Monday for a legal path

TDN Radio and Hurricane Maria coverage: The Voice in the Dark
Sunday, 17th September, 10:00am: Dr. Thomson Fontaine is on his “Lifeline” Program on Q95 FM discussing the imminent passage of Hurricane Maria

Dominica court sentences man to 4 years for looting after Maria
A magistrate’s court in St Joseph, Dominica has sentenced a young man to four years in prison for his purported role in the widespread looting that took place following Hurricane Maria

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