Deadline to Acquire New Dominican E-Passports Extended to 31 December 2022

Deadline to Acquire New Dominican E-Passports Extended to 31 December 2022

By TDN Newsdesk

July 07, 2022 6:30 A.M

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The machine renewable passports will be phased out end-2022
Roseau, Dominica (TDN)

Holders of Dominican passports now have until  31 December 2022 to get new E-passports. The deadline for the roll out has just been extended by the Dominica government from the original deadline of 31 August 2022.

The E-passport contains an embedded electronic chip, which is equipped with biometric face, fingerprint and iris (eye) data, which can all verify the holder’s identity. The E-passport also contains 50 pages and is totally water resistant.

Since the announcement of the change was made the government has revealed that over 31 000 new E-passports have been issued. Dominicans living in a few regional countries were able to benefit from a mobile service provided by the government, which allowed for easy renewal of their passports.

The announcement of the extension was made by Dominica’s minister of National Security Rayburn Blackmoore who also pointed to reasons for the delay.

“Having considered the number of issues and being mindful of the challenges that we all are fully aware of as well as requests from you, the Dominican public, for additional time for applying for the new EU passport, your government has decided to extend the deadline for transitioning from the machine-readable passport to the new E-passport to December 31, 2022,” the minister noted. 

The E-passports were launched in Dominica in July 2021 and replaces the machine readable passports now in use.

All citizens of Dominica as well as those granted citizenship under the country’s Citizenship by Investment Program are eligible to receive the new passports.

Those residing overseas will be allowed to renew their passport abroad by applying through the various international Dominican consulates or the soon to come permanent offices in the UAE, London or New York that will be fully equipped to facilitate all application processes, including data and image capture.

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