Dominica PM comes in for press scrutiny at the UN

Dominica PM comes in for press scrutiny at the UN

By TDN Wire Staff
October 28 2015 10:20 A.M

UN Spokesman addresses the press concerns about Dominica
New York, New York (TDN) Recent statements by prime minister of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit, concerning the UN South- South cooperation and the country’s appointment of non-nationals as UN ambassadors were the subject of a UN press conference on October 27, 2015.

A correspondent for the Inner City Press posed the following question to UN Spokesman Stephane Duajrric: “There has been some outside reporting on the prime minister of Dominica Roosevelt Skerrit, and it was reported in Dominica that some of the South-South cooperation that was discussed had to do with casinos by Mr. Ng in Dominica and although you can say this is between a business and a country given the use of this conference the office of South –South product I wonder (1) can you say definitively whether UNDP considers gambling facilities to be part of South-South cooperation.”

“And (2) is there a reason why Dominica had a number of people who were not from their Island who were registered at the UN as ambassadors from their country. I want to know in general from you does the UN give any special scrutiny to non-nationals being named ambassadors.”

In response Duajrric indicated that the UN left decisions of ambassadorial appointments up to the respective countries and that he could no comment on private conversations between a head of State and a business man.

However the most recent scrutiny highlights the prime minister of Dominica’s dealings with Ng Lap Seng the man at the center of a US investigation that resulted in his arrest along with Antigua Diplomat John Ashe the former President of the UN General Assembly and Dominica Republic ambassador Frank Lorenzo.

Their arrest surrounds the receipt of bribes from Seng in exchange for the UN agreeing to his construction of an expo center in Macau. In August 2015, Skerrit signed a letter of commitment together with Seng and the UN South-South cooperation to build in Dominica a technology transfer center for the Caribbean and Latin America.

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