Dominica man to stand trial for murder in Houston

Dominica man to stand trial for murder in Houston

By TDN Wire Staff
June 29 2015 3:20 P.M

neriah roberts
Roberts was returned to Houston after more than seven years on the run.
Houston, Texas (TDN) Police in Houston say they have booked Neriah Louis Roberts into County Jail on a charge of first-degree murder in the death of Tierra Lechall Adams, 25, of Houston. Roberts had earlier been transported by federal agents from Venezuela where he reportedly fled following the January 2008 murder of Adams.

"We have finally taken Mr. Roberts into custody and have him in Walker County," District Attorney David Weeks said. "He has been detained in Venezuela, which agreed to extradite him, something they normally don't do,” he added.

Roberts who migrated from Grand Fond, Dominica with his family to Houston in the early 1990’s is accused is accused of killing and dumping her body in the woods off Pinedale Road east of Interstate 45 in the western portion of Walker County, Houston.

Adams was first reported missing on Jan. 25, 2008, only days before Roberts was said to have left the country. On March 28, 2008 her badly decomposed body was discovered by a local resident. Police say the body had several skull fractures and it also appeared that she had been choked.

Just days after the discovery, a warrant was issued for the arrest of Roberts and in 2012 a grand jury indicted him for the killing of Adams. At the time of the indictment the death penalty was taken off the table because authorities believed it would be easier to get him extradited.

Critical to the State’s case is a witness who stepped forward to tell authorities that he helped a man who fit Roberts’ description to help get his car out of some mud where it was stuck close to where the body was eventually discovered. The witness later identified him in a photo line-up.

Upon his return to Houston, Roberts was denied bail because authorities consider him to be a flight risk and they claim because of the nature of the crime.

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