The Dominica opposition needs protection from potential acts of violence

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The Dominica opposition needs protection from potential acts of violence

By Jeremy Sinclair
March 21, 2013 6:47 P.M

edison james
Edion James and Hector John of the United Workers Party.
Roseau, Dominica -- Terrorism is an act of violence against a government usually led by despots or fanatical individuals for either a political belief, or religious fervour as we have witnessed by the Taliban where jihads or holy war is levied against anyone who is not of Islamic faith, or the doctrine of the jihadists, bombings, suicide vest attacks resulting in death and destruction, the planting of IUD's we see the atrocities on a daily basis in the newspapers tv etc.

Normally and what is experienced however is that these acts of rebellion or terrorist attacks are perpetrated by small groups against a ruling Junta or government, what is being experienced in Dominica is alarmingly different here we have a government backed spokesperson a man of intelligence a lawyer, placing in fear those who dare to speak out against the government.

When one examines this closely what is realised is that the only things that are reported on are acts of corruption, matters such as the bin and fertiliser "bobol" , the 419 scam, and other affairs of a serious nature, along with how things should be done for the good of the country and things that are not done, it is not personal, it is politics.

For a legal brain to speak on behalf of a government likening the opposition parties to the Taliban is incredible, hearing this outrageous tirade before what can best be described as a baying mob who cheer, applaud, and support this hunting down of those in hiding threatening the q95 and Chronicle is in legal terms inciting violence and is a serious crime under the public order act.

This places in fear anyone who opposes the ruling party especially those who faithfully believe that the bobols’ and corruption are indeed wrongful acts against the people of Dominica and should rightly be exposed.

It is therefore quite reasonable to assume that out of the baying mob that there could well be impressionable people in their midst, who could well believe that they would be doing a great service to Dominica and to the legal speaker by actually carrying out an act of violence against those who Lennox Lawrence describes as Terrorists equal to the Taliban.

They could consider that Mr Lawrence is right and that Dominica needs to be rid of this threat no one wants the Taliban in Dominica, there lies the act of inciting violence, raising his audience to fever pitch, can Mr Lawrence absolutely guarantee that his planned tirade and well thought out phraseology will not bring about an act of violence, simply put he cannot make such a guarantee,

As this is an official stance authorised by the government one draws but one conclusion that this threat is real, a question has to be asked what are the government proposing to do are they going to silence by any means what they describe as Taliban from the shores of Dominica, are they going to simply make vanish or imprison those who dare to question and who will perform these acts it won’t be Mr Lawrence himself maybe the Police who?

When Mr Lawrence talks about Taliban Bin Laden never fired a shot in anger others who were susceptible to his teachings did it for him indoctrinated, brainwashed, into murderous acts as we have seen with the twin towers, the American embassy attacks whilst he sat back, this is the exact same method Mr Lawrence has used, inciting a large gathering of people to fever pitch, wherever you are hiding we are coming for you, to an impressionable mind that is a green light.

The American and United Kingdom governments have been informed of this. The government of the Commonwealth of Dominica by not condemning this lunacy has seriously tarnished its reputation and created a platform for acts of retaliation should anything occur to any individual or organisation by the government or supporters of Mr Lawrence.

Hence his well deserved title Lunatic Lawrence if the Government does not distance itself immediately and provide protection for those who are now in fear then it can seen that it is the government’s absolute intention to silence by all means any opposition to the government, and the full weight of the law should be brought to bear on the perpetrator of this outrage.

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